Red Monster prepares online digital lessons to teach Ukrainian children

Unicorn Publishing is preparing digital online courses for Ukrainian children, which will expand the existing edition of Red Monster courses. Ukrainian lessons will be available free of charge for all Ukrainian children; those who left Ukraine, as well as those who remained in Ukraine. The lessons will gradually cover the full primary school curriculum, similar to the Czech edition of the Red Monster lessons. At the same time, an online digital Czech language course for Ukrainians is being created. All courses will be created by Ukrainian teachers who fled to the Czech Republic before the war.

“Our goal is to create a complete set of online digital lessons according to current Ukrainian school curricula. Ukrainian children will be able to use the lessons for free on their mobile phones, tablets or computers, wherever they are, in any country where they fled. But the children who remained in Ukraine will have the same chance. The courses will make it easier for teachers to integrate Ukrainian children into their teaching and at the same time allow them to continue teaching in their mother tongue, including including the teaching of Ukrainian and Ukrainian realities. We are convinced that these courses will not only help now, but will also be used in education after the end of the war”, explains Marek Beránek, director of the private university Unicorn University, which includes Unicorn Publishing.

Unicorn Publishing will gradually create more than 100 distinct courses that will cover a full range of subjects taught in Ukrainian primary schools. It will complement the set of existing courses under “ZNO for 200”, which are courses to prepare high school students for the Ukrainian High School Diploma, which Unicorn Publishing has been offering to Ukrainian students for the past 2 years. The first two children’s courses Арифметичні дії множення і ділення (Mathematics – small multiplier) and Неправильні дієслова (English – irregular verbs) are already available here. Additional courses will be added as they are completed. However, the aim is for the full package of lessons for Ukrainian primary school students to be completed within 6 months at the latest (by September 2022).

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Courses for Ukrainian children will be created partly from the existing courses of the Czech edition of Red Monster. This applies, for example, to lessons in mathematics, physics and a few others, which will be translated and adapted into Ukrainian school curricula. But it will also be necessary to create completely new routes. Therefore, Ukrainian language, geography and history lessons in Ukraine will be developed directly by Ukrainian teachers. To this end, more than 50 jobs have been created at Unicorn Publishing, mainly for teachers who have fled Ukraine, but also for other Ukrainian fugitives who have experience in pedagogy, writing, proofreading or translation. . There are currently about ten jobs. That’s why Unicorn Publishing is looking for around 40 people to work together on course creation. They all become regular employees of the publishing house.

Czech courses for Ukrainians

At the same time, Unicorn Publishing has made an online Czech language course for Ukrainians available free of charge on its portal. Those interested will learn basic phrases in Czech, they can call for help or ask for directions. The course also includes contact with the police, fire department or ambulance. This course is continuously enriched with new lessons to help Ukrainians prepare for daily communication in the Czech language.

About the Red Monster

Unicorn Publishing in Red Monster Publishing offers online digital training for schools, businesses, individuals and the general public. The educational materials are developed by the teachers and correspond to the Educational Framework Programs of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. Red Monster has already published more than 60 Czech courses, which are actively studied by more than 30,000 students. Red Monster courses are gradually being created in the Slovak edition. ZNOna200 courses for Ukrainian high school graduates are available. In 2019, Red Monster courses received the Microsoft Award in Education, Non-Profit. A year later, they also received the Remarkable Product 2020 award from magazine.

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