UKRAINE: Plenn and robbery – Invisible dog

Plenn and Rabbinic have been involved in the conflict since time immemorial. Over time, however, this plunder has been reduced as it is immoral, leading to poor training of its own troops and hatred of the civilian population. It was a little slower to be limited by the plundering state, that is, the exhausted source of the occupied state as a whole, or the property capital which did not belong to it. However, we have the 21st century and it should have no place in modern conflicts. Russia is at the forefront (although, for example, the Geneva Convention has signed), or it is in a completely different century.

I would say a pbh star. The ore army conquered Berlin and the ore flew over the Reichstag. It was a deep night and no one took the picture. Wait, you know, I know this picture! But the iconic photo was created and later it was arranged (rest assured, this length won’t be about the truth, nor about the infamous sad trilogy The Truth for Wolves, The Truth in Russia and, above all, The truth for wolves in Russia). But not only was the photo edited, it was retouched because before publication they noticed that the soldier in the photo had two watches. To make you understand, the famous dark red army gave time. In Russia, it was miserable even before the wolf, and when, after all the embarrassment, the Red Army somehow wanted to hold on, you can probably understand it humanly.

What does he look like today? He’ll take a look at the recent ruths of the raiding soldiers. And I’m not talking about just anyone here and there, first there is a huge amount of money, how to rob shops and apartments, choose fire in the streets, etc. That in itself is sad. Of course, when brought to the point that Ukrainians are Nazis when hungry, then robbing Nazis makes sense. And besides the bread, he’ll take the TV when you come, won’t he? (See here or here.)

The sad bag is how the Russian breed stt. Of course, everyone wants to be bankrupt, even if he also outwardly declares that he has everything behind his back, and for several years he has been dreaming about it, but it’s not even true.

Foreign companies nationwide are declared (which is short-sighted, as future investments will be much more cautious). (to see)

The plane is stolen, which the leasing company has not yet been able to remove from Russia (because Russia does not produce large transport aircraft or exhausted spare parts). The question is how they are going to maintain it and how long it will take them to cannibalize planes confiscated from other planes, but the safety of its own inhabitants has never been a priority in Russia (after all, when something happens, it will always be a nuisance to convict someone of sabotage).

And last but not least, according to Ukraine, Ukraine charges a number of Ukrainian forests and transports them to Russia. Let’s stop here for a moment. Russia is tired of the forest. Or not? My nem, because prepare them for devo either. It would make sense, it would give the nien level of Ukraine, and this time it would pay off. This goes hand in hand with the feeling of destruction of infrastructure and civilian buildings. As I have written a few times, the elem is to bring Ukraine to its knees (occupied Ukraine for a few days at the end of the day probably not even). As a secondary objective, I have to humiliate Ukraine so that even the fall of Russian troops has its very existence, and then consider joining the EU or modernizing the army, for example. (see here and here)

The plenary is a crime, even according to the Geneva languages ​​themselves and their additional protocols. The individual commander is then not released from his responsibility, because he is so born that he must know it. In such a case, the commander is responsible not only for the crimes, for their execution, but also for those that he tolerated (perhaps sometimes ask).

I will cite in particular Article 4 of Additional Protocol II, which explicitly prohibits the plenary, then Article 55 of Additional Protocol I on the protection of the environment, which prohibits the application of codes having a negative impact on the population. (I’m not talking about other evil crimes, like the stream to the theater with the DTI description).

Putin is playing a dangerous game. Not only because his own country is slowly collapsing, but his allies are turning away from him. Lavrov flew to New York, but his plane had to turn and spin. According to available information, he does not want to help Russia even with the addition of weapons, except perhaps food. Russia is losing all its allies, and the reason for this is perhaps the first to report the crimes it is committing.

As expected, the Russians themselves also did not land in Odsa, kyiv was still not surrounded (they still went there on their own to the surrounding countries), they did not conquer Kharkov, nor Mariupol grave. The Ukrainians are still attacking the columns, and the palm had counterattacks. Available sources indicate that at present the Ukrainians have more troops in action than the Russian army, and the United States promises to provide significant assistance. According to him, the Russians will follow the style of the country, I can try to declare an autonomous republic in Kherson, but I would not expect this big change.


Courtesy of the author of his Facebookwhere he posts completely informally to the world and their friends on Facebook, it’s also as understandable as possible, taupe and unsourced, but they can be easily traced and supplemented.

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