Polášek on the playoffs with the Tigers: a year ago we posed. The guy wants to shave me

Don’t expect the exaggerated joy of winning a playoff from Adam Polášek. More than demolishing Liberec in the first game of the quarter-final, Beka Sparta enjoyed a goal lock and a “really well-defended game”. But before the famous ride of forwards David Tomášek (2+3) and Filip Chlapík (0+4), he had to go down. “If you score five points in a playoff game – Man, that’s amazing. It’s great that the boys thought about it there,” said the 30-year-old bek, who netted his assist on the goal of victory.

Even though it was only the first game of the series, you probably couldn’t have asked for a better start to the playoffs, you know?
“Of course. In the first third we could see it was such a knocker and then it came to mind there. In fact, we probably couldn’t have asked for a better start. It’s like that right now… You can say it’s good to have won 7-0, but like everyone says, 7-0 will only be 1-0 in the series. focus on the second game. Tuesday, we play again from zero and that’s how you have to go day after day. “

What do you think broke the White Tigers? Is it your bomb at the end of the first period that bounced off the coat in front of goal to Miroslav Forman?
“I think it was very nice to get there like that. He rewarded us for the first third. We didn’t give them a lot of chances and we had a lot. It was nice to go to the locker room with a goal. It’s always good to score at the end of the period. It’s an indicator of where he needs to go forward.”

And it was not a single goal in the locker room. You added two more before the second siren.
“Exactly. The second period came and suddenly a bang, a bang, a bang and 4:0.”

David Tomášek managed the initial victory by five points, Filip Chlapík saved four times. How about the performance of these two Spartan demons?
(smiles) “Listen” I’m a defender, so I’m looking back. When the keeper has zero, it’s usually behind him. It’s good that the boys thought about it, but in the playoffs, it doesn’t matter who scores those goals. We really wanted to focus and start mostly from behind. So I would give it to Machy (Matěj Machovský) now, but if you give five points for a playoff game – Man, that’s something amazing. “

So I guess you’re mostly glad you didn’t miss a minute and Liberec didn’t give them a single goal, right?
“That’s how it is. With the playoff games coming on in quick succession, it’s clear that we’re not just scoring seven goals in every game. It’s also great that we can look away and say it was a game really well supported. Good start.”

In the second half, Liberec captain Petr Jelínek made a gesture of fair play and canceled Milan Jurčina’s penalty. But you were probably relieved if your opponent didn’t come back in the game, you know?
“I’m really glad it didn’t come back. There were a lot of no fouls in the game and it was more whistling on our side. Of course, then it turned around, we had powerpins. That’s definitely good of them, the referees didn’t have it easy either, it’s a playoff, but you have to know that when the two take turns, they go against each other. And if you come across Milan ( Jurčina), who weighs 120 kilos, it will probably not turn out that the two players will sit on their butts.”

Sparta – Liberec: Gesture of fair play by Captain Tigers Jelínek

Seven goals in the Liberec goal. Doesn’t such a cannonade come back to you too much for the Tigers?
“It was too much and we’re just happy about it, but now we have to put our noses back a bit and be humble before the second game. It’s really not going to happen every day.”

Is just the effort of humbly enduring the key to another victory after such demolition?
“Exactly, don’t have your nose up. But mostly I think it’s about the team. We’ve got guys there who’ve been through the playoffs before and they know that very well. They’re phrases that are repeated over and over again, but they have to be said. It’s just that no matter how much you win, it will only be a point in the series, a game won.”

The White Tigers, who certainly won’t be starting after the debacle, also have playoff experience, see?
“It just came to our knowledge at that time. When he loses, he’s the first to say that we’ll quickly forget about it and focus on the next day. But it’s the same with the winning team. Like I said, it’s good that we won and led 1-0, but let’s focus on the second game. That’s how it is in the playoffs, but that’s why we we do. Personally, I really appreciate it.”

With Liberec, we remember the lost finals of 2016 and the elimination of last year in the semi-finals. Are you trying not to take it personally or do you have a particularly strong urge to finally tame the White Tigers in the playoffs?
“I’ve played something with them before, like several other guys. I’ve played with them twice in the playoffs and failed twice. On the other hand, the teams are completely different every season. Now the Tigers are a completely different team. Last year the playoffs were such that Sparta and I screwed up. We knew very well that we were guilty. We had a better team, but Liberec played better and as a team. They did it. kept, they weren’t screwed and we ran away. But now it’s about something else, our team is something else, their team is completely different.”

At least the experience of the last semi-final, but Sparta can only be useful, you see?
“We made it clear that the feeling we had after finishing the series from 0:3 down and losing in the seventh game must be remembered by all of us. It’s such a disgusting feeling that you never want to feel it again. . You’ll get that taste, and I think it’s good. You really learn a lot from it. You have to remember that feeling, respect it before, but do it so it doesn’t come.”

While a year ago you played with the White Tigers in front of the empty stands of the O2 arena, you are now led by nearly 9,000 spectators.
“Finally! (sighs) We’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Let everyone say what they want, but this is exactly how it should look, this is how it should be on the ice. People have to shout and I just gotta have that goose – I can’t brag about it because I can smell it.”

So Husina was?
“She was, she was. (smiles) And I was nervous. I really enjoyed it in my years with everything.”

Some of your teammates have special haircuts for the playoffs, others have beards for a change. Did you think of something like that, or did you immediately say that you had the playoffs since September?
“That’s how I’ve been playing beards for a long time, I’ve had a gray streak in my hair, but that’s age, it’s not dyed. (laughs) We said in the cabin that we’d do something stupid, but it worked. We won’t invent anything new.”

So no bet in the event of a successful playoff?
“The bet, of course, is and it’s about my beard. And yes, it was with the Guy (Filip Chlapík). He has a terrible urge to shave me.”

MONTAGE: Sparta – Liberec 7:0. Tigers debacle directed by Tomášek (2 + 3)


Home made : 7:44 p.m. Mr. Forman, 30:27. Tomášek, 35:04. Tomasek, 39:13. E. Thorell, 39:37. Saturday, 45:17. Stoljarov, 59:44. E.Thorell


Home made : Machovský (J. Hudáček) – Matuškin, David Němeček, A. Polášek (A), T. Pavelka, Moravčík, Tomáš Dvořák, Jurčina – M. Forman, Sobotka (A), M. Řepík (C) – Chlapík, Vitouch, Tomášek – E. Thorell, R. Horák, Šmerha – J. Strnad, Stoljarov, Dvořáček.

Guests: Kváča (41. J. Pavelka) – L. Šmíd (A), M. Ivan, M. Rosandić, Kolmann, Derner, Melancon – Birner (A), Filippi, M. Zachar – Ordoš, Gríger, Klepiš – J. Vlach , P. Jelínek (C), Klapka – Rychlovský, J. Šír, A. Najman – Faško-Rudáš.


Hradil, Úlehla – Gebauer, Hlavatý.


Arena O2, Prague 8 – Libeň

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8,842 spectators

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