Stories of the dog garden, the chicken coop and what happened behind the fence.

I am a happy dog, I love my masters and they love me. I have my big garden dog, who I have plenty of toys, but my favorite crunchy pig, who I will never forget to take to the den when I go to bed. When the children come to the garden, it’s a mess. We play, the children throw the ball high and I try to catch it.

When I was little, I met other animals in our garden. There was a big cat with big eyes and she said his name was Bobina. I wanted to play with her and teased her a lot. But she didn’t want to play with me, she always raised her paw and told me that if I didn’t leave her alone, she would scratch my nose.

To four oaks, three willows, under a green roof – chapter 17.

I have a large insulated shed in the garden. In winter, I prefer to stay in the outdoor kitchen. There is a large sofa and especially my blanket, in which I always snuggle up when I go to bed. Sometimes I invite Bobina and then we talk.

Bobina told me she was 15. When she was younger, she had two children, the cats Bob and Bob. It was a scam. They hid in boots, jumped and fought together forever. When they were tired, they fell asleep in these shoes. As they grew older, they had to go on guard duty in another garden. Bobina has had no children since.
Behind the dog’s garden, other animals live in the hen’s garden. Kikirrriki sounds. That’s what Karel’s cock heralds a new day. It always flies to the highest point of the garden or fence and screams.

Pipi told History that it was not easy in the henhouse. Karel orders them to lay eggs and also counts them if they are all. Karel is pretentious, he only shows off. He thinks he is the master and everyone should listen to him. They would still like to sleep early in the morning, but they can’t, because Karel wakes them up with his kikiriki, and this rrr stretches out so that it can be heard more in other gardens. Houser Žvak is very angry.

The penultimate adventure of popular heroes.

To four oaks, three willows, under a green roof – chapter 16.

Her goslings, who didn’t like it, wanted to get under the fence and swim away through a stream that runs behind the garden. Papa Chew begged them to stay. That’s why he fought with Karl. Žvak grabbed Karel’s wing and dragged him all over the yard. Karel ran away from him and flew to Žvak’s back and wanted to peck him. I couldn’t look at him anymore and ended the fight. I told them they could be ashamed and they should be friends, not fight like little boys.

Turkey Bolek also crushes Karel. His older brother Lolek is no longer in the hen’s backyard and he now has to take care of his sisters, Míla and Mája. When Bolek swells, it looks even bigger. As he gets angry, his whole throat is red. Everyone is afraid of him. But I know it won’t hurt anyone. He is so darling. He just likes to scare and he wants to be friends with everyone.

I told Karl not to be so strict. Karel told me that there should also be order in the chicken coop. And what happened behind the fence? The big roe deer The brown roe deer is grazing and a little further the roe deer with its two little ones, every time they approach the fence, I get very angry and I bark a lot at them. It was useless. They weren’t afraid of me because they knew they were behind the fence. In the end, I became friends with Brown. The brown man told me he had a big family. His wife, his name is Rousse, they have two or three children every year. He does not raise children. The redhead takes care of them. The babies are born in early spring and she raises them until the fall. But the brown man keeps them.

What nearly thwarted the planned wedding?

To four oaks, three willows, under a green roof – chapter 15.

He told me that they were once attacked by two bad dogs and his family had to run ahead of them in the forest. It’s a great chance that nothing happened to anyone. I haven’t barked at Hnědouš or Redhead and his kids since.

All the deer pass by our fence, because tasty and juicy clovers and herbs grow there. The Sýkora and their daughter Jiřička have already spread the news in all the gardens. Every day they come to the feeder for sunflowers and nuts. Since then, out of curiosity, birds from the surrounding gardens arrive in our garden and the feeder is always eaten. That’s good, because no one can go hungry.

In the end, all bad, good turned out. Kohout Karel is no longer at war with houser Žvak, they have become friends and I have not seen bad dogs behind the fence. There is peace in the hen’s garden. And they must not harm animals and young children. I would very much like there to be peace, tranquility and well-being everywhere in the world.
Well, the bell has rung and the stories are over.

“The story was read to the children of the 1st grade in the school of Karviná Ráj. She really liked it, and the children also laughed and painted the pictures”, wrote the author of the fairy tale Silvia Škuľavíková . We thank the children for the beautiful images.

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