Tereza Bebarová revealed the secret of her slenderness and who is the new member of her family named Evžen

The second series of the popular show started last Saturday The whole country is cooking. Already tonight, viewers of Czech Television can watch the second episode, which will perfume their homes. He will cook again and the challenges will not be easy. Actress Tereza Bebarová also accompanies the audience this time around. How is she going with the pastry and what preparation for the supply of cakes took place with her?

Do you think the nationwide baking contest has brought changes to our baking space?
If the Czechs liked to bake, it has definitely confirmed itself in the first place and enormously popularized. People who didn’t bake before also got interested in baking. I think it’s a genre that people needed and fell in love with. So they can clap, but at the same time they learn something new. It’s about sharing several levels, which are shared not only by the audience, but also by the whole crew during filming.

Was there anything that surprised you?
We were definitely surprised by the response. Although we felt during the filming that it was a good show, it’s good that the public confirmed this feeling as well. In addition, the wave of response was greater each week. I was also surprised by my own reactions, because I also let myself be carried away by the atmosphere. Already during the second part of the first series, I started to bake technical challenges. I made a sachet at the time, which was the first technical challenge, and I would like you to feel the later benefit that even the so-called clog I thought I could do!

Has the show changed some of your habits?
Yes, for example, you would have searched in vain for butter in our refrigerator before, because I hardly cooked at all. Now, for example, I regularly bake my own sourdough bread. And let me tell you – the atmosphere at home where the freshly baked bread or the legendary grandmother’s strudel that I learned to make smelled of indescribable beauty. Thanks to pastry, my memories come to life, the children look forward to my culinary creations and above all we have a new member in the family and it is my yeast called Eugène!

Do your acquaintances turn to you for advice on baking or confectionery?
It’s true that it’s already been shouted down the halls that I can bake when I moderate the Bake the Whole Country contest. For this reason, on the Čas na TeBe YouTube channel, I started the so-called Bakery University together with my wonderful colleague and juror Josef Maršálek, where everyone can learn how to cook. I really like it and during this short time, thanks to Josífek, I learned to cook amazing treats. It’s quite funny that I now have a reputation as a baker or pastry cook, whereas I have always been a promoter of asceticism. But I found a way to mature. In order to be able to eat, I switched to the method of intermittent fasting, which means that, for example, I only eat it from nine to five in the afternoon. And believe it or not, then I can afford to eat these cakes in peace.

Was there any special preparation for your filming of the second series?
Yes, I was preparing a lot, I had already mentioned intermittent fasting as being a slap in the face of the camera, and of course I went to hairdresser Jend Jirka, our former competitor, where we discussed everything. It’s a very nice part of this competition, which I have a lot of good friends. So I’m curious what kind of links will appear in this series.

Do you have any expectations before the competition? Even from the competitor’s point of view…
People who probably knew what to expect went second. The front row was more spontaneous, the competitors didn’t know what they were getting into. On the contrary, I see ready-made individuals who may already be considering a professional career. The competition represents a huge opportunity and opportunity for them to become visible. I’m fascinated by how many people are willing to spend all their free time cooking. Above all, these enthusiasts are extremely hardworking and patient. Secondly, I think there will be even more such people!

In your opinion, what characterizes today’s confectionery or bakery?
Today it’s a return to tradition, people like to have an honest brioche, a cake or a good sourdough brioche. There are also various variations of classic recipes, such as donuts, the course includes French pastry. Thanks to easy access to information, it is possible to try practically everything, from cooking in a traditional oven, where you heat with wood, to the highest and most demanding recipes. We’ve also witnessed some amazing pieces in the contest that don’t interfere with art.

When the show sparked your interest in baking, you upgraded your kitchen with a few utensils or machinery?
In a way, I have the advantage of not having a big house, so I have nowhere to store things. I tried harder in my progress in confectionery or bakery to have as few tools as possible, but thanks to Josef, I made some great discoveries! For example, such a pastry card and a digital scale are wonderful helpers. And before Christmas, my life literally changed because my partner bought me a home robot and baking has been completely cool ever since. The whole family always gets together and we watch the dough mix for buns or cakes and we have fun.

To show The whole country is cooking you can still watch Saturday night on the ČT1 program.

Source: Czech Television


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