Putin doesn’t have time to play with Western thinking. He must convince those who can overthrow him

War propaganda is in full swing. kyiv manages to raise the morale of the people and convince the world of its heroism. Moscow is focused on spreading lies to justify its attack on a free country, especially in front of its own people. In addition to propaganda, it also involved strict censorship. When will the attention of the Russian disinformation scene turn to us again?

Hostem I ask was a political scientist who deals with disinformation and propaganda, Miloš Gregor.

Yesterday, the story of Marina Ovsyannikova, a former employee of Russian state television, who interrupted the broadcast with a banner, made the rounds of the news servers: “Stop the war. Don’t believe the propaganda They’re lying to you here.” She added in a video on Twitter that she was ashamed of having worked for years in television and that Russians had to take part in anti-war protests.

Russian media have long denied that the attack on Ukraine was an act of aggression, and they also deny Russian interest in civilian targets. Moreover, according to the new law, all expressions of opposition to the invasion of Ukraine are strictly opposed, and during the demonstrations, the police arrest the demonstrators under all pretexts, even if they do not even comment openly. the situation.

Additionally, independent media – like Dožď TV or Echo Moscow Radio – have been banned in Russia, and residents can no longer get information other than state propaganda on Twitter or Facebook, which the regime has blocked. .

How is the Putin regime’s propaganda tightening? Why don’t Russians even believe what they see with their own eyes in photos and videos from Ukraine? And how different is Russian propaganda from the propaganda that Ukraine keeps its people’s spirits up?

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What was said in the interview?

3:00 – With the information that, for example, a plane was shot down or soldiers were captured, I do not need to ask myself so many questions. For stats on what’s going on, how many soldiers have been killed, etc., I’m more cautious there. The Ukrainian side will logically exaggerate, Russia will minimize.

4:00 – In order for Ukraine or any other state to handle professional war propaganda, it must have at least partial success in the war. But the Ukrainians started to fight, they did not give up, and the fact that President Zelensky did not go abroad is a very important background for the heroic story to be based on. In this regard, this propaganda has solid foundations and has something to rely on. Moreover, Ukraine defends itself against the aggressor, it has the sympathy of most of the world, and it can work better with him and does not have to reconcile at all to sustain the morale of the population. He may be exaggerating his accomplishments, but unlike Russia, he doesn’t have to invent total atrocities.

6:30 am – I can also imagine that there will be misinformation from the Ukrainian side – because these are deliberately spread lies in order to convince the public. For example, it has not yet been possible to solve the case of the soldiers from Slytherin Island, after which the Ukrainian information was that these soldiers were killed, the Russians that they were captured, and we can only assume what is true and what is false.

8:00 a.m. On the Russian side, compared to the Ukrainian side, is it more disinformation or propaganda communication? It cannot be compared to Ukraine because of the degree of manipulation. If the Ukrainians exaggerate the death toll to boost the morale of the population, the Russians invent genocide, biological weapons or denazification, etc. The dictionary also differs. Russia can be linked to the “best” story of Nazi and Soviet propaganda, when it talks about a peace operation, the president with Jewish roots talks about a Nazi to be eliminated, the Ukrainians are presented as a nation – l architect of evil, presented as a similar threat to the Jews of the Third Reich. These parallels are very strong. Moreover, Russian propaganda says something else to its people and to the Western world.

10:00 – The war now lasts less than three weeks, during which there are stages of its development and the development of communication by Russia. At the beginning – the first week – we could see that Russia was talking to people rather in order to convince them that it was a peacekeeping mission. As the war unfolds for Russia, it fails to maintain a unified narrative, which is why it must resort to stricter censorship, so that anyone who dares to demonstrate or express oppositional views will be severely punished. News in Ukraine can already undermine people’s trust, and the Kremlin is now trying to relativize this information instead of persuading, claiming that it is false and fabricated information.

12:30 – If you are convinced that the state next to you is developing biological weapons, you will logically be in favor of a peacekeeping mission. That doesn’t mean the Kremlin would turn to rhetoric, but it would extend it to specific examples of threats that were supposed to be the reason for the campaign against Ukraine.

15:00 – The situation is clear, no state disputes that Russia is the one attacking Ukraine. Putin no longer has the ability to win the sympathy of foreign media or politicians. This is why he has no choice but to develop this communication within. (…) Russia has long sought to erode the unity of values ​​of the Western community, but now it will not succeed in winning the minds of the peoples of the West, and therefore must focus on the Russian people.

17:00 – Putin must now fight to ensure that there are no mass protests in Russia, so that the oligarchs or his immediate leaders do not tend to overthrow him. As far as we know, Russian politicians do not end up retiring.

6:00 p.m. – The conflict between Ukraine and Russia did not start in 2022, but in 2014 at the latest. Ukrainians have been in a mental war for 8 years. For eight years, Russian propaganda has shaken the people with the story of a peaceful campaign for a great Russian, and we are witnessing a tightening of the screws on freedom of expression. Ordinary Russians have been massaged by propaganda for twenty years, and if someone has been telling you for twenty years that you are heroically fighting for world peace and the West is the evil aggressor, then if you get an e -mail telling you you’re killing civilians in Ukraine, believe you don’t want that, and a report doesn’t convince you that you shouldn’t believe it. Moreover, given the horrors that Russian soldiers are witnessing against Ukrainian civilians, these people are also psychologically resistant to this being true. That they are so bad that they would commit such atrocities.

22:00 – The appearance of the journalist with a banner on television is a drop in the ocean, even if it cost a lot of courage because of the repression. Sadly it won’t bring much change, it would have to be a bigger move and happen more often so people don’t think it’s a “crazy individual” or an agent of the West. It’s easier for the average person to believe that this was an isolated infraction and not a sign of free will.

23:00 – Calm was the first week, but now we see a number of websites and social media profiles regaining the upper hand on classic Russian propaganda.

24:00 – The words that the aggressor is the one who defends himself at home locked in an apartment against tanks and fighters is a classic example of primitive propaganda, which we have known since the beginning of the 20th century. It’s sad to watch.

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