Soundtrack in the lead Your Radio Talk

Thoughts whirl around in your mind over and over like a playful song? Is your head an endless blocked board? Are you “cycled” so that you are unable to pursue your goals? Enough?

Thoughts are your inner soundtrack. And if you don’t control them, they control you. The music won’t stop playing. You will only listen to recordings that pull you down rather than up. It’s time to do something. Because if you choose which recordings to listen to, you can do what you can. Realize the true nature of your ideas – they are your personal reading list, which accompanies you throughout your life. Find out how to make overthinking a powerful tool.

  • control your thoughts
  • get rid of negative self-talk that only sucks your energy
  • create damping symbols and techniques
  • turn wasted records in your favor
  • work more with the right recordings
  • shuffle the right personal playlist!

“The ancestors and great-grandmothers of psychology already knew that thoughts have a crucial effect on our lives, both in the negative and in the positive sense of the word. It is not for nothing that the first something we discuss with our clients at the start of therapy is a vicious circle. In other words, how our thoughts evoke emotions, then the physical reaction, and ultimately how we behave. Jon Acuff’s book, with Using neuroscience, shows how we can work with certain ideas and even use them to our advantage. Just change a few songs from our cognitive (thinking) soundtrack. Go for it!”
– H:o)nza Vojtko, psychotherapist, couples therapist and lecturer, author of the book Relationships and Myths

“It’s impossible to calculate how many times I’ve blamed managers for making their decisions too complicated. Too much thinking is a natural enemy of focus, so I’m glad Jon Acuff has offered a fresh take on this crucial subject. »
– Michael Hyatt, Bestseller, Vision Leader, Focus Yourself, Double Win and Best Year of Your Life

“Are you ready to start thinking differently? Jon Acuff will help you with this. A simple yet powerful and generous book that will stay in your memory for the rest of your life. »
– Seth Godin, author of The Practice

“Can science throw a party? Apparently yes: this book is a smart, practical, research-based party. You’ll laugh, and when the reading comes to an end, you’ll be sorry. My ideas about thinking have changed a lot. »
– Kendra Adachi, author of best-selling The Lazy Genius Way

“Are you thinking too much? If you can’t answer without thinking, be sure to pick up Jon’s new book.”
– Jim Gaffigan, artist and author of Food: A Love Story

“Jon Acuff found a hidden obstacle to success and came up with a plan to overcome it. Don’t hesitate to get this handy and fun book and notebook for taking notes.”
– Daniel H. Pink, author of bestsellers When, Drive and Sell is Human

“Great envelope, great content, great hopes! If you’ve ever wondered if a person can change their way of thinking and dramatically change their life, read the soundtrack in your head. I hope everyone I know will turn to this book.”
– Bob Goff, lawyer, philanthropist and best-selling author Love Acting

“Your thoughts are powerful. I’ve relied on this principle for decades on the water. It’s great that Jon Acuff has delved into this with his new book.”
– Laird Hamilton, surfer, innovator and co-founder of Laird SuperFood

“Too much thinking is one of the natural enemies of essentialism. It’s encouraging that Jon is joining the fighters with his new book for what matters.”
– Greg McKeown, creator of the popular What’s Essential podcast and author of the bestselling Essentialism

“Everyone has thoughts in their heads. This forces us to think hard about everything and prevents us from building good relationships and achieving bold goals. Jon Acuff’s book offers a clear map of skills that will enable our minds to generate truly groundbreaking messages that can change everything. Jon offered an unusual combination of practical science-based advice and a friendly, fun style. Read this book and you won’t regret it.”
– John Townsend, PhD, author of the hit series Boundaries; founder of the Townsend Institute for Leadership and Counseling and the Townsend Leadership Program

“My chin dropped from Jon Acuff’s latest work. Behind the book Soundtrack in the Head, which is the best the author has ever written (and that’s what it must be said!), is a combination of captivating stories and extensive research! Not only does it show that many of us have believed bad thoughts, but it also shows real solutions that make our thoughts a productive engine. Jon Acuff was born to write this book. “
– Andy Andrews, author of the best-selling David Ponder Journey, The One Who Noticed and Just Jones

“The best thing about this book is that Jon Acuff wrote it with such a light pen that reading it doesn’t seem like hard work at all. But when you read it, you’re a different person, wiser, more active. It’s like when you go to the gym and you’re ready to take off your bathing suit.”
– Brian Koppelman, screenwriter and co-creator of Danny’s Companions and Players

“In a world full of pitfalls, negativity and disruptive factors, Jon Acuff has written a groundbreaking book that will help you gain clarity, focus and the ability to face challenges. It is a fantastic explanation of how to transform a problem giant into an insurmountable weapon in the name of persistent thought. You can’t miss this book!”
– Jon Gordon, author of bestsellers The Power of a Positive Attitude and The Garden

“I’ve been doing negative monologues all my life and having thoughts that drain my energy, but I’ve never known why. After reading this book, not only do I understand myself better, but I also know how to reprogram this negativity. When Jon asked me to recommend this book, I didn’t have to think much about it.”
– Chris Guillebeau, author of The Money Tree and Startup for the Cross Country

Name: Soundtrack in your head
Author: Jon Acuff
Translation: Jana Zajicova
Audiobook Artist: Jiří Miroslav Valůšek
Audiobook length: 6:18
Pages of the book: 244
Binding: Brooch
Editing: audiolibrix

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