Madeleine Albright, Czech-born US Secretary of State, has died

Madeleine Albright, considered the most influential woman in the world, has died at the age of 84. During World War II, she fled the Nazis as a child from her native Czechoslovakia, then fled the Communists to the United States for the second time. In 1997, she historically became the first woman to head the US State Department and, until then, the highest political figure in American history.

“We are heartbroken to announce that Dr. Madeleine K. Albright, the 64th United States Secretary of State and first woman in that office, passed away today. The cause was cancer,” she said. family in a statement to the public.

Albright was born on May 15, 1937 in Prague as Marie Jana Körbelová, the first of three children in the Czech Jewish family of diplomat Josef Korbel (the German umlaut was dropped from the name by the family after the war). After the declaration of the protectorate, they emigrated to Great Britain. Madlenka, as she was called back home, was raised a Catholic and had no idea of ​​her Jewish background until 1996. Around that time, reporters revealed that her Jewish grandparents and dozens of other relatives had been victims of the Holocaust.

After the 1948 communist coup, Josef Korbel was sentenced to death as an enemy of the state, and his family sought political asylum in the United States. Madeleine, as she began to write her name in a school in Switzerland, studied political science, public law and political science in the United States (master’s degree in 1968, doctorate in 1976) and specialized in Eastern Europe and East-West relations.

Breaks in Albright’s studio caused maternity duties. In 1959, she married journalists from the wealthy Joseph Albright family and gave birth to three daughters – Katherine and twins Anne and Alice. However, the marriage did not survive the subsequent rise in her career, and the marriage ended in divorce after 23 years. “I was really sorry then,” she admitted.

In the mid-1970s, Albright became involved with Democratic Party election staff. In 1978, she accepted an offer from Zbigniew Brzezinski, a professor at Columbia University, and served as an adviser to the National Security Council. She has also helped Democrats in presidential campaigns. The third was successful, and winner Bill Clinton chose her in 1992 as the United States’ representative to the United Nations – the first woman and the first non-Native American.

Albright’s star shone in January 1997 when, after defending her tenure, Clinton asked her to become the first woman to lead US diplomacy. Albright achieved a great deal, but his uncompromising approach and acerbic language were also often a source of criticism. She considers the solution to the Kosovo problem to be the greatest success. However, she received mixed reactions.

During the career of America’s chief diplomat, she solved the dilemma of how to solve the two biggest foreign policy crises of the 1990s from the position of a superpower – the genocide in Rwanda, Africa and the war in the former Yugoslavia, recalled Reuters. . Albright strongly supported NATO’s eastward expansion and the loosening of US relations with Vietnam and North Korea. For example, her visit to the country in 2000, when she became the first high-ranking US representative to the DPRK, marked a turning point in the DPRK’s relations with the United States.

She felt the fact that she had failed to find a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian problem as her defeat. According to her, the Clinton administration was close to such a solution, but the administration of Clinton’s successor, George Bush, then began to push the ABC (All But Clinton) strategy. Albright was a harsh critic of the war in Iraq, which she said was “worse than Vietnam”. In the 2016 presidential election, she supported Hillary Clinton and strongly opposed Donald Trump.

The enthusiastic American and Czech patriot, who had a friendship with Václav Havel, later advocated for the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary to join NATO. In 2012, President Barack Obama awarded him the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor in the United States.

She was a well-known collector of various brooches with which she loved to express her mood and intentions. His “pin diplomacy” became famous. She also published a book on brooches titled The Secret Speech of Brooches with the subtitle Stories from My Jewelry Box.

Thanks to her, we are in NATO, it sounds in unison with Czech politicians

The politician, who, in addition to English and Czech, also spoke Polish, Russian and French, quite often visited her native Czech. Immediately after the Velvet Revolution in 1989, she served as Havel’s adviser, and in 1997 she was awarded the highest Czech state decoration – the Order of the White Lion. She honored Havel with the Clintons in December 2011 by attending the funeral. Albright has also visited Terezín’s memorial several times, in 2015 she unveiled a memorial plaque to her family.

Czech politicians remember Madeleine Albright as a noble lady, they remember her part in bringing the Czech Republic into NATO. Today more than ever, in Central Europe, we commemorate his contribution to NATO enlargement, wrote Foreign Minister Jan Lipavský.

Albright has extraordinary merits for the Czech Republic and the fact that the Czech Republic is a member of NATO. She deserves great admiration and we bow to her memory, said Prime Minister Petr Fiala. Speaker of the House, Markéta Pekarová Adamová of TOP 09, was deeply affected by Albright’s death. “She has a huge contribution to the fact that the Czech Republic is an integral part of NATO, she has always tried to make the world a safer place”, she wrote.

Senate leader Miloš Vystrčil expressed a similar view. “We met a noble lady who made a significant contribution to the Czech Republic’s accession to NATO. Honor her memory and thank you for everything!”

“It is linked to the return of freedom to our country, to one’s homeland. Today, we are fully aware of the value of freedom, the power of friendship and the importance of helping others in the need. Thank you for everything, Madame Madeleine,” ODS Senator Miroslava Nemcova said.

“The American Secretary of State, who was fluent in Czech and never ceased to love her native country. She had a fundamental influence on the Czech Republic’s accession to NATO and thus helped ensure our safety. May she rest in peace and may the Czechs never forget her,” said former finance minister, co-founder and former chairman of TOP 09 Miroslav Kalousek.

Former US President Clinton called Madeleine Albright one of the best ministers and a great man. According to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, she was a driving force for freedom and a strong supporter of NATO. The politician, once considered the most influential woman in the world, even after taking the helm of American diplomacy, has in no way limited her interests. She traveled, gave lectures and did business.

Just on the eve of the Russian invasion of Ukraine (February 24, 2022), a text for the New York Times analyzed its potential consequences for the Kremlin. “Instead of paving the way for Russian greatness, an invasion of Ukraine would put Putin to shame. It would leave his country diplomatically isolated, economically crippled and strategically vulnerable to a stronger and more united West.”

Madeleine Albright died on March 23 surrounded by her immediate family and friends. Artist Petr Sís created a graphic for her similar to the death of his friend Václav Havel.

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