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  • March 22, 2022 | 06:00

    Menstruation, especially if it occurs at shorter intervals, can be very annoying. Then it seems to a person that he is constantly menstruating and there is not much time left for sexual games. If this sexual period is taboo for you, you may change your mind by reading how to do it with different aids.

    Of course, if pain or decreased libido is to blame, that’s okay and there’s no choice but to wait for it to pass. But if it’s due to some discomfort and nervous control to not mess anything up, we have a solution for you. Several aids, whether menstrual or sexual, will make things easier for you while you are having sex. Thanks to them, you can indulge in relaxation instead of cleaning up after sex.

  • The survey was conducted by INTIMINA, the manufacturer of the Ziggy Cup


    “My husband and I are one of those couples who don’t mind having sex during menstruation. On the contrary, I even enjoy it more because I’m more sensitive down below,” says Kristýna, 33. “Once I forgot to remove a tampon before sex. I realized that at best, but I said I didn’t mind, so I will remove it. After the event, I went to the toilet to remove the tampon but found that my husband had pushed him back a lot during his mad lovemaking It wouldn’t be such a problem but the tampon got completely stuck inside so even if I felt it, it didn’t even work. I was already preparing for the shame of going to gynecology until I finally passed. After this experience, I started looking for what other aids I could use And I was amazed at the possibilities already available today.”

    Probably none of us would want to end up like Kristýna. There are a number of ways to enjoy period sex, as well as aids that can make the experience more enjoyable. Especially in the sense that it holds the blood in place for a while. You won’t have to deal with a dirty sheet and will always be nervous to see if something leaks somewhere.

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  • He ain’t a mug like a mug

    Ziggy cup intimina manicure cup,


    You are a fan of menstrual cups, but have you thought about having sex with him? So be sure to try it out. The truth is, it doesn’t have to be for everyone. The cup can be depressed a lot by your partner when pushing you. Or he can move it around with his penis, so that some blood eventually leaks out. But for some couples, this method works well. Moreover, there is a directly developed mug for you to love. It is called Ziggy Cup, has a special flat shape and is placed directly under the cervix. As a result, there is much more space in the uterus. Evanella, a sex aid made in the Czech Republic, also works on a similar principle. However, it is not a menstrual cup, it must remain in place for a maximum of 40 minutes. On the contrary, it strives to become a certified contraceptive device, which is not a menstrual cup.

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    The ideal aid for menstrual sex is a menstrual sponge. For those of you who don’t know yet, it’s basically a natural alternative to tampons. The sponges are collected from the sea, dried in the sun and cut into oval shapes. They are relatively hard on dry land, but soften beautifully after soaking. And that’s exactly why they’re so nice to have sex. Due to its softness and gentleness, it does not push either partner. In addition, they are very absorbent, so the blood remains in place for quite a long time, but it depends on the strength of the menstruation. The sponge must be rinsed thoroughly before and after making love.

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  • Seduction in period panties

    Modibodi Sensual French Cut MH Black,


    Is seductive lingerie an important part of opening up for you? You might think that with period panties, you can forget about it because it’s just dull and black. This has long since ceased to be true. There are a number of suitable models on the market in different colors, cuts or even with lace. Such panties can attract your partner before sex, and then you will decide whether to use a tool or go into “nature” while having sex.

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