Nikol Moravcová: I Poisoned My Husband Once And Now I At Least Have Peace Of Mind For Wife

Please, Nikol, I haven’t looked at you for a long time, tell me: how are you?

How is it possible? You are my target! I’ve been in the Canary Islands for a while and now I’m going back. I was actually there for two months on Love Island for work and then extended it for another two months. Now we are looking for a bigger apartment and I would like to stay in Letná, because I still don’t cook – or I cook, but nobody likes it, so I need to live somewhere where they cook well in a restaurant. But now that we’re going back a month, we’ll probably put it off. I thought I would take a break from my work, but I couldn’t do it at all, I’m still crazy, January was a little looser. My husband has now started working more than me, so I am officially on maternity leave.

Ultimately? And is it a vacation?

Of course, we know that maternity leave is not leave, but it’s good that I can take care of it, I’m lucky to be able to combine it with work. I hate winter and how I still have to dress my daughter in jumpsuits and all those layers, so we’re running for the warmth so those worries go away.

So haven’t you considered buying a home in the Canary Islands?

We thought about it for a while, but I love Prague. My husband is not from Prague either, he is from Slovakia, but also from a small town which, like Most, where I come from, is a gypsy town. We are both very happy in Prague. I have already lived in Switzerland, Istanbul and Los Angeles, and I would still choose Prague among these various destinations and the Letná district, which is very restrictive. I love Stromovka, maybe he will relax around the Russian Embassy there now, I would love it there, I have already looked at such a beautiful balcony there. No, of course, just kidding, but really living with Stromovka is a dream. It’s not the right time to buy real estate, so we’ll see.

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You can see that from Letná you sometimes cross the river! Did you come here to Chef’s Kitchen to learn how to cook?

I’m a lousy gastropornist, I love food even if I can’t cook it, and I admire anyone who does. For example, Pavel Berky, my great friend, gave me a cookbook and I complimented him on the pictures. The recipes are really cool, but I’m being honest with myself and the world, I just don’t cook. I cooked for my husband once, but poisoned him, so now I at least have peace for the rest of my life. I have to tell myself that sometimes I cook little ones, like oatmeal pancakes, I accidentally put them on Instagram in this euphoria – and then people feel like I know how to cook.

Please, what did you poison him with? I would be interested …

Please, it was pasta, it was supposed to be fresh, but it’s been three months. Since it was around the third date, he wanted to eat it to please me, and he kept saying how great it was. Of course I didn’t eat it because it tasted weird, and I told him not to eat it either, but he didn’t believe me and he was a hero and he ate it all !

What does stool color and shape reveal about your health?

So he ended up on a drip?

No, just the digestion suffered, but look at us, we’ve been together for five years, now we have a birthday… Tinder date, who would have said that?

Well, congratulations. And everything still bathed in sunshine, not even a child has thrown a pitchfork there?

So we divorce every time we work together, it’s like everywhere. I don’t think so, but at the same time I support people who say they don’t argue, our Italian home is always up and down and it will probably be that way forever. The little one just threw the fork in it so that we shout at each other less and that we are more discreet in the exchanges of opinions that we have on the program.

And if you don’t cook, how many times a day do you order food home?

Well, maybe three times a day….

Who likes to plan and organize?  This sign will tolerate it!

I still have such a curious question: aren’t you running to the Canary Islands because of the difficult situation that is afflicting us all now?

We first fled due to lockdown last spring when we flew for two weeks and stayed there for two months. Now, it has nothing to do with the situation in the world, but we care more. She has atopic eczema and we are satisfied with it. That’s why we work to be able to disappear again.

Do you still love being the flu and social media?

No fun, not for long. When your hobby becomes a job, you logically have to find another hobby. It’s on the edge, but that’s all I can do. I also like to moderate, but I think I’m good at it, and I like doing workshops and teaching people and transmitting. It’s fulfilling.

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