“NATO killed our children. We remember that!” Serbian President and Ukraine

“The Earth is not a toy, we must remain a neutral and free country. We do not want to go to NATO, they attacked us and killed our children. We will not forget. ” Thus, the president Serbian Aleksandar Vučić spoke at a meeting with several thousand citizens in the north of the country. Presidential and parliamentary elections await Serbia within a week, with some media expecting favorite Vučić to win in the first round.

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The description: Serbian President Vucic speaks to citizens

In two days, Serbia will commemorate the 23rd anniversary of the NATO airstrike on their country. The bombings lasted 78 days and nights, destroying countless civilian facilities including schools, hospitals, civilian trains, the state television building and residential areas. Around 500 soldiers and 2,500 civilians were killed, including 81 children.


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In the current situation, Serbia remains neutral, condemned the violation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine, condemned the Russian war under a UN resolution, but at the same time does not actively oppose to Russia. Serbian leaders, including President Vučić, point out that if someone asks them if they are on the side of Ukraine or Russia, they always answer that they are on the side of Serbia.

At a pre-election rally with residents of Kikinda in northern Serbia, the Serbian president raised fears that the only danger in the world is not a war between the two states. However, he said, Serbia should not allow itself to be embroiled in a conflict.

Thousands of citizens listen to Serbian President Vučić in northern Kikinda. Photo repro youtube.com

“All the misfortunes that befall the world will not be final. Not only do I not rule out conflicts larger than just two countries, but I would say that I expect such conflicts. But we must be in it. excluded. I must do everything so that the various irresponsible people in the region do not involve us in such a thing. We must do everything to maintain peace. We have already lost enough children in all the wars, and if all these wars hadn’t met us, we would have more people than the Netherlands, three times more than we have today,” Vučić said.

He asked citizens to understand the complexity of everything happening around them, while understanding that responsibility is the key word for the present and the future of Serbia. “It is often a challenge for young people to always be against, to rebel. I want to thank all the young people for understanding that we only have one homeland, one country and no time for games. Elections are not games and the country is not a toy. It is not a question of whether someone speaks better or whether you like them better. The question is the work done, the commitments and rational thought”, he continued, addressing thousands of citizens.

“For us today, the situation is so serious that we don’t have time to deal with our political opponents. And we don’t even want to deal with them. When our Serbia is in danger, it is our sacred duty to protect our country and not to deal with our political adversaries. That is the difference between us and them. Some of them say that Serbia should join NATO. My answer is no. My answer is that Serbia is a free and militarily neutral country,” stressed the Serbian President.

According to him, the Serbs will keep their country and their skies themselves. “It is our job and our duty to forgive, but it is also our duty not to forget. Not to mention Bojana Tošović, 11 months, killed at NATO in Merdara near Kuršumlija, nor the little Milica Rakić whom they killed in Batajnica, nor little Sanja Milenković whom they killed in Varvarin. We must not forget those children. We will always be free enough to protect our own country. We are and will be much, much, much stronger than “at a time when these irresponsible, arrogant and vain people were bombarding us and carrying out aggression against our country. Serbia must develop, think about its economy and think about its citizens,” Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić added in a speech .

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author: Radim Panenka

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