Good celebrations until the final, says Fiala. Praise the great Hambalek

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The best starting position in the quarter-finals of the extra youth league was developed by the youngsters of Liberec, who confirmed the two-point booty from Vysočina in the second attempt and in the next round they will challenge Sparta. Samuel Fiala is one of the main drivers of elimination fights.

Generali Czech takes on TELH

What does the semi-final mean to you?
It is a great success and a reward for the hard work we have done from summer training until now. We are very happy about it, and of course I am. But only in this way do we achieve the goal we have set ourselves. We have been aiming for this from the start, we do everything we can in training to aim for the greatest possible success.

Is it all the more precious for you that you haven’t completely succeeded in the superstructure?
Certainly. We had a few injuries there so it wasn’t perfect and we didn’t play the best. We’re winning now, and that’s great. All injuries are 100% fine, so we’re all here. And one of the team’s driving forces and a key player returned to us

Vojtech Hois

striker, 17 years old

“href=” “> Vojta Hois, who got injured in training, so we thought we need to at least reach the semi-finals so he can qualify for the playoffs as well. We wanted to make him that successful.

You also belong to one of the tractors…
In the basic part, I expected more from each other, which was mostly about my head – I didn’t feel like scoring goals to see for myself, which I did now. I’m doing pretty well in the playoffs now. I try to score every game and help as many teams as possible score as few goals as possible, preferably none, and add one. Make it look like the last game with Jihlava.

“It’s a great achievement and a reward for the hard work we’ve done.”

How did the series develop with Jihlava?
From our point of view, until the third game, which was played at home, it was generally good. At first we didn’t know what to expect from the opponent, but the second game we already knew how he played, and we knew tactics for him. Above all, we didn’t want to adapt to their game, but on the contrary, to adapt to us and we got into it like the best. It was a good series that had quality. I’m glad we made it.

Did the image of the game change in individual matches as you got to know each other better?
I would say no. The coaches told us what they were playing and that we had to be careful about certain things. Most things are played by almost every youth team, so there wasn’t much to prepare for. It was only in the last games that the situation got a bit worse, because Jihlava had nothing to lose. She lost 0:2 in the series, so she wanted to win and tie with us so she could go home. But they didn’t succeed until the third game, when we thought it would be ok, but it wasn’t like that. We already said on Monday that we would end it, and that is what happened.

Which duel do you think was the most important in retrospect?
Certainly the first and the second, when we won both away matches, that was the most important thing. Then, at home, we only had to take the last step. It was a big advantage for us over the opponent.

How did you enjoy the final, clear match with the celebrations then?
We were better all game, even if we hesitated a moment in defense. The first goal in the second period was important, then in the third we broke it for good on our side and finished it. After the game, we shouted in the locker room, talked about it a bit, then played songs in the locker room and rejuvenated in the sauna and hot tub. We want to go as far as possible, until we celebrate it properly after the final.

Photo: Jan Behounek,

Say something about the postman, who is the goalkeeper

Vojtech Hambalek

goalkeeper, 16 years old

“href=” “> Vojtech Hambalek…
I am very happy that we have a goalkeeper behind us who we can trust 100%. He can catch it. That doesn’t mean we won’t try to help him, but when he sinks into our shoes, we know he’ll have us. I did not expect his zeros in the playoffs, it’s really great.

What makes him feel better? The almost 97% success rate is amazing.
We are trying to block its missiles. We will stand. But it is also necessary through training, in which we all do everything we can. He also has a background with an A, so that really helps. He’s an extremely important part of the team, I can’t even describe how.

“I’m very happy to have a goalkeeper behind whom you can trust 100 per cent.”

Sparta awaits you in the semi-finals. What do you tell him?
He’s definitely a good opponent, so it’s going to be a tough series, but we can definitely beat him. We met her in the superstructure, where she played decent hockey. It was 2-2 for matches, so I would say we have a great chance of succeeding.

Since you are starting at home, won’t you be bound by the position when you have to go to Prague with the management?
I do not think so. We will want to win every game, whether we play at home or away. We won’t think about it, even if we probably think we have to win at home. We will go to every game and win it. But I have to say we play more responsibly away from home, we make more mistakes at home, but now that doesn’t even happen much.

Photo: Jan Behounek,

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