My friend’s wife contacted me. Should I trust him? – Dá

Dita was happy with her companion before his wife called him. Since then, he doubts the Libor and does not know what to do. Should she trust him?

“Hello, Dita, maybe you should know that Libor has been married for thirty years. He probably didn’t brag about it much, did he? It wouldn’t be the first time, you’re just the following in a long line of his acquaintances, which is probably not a pleasant discovery for you. He won’t be different anymore, I’m used to it, but you should find someone more promising, you’re still young. Libor will never leave his family, and he’s had dozens of opportunities!” a loud female voice told me on the phone a week ago.

I had no idea how to react. Libor and I had known each other for four months. When we met, he pretended to be divorced. It is said that the fact that he met me only strengthened his resolve. His wife is said to be a mad manipulator and he’s been wanting a divorce for over a decade.

According to him, his “papers” were filled out several times and once filed, but in the end he withdrew everything. “Lidunka” would have forced it. Even now, he puts a lot of pressure on him and blackmails him in various ways and threatens to take it all down. Libor does not want to stay with her. He told me that it had helped him a lot when he had met me, I had given him the strength and the determination to catch up.

Libor is ten years older than me, we met at a teambuilding event – me as a climbing instructor, he organized the event for his employees. Libor still has a small manufacturing business with two partners. All three gentlemen are athletic and once a year “torture” their subordinates with a joint sports-alcohol weekend.

The second part is especially appreciated by employees, where the sports educators do not order, but the tap, the barrel of beer and at least one poor pig. Similar events are nothing special for me, we organize them often.

It was not uncommon for someone to “chase” me during such an event. But Libor was something else, he was very attractive to me, so I gave him a chance. So not just that weekend, we just had a look there, but after coming back. We met to drink wine in a restaurant.

The sparks that jumped between us when we first met in solitude could light up even a tablecloth and a dry flower on the table. It was a ride! I’ve never experienced anything like it, and I’m not twenty years old and I’ve always had younger partners! Libor and I got along very well in all areas, we both felt like we had known each other for years. I think we said things to each other that we had never said out loud before.

Very soon we also talked about a common future, because I lived in the fact that Libor divorced. According to him, it had nothing to do with me – which he emphasized a lot. He didn’t want me to feel guilty. He only explained the reasons for the divorce after my insistence. He obviously didn’t want to talk about the ugly woman, but from everything he said, a lot of ugly stuff leaked out.

His mistress seemed to be a great manipulator – she controlled the children, Libor and her parents. She pulled the ropes so hard that their two daughters literally ran away from home a year ago! I am convinced that my friend could not have made this up, as he had given me several reports from my eldest daughter which indicated how desperate she was by her mother’s behavior.

After his mistress called me, I didn’t tell my friend about it for several days. I was shocked and also started to doubt my friend a bit. Who should I trust? What if she was right and her boyfriend was a master of deception? How do I know which of the two to trust?

Of course, I consulted my closest friends and we agreed that it is basically not possible to reverse the two. We trusted my friend more, the lady on the phone seemed really unfriendly, but what if I burned myself painfully again? It wouldn’t be the first time, after all, I’m alone with my son. I’m just unlucky with men.

In the end, I decided to tell my friend everything, and by “I mean” I mean my doubts and my fears. “Dito, she knows she’s losing me for not wanting to be with her for years no matter what happens to both of us. So at least he wants to deny me, spoil it, hurt me and sow mistrust in you. Please believe me, don’t let her drive a wedge between us!” my friend asked.

But when asked how the divorce petition was progressing, it turned out he hadn’t sent it in yet! Lidunka allegedly started threatening to deprive him of everything, hired a well-known lawyer and sent girls against Libor. They wouldn’t have taken his crust. So he consults with various lawyers and looks for ways to get through everything with as little loss as possible.

On the one hand, I am able to understand and trust him, on the other, I wonder if what Lidunka told me on the phone is not true. But how to check it? My intuition is silent and I’m on edge again. Several times already!

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