We dispel relationship myths. What about infidelity, telepathy and jealousy?

Do you want to have a happy and satisfied relationship? So get out of the comparison with others, don’t be inspired by the movies and ignore the well-known myths and clichés. Believing love as a fairy tale is not romantic, rather it distracts you from reality. TV and movies too social media profiles, they prefer to present only the beautiful. On-screen relationships are born easy, so of course every crisis is averted once and for all and has a simple solution. In fact, it takes a lot of work.

1. Quarreling proves it’s not working for you

Your friend is proud of the fact that she and her partner have never had a fight before, and you regularly have a nice Calm Italy at home! As two people with unique personalities, you certainly don’t have to agree on everything and good fight or a louder discussion can be healthy. You will clarify your different points of view, understand each other’s points of view and compromises. But the negotiation must lead to a balance and have a certain result. Otherwise, it’s just barking and avoiding it.

2. He who is jealous loves

Healthy jealousy is part of the relationship, but everyone else has limits and shouldn’t be seen as proof of love. Your partner should make it very different that they care about you, and you shouldn’t intentionally create uncertainty in your partner and show them that you have other options.

If you’re at a stage where your partner is asking too much of you, controlling you, and not trusting you, then ask yourself if that’s still love. Good is based on mutual respect and trust.

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Why does it suddenly bother you that I want to see your messages, account statements, and deleted photos? Before, it seemed romantic to you

3. You read minds in a great relationship.

You are connected to each other, you know your desires, your bad habits and your fears. But if you have no idea what your partner wants for their birthday or what they would like for dinner, that doesn’t mean you don’t like each other very much. Even the most receptive and loving person cannot anticipate all moods and needs. Even in a healthy relationship, you can’t expect her to be out of words, it just creates unnecessary congestion. And yes, women tend to have this tendency. There are dozens of “When a woman says nothing is happening, something is definitely happening” jokes.

4. The more you have sex, the better off you are.

Yes, sex is definitely an essential part of a relationship, but it shouldn’t be overstated. You feel like they’re friends like rabbits and you’re so tired that once a month is your maximum? There is no rule that says how many acts of love per month can be used to talk about a happy or unhappy relationship. As individual couples differ, the sexual needs of those couples also differ. No matter how many times a week or a year you do it, it’s your satisfaction.

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The neighbor will stare at me when I tell her we did it twice a night. Furt is proud that their relationship is on a much higher spiritual level… We have it horizontally more often!

5. You should want to spend all of your time together.

If you really love each other, you should be almost inseparable. Who said that? We don’t know, but we know you prepare for it that way time just for me or your friends. And having your own hobbies and activities brings a lot of new stimuli and your own uniqueness to the relationship.

The partner is not there to complete you, you are complete without him. Therefore, you can meet many needs yourself and then share your experiences with your partner.

6. When in doubt, it’s not.

No one is infallible and no one knows exactly what their decisions will bring them. Everyone changes over a lifetime and you never know what situations you will find yourself in. It is a mistake to think that you will have sugar together forever like before. Marriage is a commitment that terrifies many by its purpose and raises anxiety or anxiety. But that doesn’t mean your relationship isn’t strong enough, on the contrary, you want a brighter and thoughtful future for you and your life partner. And that, of course, occasional doubts include

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Mortgages, weddings and moving abroad…Is it love when I need to think about it and didn’t acquiesce right away?

7. Cheat once, always cheat

One of the most prolonged “truths” that has ended many relationships unnecessarily. Infidelity is terrible, and if she didn’t, no one would miss her. But it happens, man is an imperfect creature. However, this happens for a thousand different reasons and shouldn’t always lead to a breakup.

Having cheated once doesn’t mean you have amazing DNA encoded and can’t be trusted. On the contrary, infidelity can often lead to a correction of the relationship. It shows that something is wrong in the relationship and needs to be worked on. But they both have to. But you have to know why it happened.

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