Ukraine got Makariv back. Russians are deporting children from Mariupol, kyiv says

Satellite images also indicate the accumulation of assault weapons in Gomel, Belarus, near the border with Ukraine, Unian reported.

However, according to the British Ministry of Defence, Russian forces appear to be “stuck” in Ukraine and are not making any significant progress. Similarly, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a statement released this evening that the Ukrainian army was successfully repelling the attacks and had slowed down the Russian troops’ offensive. According to the Ukrainian army, the Russian occupiers also only have food and ammunition for three days. The situation is similar in the case of fuels, which must be supplied from tank trucks.

According to Ukrainian military sources quoted by The Kyiv Independent, the Ukrainian army has taken over the town of Makariv in the Kyiv region, from where it has expelled Russian troops. According to The Kyiv Independent, the soldiers raised the Ukrainian flag over the city and pushed back the Russian forces. Makariv is located about 60 kilometers from kyiv.

Ukraine also announced the forced withdrawal of Russian troops from Mykolaiv in the south of the country. However, at noon today, the Ukrainian Seaports Authority said the Russian military had started shelling local infrastructure, which had suffered extensive damage. For example, the psychiatric hospital in Mykolaiv was destroyed. According to initial information, no one died in the attack.

Focused on Mariupol. There are several reasons why it is so important for Russia

According to the Ukrainian prosecutor’s office, a tank fired at a car carrying a family with young children in the Kharkiv region. “People were supposed to shout they were civilians and wave a white flag. Three people died in the attack, including a nine-year-old girl. The 17-year-old boy is injured,” Ukrinform said.

Shelling also continues in the Zhytomyr region. According to the Ukrainian state emergency service, the Russians completely destroyed several houses in the two settlements, the consequences of which are shown in photos published by the Belarusian server Nexta.

The situation in Mariupol

Damage to military equipment and Russian casualties are also reported by Ukrainian forces in Mariupol, which is still surrounded by the Russian military and faces shelling. There are still over a hundred thousand civilians in the city. Since the start of the war, 45,000 people have been evacuated from Mariupol, including three thousand on Monday alone.

However, another 3,000 people died during the siege of the city. According to the governor of the Zaporozhye region, Oleksandr Starukha, the Russians yesterday bombed two dozen evacuation buses from Mariupol. They reportedly came under fire in two different places. According to the Ukrainian side, several children should have been injured, but the information cannot be independently verified.

Evacuation of Mariupol residents to Zaporozhye will continue along three routes on Tuesday, until all residents of the city are evacuated, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereschuk said.

In Mariupol, the Russians have to destroy factories and industrial enterprises in large numbers these days. “The Russians are chaotically dropping bombs on the city’s infrastructure. Factories and industrial enterprises that provided jobs and facilitated international trade are destroyed. The occupiers are trying to devastate the Ukrainian economy,” a military unit wrote. special Azov.

Shortly after noon, two heavy bombs dropped from planes were to fall on Mariupol. “The enemy cynically continues to destroy the city,” the local city council wrote.

Kyiv also today accused Moscow of illegally deporting children from Mariupol and other bombed towns in southeastern Ukraine. According to the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, Russian forces forcibly deported 2,389 children. In addition to Mariupol, there is supposed to be, for example, Donetsk or Luhansk. Russia’s actions were described by the ministry as a flagrant violation of international law. “Russian forces are not only attacking and killing our children, but also forcibly transferring them to the Russian Federation,” Ukrainian Prosecutor General Iryna Venediktová wrote on Twitter.

Odessa attack

The Ukrainian armed forces are said to have liquidated part of the Russian Marines, who were preparing to attack the city of Odessa. The Unian agency informed about this, referring to the representatives of the regional military administration. “The Russians are preparing an operation against Odessa. We see ships full of soldiers, I think they are preparing to attack the city from several places,” said BBC MP for Odessa Oleksij Hončarenko.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine informed on Facebook that about three hundred Russian soldiers near the town of Ochtyrka in the Sumy region refused to obey the order of their command and left the area . The occupants reportedly took 70 pieces of equipment.

Residents of occupied Kherson are still protesting in the streets against the Russian invasion. The Russians allegedly used tear gas against the gathered crowd, social media videos suggest.

Chernobyl fire

A fire broke out in the vicinity of Chernobyl after the impact of a Russian mine, informs today the Ukrainian site Truth. As a result of the fire, the radiological risk would increase and the emergency criteria would currently be exceeded by ten because of this. There are fears that radiation smoke will spread.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during a video speech from Kyiv on March 18, 2022

Zelensky rejected Russian ultimatums. The compromise should be approved by the people in a referendum

According to the morning statement from the Ukrainian parliament, a total of seven fires broke out in the area around the power plant, likely after shelling or arson. “The area is under the control of Russian troops, the fire is burning uncontrollably,” authorities said.

Most of the jailed employees were released from the decommissioned nuclear power plant, who have had to work at Chernobyl for nearly three weeks since it was occupied by Russian troops. According to experts, they were under enormous pressure, which increased the risk of possible mistakes. The Reuters agency informs about the dismissal of the remaining members of the technical team.

War casualties

According to the Ukrainian State Emergency Service, 651 residential buildings in Ukraine have been completely devastated since February 24, and around 3,780 houses have been partially destroyed. The information was provided by Nexta TV. In the city of Kharkov alone, according to the Hromadske server, Russian shelling damaged about a thousand civilian objects. The Russian military still insists that civilian buildings are not its target.

US President Joe Biden said Russia used Kinjal hypersonic missiles on Saturday to destroy a large underground warehouse of Ukrainian missiles and ammunition in the Ivano-Frankivsk region.

According to the local army, the Ukrainians shot down one plane, two helicopters and six drones in the past 24 hours. Ukrainian President Zelensky also said on social media that Ukrainian armed forces were pushing back Russian troops and slowing their advance.

Chinese President Xi Jing

China is turning slowly. It also provided symbolic assistance to Ukraine

As a result of the Russian aggression, 117 children have been killed in Ukraine and more than 155 have been injured so far, according to the Ukrainian Prosecutor General’s Office. “The most affected children are in Kyiv, Kharkov, Chernihiv, Donetsk or Mykolaiv,” the prosecutor’s office said. Shelling and shelling reportedly damaged 548 schools, 72 of which were completely devastated.

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