Actress with a repayment schedule to her husband, Prince Radovan of almost 90 years and 4 years of ice cream

The next part of the Jan Kraus Show will feature actress Veronika Khek Kubařová, singer Josef Zíma and comedian Evelyn Kramerová. You will attend the premiere of the Jan Kraus Show sequel on Wednesday, March 23 at 9:35 p.m. at Prima.

The first guest today will be a young and beautiful actress Veronika Khek Kubarovawho often appears in fairy tales and immediately hits the host a bit with his name “Khek”, which he comments on as a “crazy moderator”. “It’s like an interlocutor” the actress admits that her married name sounds strange and not easy to pronounce. “Looks like someone peeked.…I knew it would be complicated with the name, but I felt like it was his and mine. – But it certainly wasn’t not my intention of wanting to be exotic because of the name.” he adds that she offered her husband the chance to accept Kubař’s name, which he refused.

However, Veronika is exceptional not only in her name, but also because she won a TV dance competition two years ago. She was said to be demanding not only in terms of performance, but also in terms of relationships. “It’s hard for this relationship, because you’re sticking with someone else for six months, and that’s pretty sharp! In those turns, there has to be – as they say – contact, c i.e. pan to pan, “ explains the lucky 2019 winner with a laugh, admitting that she got so used to it that she tended to stick to everyone. “Then I started to get used to the pan, as soon as I approached somebody, ‘so I met my friend at Kavka and I stayed with him, and he backed off, what the heck? What are you doing? What are you doing? And I’m sorry, I’m sorry, we’re trying now! So I was physically used to staying together. But it’s gone! I’m back to normal. “

According to him, he is still in contact with his dance partner and they have become friends. “Dancing is a beautiful thing.” dreamily recalls Veronika, who continues to dance. He and Jan Kraus then agree that there is a lot to know about the second, and Veronika is enthused by the moderator’s comparison that he always perceived the woman as a guitar, which he gently but firmly gripped to finally create a chord of harmony. Fortunately, Veronika’s husband, who is a director, had great understanding for her participation in the dance competition. “He says that the actor has a body of trade, it is his working tool”, explains the artist, but adds in a breath that the competition lasts six months, and it’s very long.

“Both of our partners struggled.” She then self-critically admits that she was not a good wife at the time of the contest. “But I knew that one day it had to happen, that I had to give him back what he gave me.” After a successful transmission, she would not return home until the early hours of the morning as the process was celebrated. But now her debts to her husband are almost paid off. “I have a repayment schedule, so it’s up to him.” concludes Veronika. “I understood that it was a great generosity for him to give me this experience. I was a big fan of this competition and I really wanted to be there, and the fact that he gave me such a background is very important of him and I really appreciate it.” And how does this repayment schedule work?

As another guest we welcome the immortal legend of Czech music, the singer Josef Zimwho will celebrate an important anniversary in May this year! “I have both artificial knee joints and one has come to the end of its life, as it only lasts about 15 years. And I have had it for much longer and now he would like to change it, but I did not… “ the artist approaches his physical condition with a smile. “But it’s just a small thing, there are other issues.” Even if he goes there on a French crutch, Prince Radovan, almost 90, is still a fairy tale Princess with a gold star always mobile and mobile. Jan Kraus will not forgive us for leaving us at least one piece of this cult tale by director Martin Frič from 1959, namely the fencing scene.

“At DAMU we had a semester from Professor Skýv, who was once also an Olympian, he really knew fencing”, Josef Zíma recalls compulsory fencing education and how he had to fencing with Martin Růžek in the mentioned fairy tale. “Looking at the good sword, as it should be, as we know it from theaters and movies, blood clots in the veins! People are afraid of their hero, fencing is standing, lying, on the table, in bed, everywhere. Mr. Růžek and I slowly put it together, he told me, slowly, my colleague, so as not to hurt each other, “ describing. “We can’t improvise there, we’d really kill each other. I remembered some of the covers and the slits, so we somehow put them together. Then Mr. Frič, the camera, came, and we had agreed that his first lunge would be on my feet, and I would jump, so he would cut me, and nothing would happen. But either I jumped a little, or he went higher, anyway, he cut my sole.”

Mr. Zíma, who is still performing, will also tell us a cinematic tip on how to break the iron sword when we remember the filming of the fairy tale. “I do about an hour of shows, I sing and I talk about what I sing, either the authors or the song, an incident. And sometimes, when the public is interested, we make a chair of guest in the middle of this performance and people ask what they want, and me, if they know, I answer. I have nothing to hide – in fact, if you want to know if I prefer Babiš or Zeman, I I won’t answer. Not that! But if he dated Chladil with Simonova or Matuska with Pilarova or me with Filipovska, I control it,” says a popular and vital singer who, in his words, can’t believe he’ll really be ninety this year.

The last guest to sit on the red sofa tonight will be a Slovak comedian and presenter Eva Kramerova aka Evelyn. “I am very happy to be here,Evelyn said outright, recalling that she was Kraus’ last guest eight years ago. “I was so nervous I couldn’t remember anything that night. It’s just the rings falling on my floor here,” laughs a comedian made famous by a video sketch on a marten patunia in Croatia. He currently hosts the fourth series of reality TV shows about Slovak farmers and creates a podcast about relationships. “I broke up one day. Horrible breakup! I suffered terribly at home and I thought I would watch something that would heal me, a series, but I didn’t see anything about a good breakup, because everything ended with a happy ending,” recount “But my breakup didn’t end with a happy ending. So I thought, enough, we need to start talking about the reality of relationships. So I started a podcast.”

The former partner, thanks to whom the show was originally created, was said to have been involved in the production of ice cream, which was also the case for Evelyn. “We’ve been ice cream together for about four years,” adds that he was a good man, but a mistake happened. What followed? And why does Evelyn not do stand-ups anymore? You’ll learn that and more in the upcoming first part of the popular Jan Kraus Show on Prime!

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