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Šándor admitted that the number of interviews has overwhelmed him in recent days, among other things he comments on the situation in Slovakia. As for the media, he noted that they no longer believed that they would be a guarantee of democracy if they ever did. “In some media, you see that the editors, who are not stupid and also know a lot about things, project their way of seeing life and their way of seeing the problem. I don’t think many of them them can, which we should all be able to do, put the heart and the brain in the right relationship”, concludes the general.

He noted that the crisis seems as bad as the “media”. He recalled how CNN reported on Bosnia and Herzegovina in the 1990s. “They played very hard. Today Bosnia is maybe on the brink of conflict and nobody plays because nobody don’t care, no one is there, so it’s not playing,” he said, adding that the problem in the Czech media is that there are few people. in them who would they specialize in a subject.

In this regard, he mentioned the public service media, where he pointed out that they came to inform objectively, and that it was up to them to decide what people should think about things. Some would have failed, especially during covid, when they “mixed the mainstream” and released it “in a brutal and scary way”. “The result is a lot of scared people, a divided society, people are bad, fanatically hateful, and Putin has come to us,” Sandor said. Instead of Czech society taking a break, there was another crisis. He added that both crises have a common fear that people are not in control of their lives.

As for the origin of the crisis, Šandor is at the origin of the fact that it is the efforts of the United States to pull Ukraine out of Russian orbit. “If we were reasonable and left Ukraine neutral, tried to be economically stable and truly independent, we probably wouldn’t see any conflict,” he said. “There is nothing the United States can do about this crisis and the consequences and the burdens will be borne by Europe. I was surprised to see how much Europe jumped on this narrative from the United States, to how quickly she accepted this pressure and did not think that we would bear the consequences,” he continued. He noted that in 1994 it was promised that Ukraine would be protected for the surrender of the nuclear weapons, but in reality everyone said that the problem was solved and they had spat out Ukraine.

“No Russian president could keep up the pressure. It doesn’t matter whether there is Putin or Yeltsin or anyone else. Therefore, today’s debate on whether Shoigu will remove Putin makes no sense. What would happen? Shoigu will remove Putin and there will be what? Will heaven be on earth, will Russia change, send Ukraine to the European Union and in NATO? This is nonsense, a fundamental misunderstanding,” he blasted those who speculate on the downfall of the Russian president. He added that he did not claim that Russia should militarily control the ‘Ukraine.

He said if NATO is defensive but still moving east, Russia must ask why. He recalled that NATO would not extend to East Germany. “He sees that we bombed Serbia in 1999 without a UN Security Council decision. In 2001 we flew to Afghanistan without a UN Security Council decision. The invasion of the Iraq in 2003, again without a UN Security Council decision, because we did not like Saddam Hussein We ourselves helped dismantle the international order we painstakingly built following the World War II. We took it apart ourselves. There are more of these examples, there is no point in repeating them, Libya, Syria and others, “he explained how he sees the behavior of the West and NATO in Russia over the past 30 years.

Some of the Russians’ demands are then legitimate, he added, adding that Putin cannot enforce them by bombing and killing people. “But that’s how they think in Russia. And if Putin is coming up with the narrative that he has to liberate Ukraine from Nazis and fascists, then Russians understand that well, as part of their historical experience,” he said, noting that the far right exists in every country. According to him, the policy towards Russia was too contemptuous. ‘US effort to weaken Russia via Ukraine will be taken away from us,’ he said, drawing attention to rising gas prices and adding that we would always be ‘surprised’ by prices Americans. He said the conflict would mean a paradigm shift, as distrust between the parties would persist after him.

The host recalled Václav Havel’s statement in Washington that if Europe needs help, Russia needs help. Šándor countered that aid to the Czech Republic has ended so that seven of the nine food chains in the Czech Republic are now in Western hands, what Czechs eat is decided elsewhere, gas has been sold to the Germans, the water to the French. “Putin didn’t envision helping the West sell Russian gas and oil and make money. (He imagined) they were smart enough and would sell and make money on it he said, adding that Putin had put a stop to that.

He also recalled Vladimir Putin’s statement on the end of the Soviet Union as a political catastrophe and added important context, which Putin also referred to at the time as a catastrophe as 25 million Russians remained outside the Russian Federation and 50% of the economy. invested in the Soviet Union.

According to him, the fact that Russia does not want to have countries that are hostile to it and have access to weapons of mass destruction does not mean that it wants to return to the Soviet Union. He also raised the possibility of the Russians returning to the Czech Republic. “What would they be doing here? After all, they were happy to leave here in 1989, because it was unsustainable,” he replied, asking another, how they were to continue west with the army, which currently has not much success in Ukraine.

According to the general, aid to Russia was supposed to take into account its security interests. At the same time, do not allow Russia to take what it wants by force.

Sandor then returned to the media and said there was a war of disinformation on both sides. “And let’s not have the illusion that only Russians are driving it, that’s not true,” he said, adding that hardly anyone was there, Russian channels were “knowingly” turned off in the Republic Czech if anyone wanted to know how they see things in Russia. , and the media repeats the predominantly Ukrainian narrative. And those who try to assess the situation follow what is said in the media.

“Everything floats on the surface. And when I hear the assessment of the strategic role of the Russian army by the boys who have reached the maximum rank of ensign, I think to myself, where the hell do these boys take scholarship to assess Russian strategy and operational art,” he said. , adding that the media inflation of information and the inflation of opinions, which is a consequence of the fact that information runs essentially 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. According to him, it would be enough to inform less. “People also have a right to hear something else. Some of the poor people who sewed their pants to a chair must be living a terrible life,” he said.

As for Czech politics, he was pleasantly surprised by the quick reaction to the wave of refugees, on the contrary, he does not consider it a logical question why refugees flee in “nice clothes”. As for arms supplies, he says they are prolonging the conflict, but not sending anything would be a resignation, so the government understands in this regard. “I’m a bit embarrassed by the harsh anti-Soviet and anti-Russian sentiment here. Because Russia won’t go away, Russia will be there. And we’ve taken the lead in the countries that have the most radical views on Russia,” he said.

And he noted that the Czechs surprisingly quickly forgave 360,000 dead during the Second World War, but they were never able to cope with the year 1968, which was a very bad event in the development of the Czechoslovakia.

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