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In a very similar form of autism, people are virtually impossible to socialize. A mother with an autistic son volunteered to show me a life where there is not a moment of rest, a gradual lessening of social separation and financial, physical and mental exhaustion. She left a message for her second son that without them he would be happy.

The documentary, in which, among others, the family of the newspaper Petr Teka and his autistic daughter Dorotka perform, was a success. Just before his premiere, the petition for affordable services for children was reached and he became autistic, which now has seventeen thousand signatures.

seek support

Petr Tek received support from the National Council of Disabled People for autism support activities, he met Minister Michaela Marksová, who promised to support autism support projects, and addressed the regional governors.

I try to take care of these people. Lb is the nm system they have in the Netherlands. The commission will assess how well the financial system takes care of a disabled person, you autism, according to the seven degree defenses, and then provide a pension for that. Applying such an individual approach to each client and ours will go a long way for Petr Tek.

How her family’s life is affected by the affliction of Dorotka, now one year old, people first learned three years ago in a report by Respekt magazine: that Dorotka found herself in psychiatry. Now they are in a better position and hope they won’t slip up in two years.

They have a huge advantage for Tek is that they also have a lot of contacts in Prague, where they are available, friends who help them, there is an assistant around Dorotka. With the help of the grant, for example, you pay for expensive ABA therapy, which got Dorotka going. She taught you how to go to the bathroom. And it only takes him two hours a week. In the United States, when an abnormality in breeding is found, nothing is expected and immediately undergoes forty hours of various therapies, Tek said.

Lack of caregiver

The families of the documentary Children of the Colonel are aware that they will not be able to take care of their children all their lives. Therefore, fight for a place where their autistic people can be satisfied. It is a very rare and financially undervalued job. Caregivers cannot be found even in regions with high unemployment, points out the problem of the founder of the National State for Autism (Nautis) Hynek Jn.

One of these facilities is the Foyer à Régime Spécial de Libice, which Nautis manages. There are eight clients, who are new to the top, who, of course, had no pension. There are still eight hundred, including Dorotka. we will award a grant for a pilot project. Taken, where we are now, with eight customers std estnct people, that is, of course, the railroads. We want to build a new house, our own complex of several buildings, which will be so adapted to the client that we can dream the number of employees without reducing the quality of services. We develop current customers there and add them to you so as not to give away large-capacity equipment from home, describes Jn.

The unworthy of everyone

The impact on the family with children with autism spectrum disorders is great, even if the child is not in the worst shape. often one of the parents has to stay home or cut the ligament. As parents’ discussions show, they cannot help with state support. Children with these disorders cannot be included in the assessment tables, they do not sufficiently meet the required criteria.

I managed to find a little village bike for my son, where he respects his diagnosis. But there is no bus ride from us, the son is exhausted from his bike, he can’t be smoked, he only works half. We ask for a second contribution, for the first time we were dissatisfied. At the same time, we had to recommend a psychiatrist, a psychologist, a bowling alley and a special educational center. Pesto was a son who was independent of another person’s help, Pavlna Rybov from Hradec Krlov describes her experience.

Now the conditions, as his work has pointed out, have changed, and so on. His son has to go through all the work, which will take a few months.

Not just these issues The Expert Group for Comprehensive Living Situation Management of Autism Spectrum Disorders was set up two years ago by the Government Council for Disabled Citizens. The group includes representatives from a number of governments, ministries of health, customs, labor and social affairs, interior, other institutions, students, educators and parents with this disorder , who have the opportunity to approach and cooperate with professionals on this unique issue. psychiatrist Iva Dudov from the Prask Motol University Hospital. The group of experts will present to the government in the middle of this year the progress of work on the issue of people with autism spectrum disorders and their families.

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