The devastation of the incinerator is bizarre

Did you hear that? Zakou new heating in family homes! Really? The truth was clarified by the column of my colleague Ing. Zdeka Lyky for Aquatherm Times.

Fake news is what made TV the truth

we eat at fejkov time. Fake news, so fake news, is what made television real. Like I said, people who are completely stupid are also blown away. But beware! They also imitate people who have a stupid mind and want to hurt someone with a pipe. Fejkm in people catches up with me, mainly in the countryside. But there are plenty of community volunteers (especially young people from the city) who know and can advise and warn – pozooor, it’s fake news! Fejka is referred to by these proteges as “nco-fob” or “nco-fil”, so the absence of reason knows him. It is because we live in the time of attributes. So somehow I figured it out in my head and it worked for long enough. They blow up simple people who have no opinion.

And then the covid appeared. You know it, go somewhere under the wheel. Suddenly my long term theory of origin and en fejk collapsed. Professors and associate professors who are educated people were also marked as fejkai. Most of them are doctors who scolded Hippocrates, they sure didn’t want to hurt anyone, they just didn’t have the good sense to fight the round furry monster. I’ve also said a lot, “man, he’ll just watch what you like and talk to like-minded people, so don’t worry about that. And when you still happen to be someone ‘one who has a different opinion than you, be tolerant. Because, as a great book says, “Let another’s judgment condemn you.” But it didn’t last me very long and I have to call. Well, push yourself.

It has been almost a year since the first reports of the European Union planning to limit the incineration of biomass appeared in the media, and support for biomass boilers in boiler subsidies will soon end. For a while it was started to be argued that Britt and the researchers were going to the point that burning wood and pellets is less important than burning coal and car transport, and logically there will be strict regulation boilers and wood for wood and wood pellets everywhere. the EU. And this year, a young publisher is confident that the destruction of household wood burning is over. So far, on the Energy Specialists website, I’ve been asked if I can continue designing biomass resources into new buildings as they near demise. And then I said no. You have to do business with this guy.

Fejk n°1: end of subsidies for biomass boilers

Indeed, the European Union has been talking for some time about the sustainability of the use of biomass energy. In some Member States, over the last twenty years, a number of wood and plant biomass incinerators in power stations and heating stations have taken place. Pellets and industrial pellets have replaced coal in these energy sources to such an extent that they must be widely imported. In the FIT FOR 55 package, which has not only been a hit in the “energy” discussions of recent months, the European Commission has therefore proposed a revision of the directive on renewable energy sources (RED), which will follow the so-called durability.

It can be greatly simplified that the sustainability criteria define strict rules on how and from how the ground (forest) can be harvested from wood and non-woody biomass. The reason is to prevent the member and the uncontrolled counting of the forest without patina “reimbursement” through reforestation, as well as the uncontrolled use of agricultural waste on the soil impact on the quality of the soil and its high content of organic matter.

The so-called cascade principle, which simplifies the energy use of biomass, should be the last alternative. So the dispatch can only be devo, to which a day value cannot be added. According to the RED, the sustainability criteria aim to significantly reduce the subsidized construction and operation of new sources of energy from biomass. This is a power and heat source with a nominal power of 5 MW, which is a completely different category, not a small boiler room! However, immediately after the release of the FIT FOR 55 package, guaranteed information appeared in some places that its introduction would mean the end of subsidies for biomass boilers in boiler subsidies! Panek is a hoax like Brno.

Fejk No. 2: the devotion to incineration produces vc CO2 like uhl

One of the arguments of fighters against biomass heating is the argument that the theory of CO2 The neutrality of the incinerator and the mass of wood is obsolete. It is true that devo absorbs CO during its growth2which is stored as carbon in the mass of wood, and by its melting the oxidation of carbon is released into the air by the same amount of CO2how much the tree has “absorbed” it in its lifetime. Nevertheless, the tree will grow for a year, when it will grow and “absorb” for several decades. Also carbon neutrality is, according to the new pods, nonsense. In this case, this hardened wage is just a wall, in the case of a single tree. The amount of fuel for household heating is well known to us as a “secondary” raw material for wood. It is a wood that cannot be linked to the wood industry and its share in the total cb is less than 15%.

If we omit the period of calamity shrubs, then you must proceed with us in accordance with the written sustainability rules. Let’s demonstrate this on one hectare of forest. It absorbs large amounts of CO for a long time2. It is measured in nm, two percent of the total wood volume. Matter that grows in a short time. The average length of the fingers of two is more than 7 m3 per hectare. Even from this small tree, however, only 60% of their total mass is exported from the forest for further processing. Dark 30% of the mass of the tree consists of the root system and paezy, the rest had rough and similar organs (had branches, twigs, leaves, needles), which remain in the forest. And of the amount extracted, only a small amount is used as fuel for home heating.

The majority of healthy harvested wood is used on products that have taken another decade to retain carbon. So if we take the forest as an organism which in the CO2pak pi udelnnm lesn hospodstvav ron vc CO2, it is not released when the wood is cut from the forest in the same year. And even taking into account the carbon footprint ignited by you and the traffic, wood pellet and wood pellet are clearly the “doubtful” way to heat the fireplace.

Smoker n°3: the destruction of wood combustion in households

Well, on top of that, I kept the best “pipe”. This is because the destruction of wood in households is on fire. The reason may be the extreme amount of emissions, especially fine dust, from incinerators, as evidenced by studies in Britain and Greece. I will not discuss the content of these studies here, it is a study separate from these studies. But, for example, Czech scientists have come to the conclusion that the biggest fine dust problems are in their picturesque, large-pore kadoron peninsula. Their British colleagues again studied emissions from open fireplaces and old stoves, which are still widely used on the islands for heating.

However, this does not change the fact that the local heating of solid fuels, according to the methodology of the Czech hydrometeorological condition, is based on 70% of PM2.5 fine dust emissions. However, it is possible to meet 99.9% of the country’s EU air pollution limits for this fine dust component. But first of all, according to PM2.5, the old coal-fired and coal-fired boilers, which should be taken out of service in the next heating season, have. Bn combustion boiler burning coal “discharges” per year into the air in 25 kg of PM2.5 and combustion coal boiler 150 kg. On the other hand, a wood stove burns less than 10 kg, a gasification boiler weighs only 2 kg per year and a pellet boiler less than 1 kg!

In addition, by simply changing the statistics of old coal-fired digesters and boilers to modern biomass boilers and stoves, total fine dust emissions can be reduced by tens of percent. One insider, Kodolib remarked, “You kind of forgot about the benzo(a)pyrene, man.” No, he hasn’t forgotten. Older coal boilers seem to run much more emissively on benzo(a)pyrene, not dust emissions. New biomass boilers emit this highly carcinogenic hydrocarbon 10 times (gasifier) ​​and 1000 times (pellets) less than coal boilers. We should also be old here.

And that is why it is not necessary to prohibit the operation of biomass combustion sources. But let’s face it, we don’t talk about it anywhere on the “floors”. The national dream emissions program has long been fulfilled for the year 2025, only limited by the availability of coal-fired boilers. Indeed, the sale of new boilers and the establishment of this full is also uncertain. My won’t even need it.

So if I summarize. Outside, watch out for fake news about burning firewood for the household. It will probably “get rid” of the editor in the near future. But I don’t think it’s the kared fejkai that have stupid minds, see.

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