Hertl: I’m very happy with how it all went, but I’m also happy it’s over

Updates: 17.03.2022 12:46

San Jose (USA) – Hockey player Tomas Hertl is thrilled that his NHL home will stay in San Jose for a long time thanks to a new contract. At the same time, it’s a relief for him to have all the negotiations behind him. With the signing of an eight-year contract with a total income of 65.1 million dollars, a period of uncertainty has come to an end for him and he is happy to be able to fully and exclusively focus on hockey.

Hertl, who has become a key manager for the team, could become an unprotected free agent after the season. He could therefore choose from the offers of all the clubs. In advance, however, he put an end to longer-running speculation about a possible trade or departure.

“Of course I’m very happy and happy that it happened like this and I can be a Shark for another eight years. Eight years is a long contract. I wouldn’t expect to sign such a long contract. But it’s I want to show that I can be “even better and even more useful in bringing San Jose back to the playoffs. It’s an honor to be in this team for so long and I really appreciate it,” Hertl said in a recording provided by Sport Invest, which represents him.

But he is also happy to leave behind a period of speculation that has intensified recently. The place of a possible exchange and a starting solution to another club is now quite clear as to the future.

“I’m not going to lie, I’ve had a lot on my mind. There’s been a lot of talk and a lot has happened over the last few months. My name was, everywhere I looked, journalists told me also asked about it … I was thinking about everything “I didn’t know exactly what and how it would be until the last moment,” Hertl admitted.

“I would be lying if I said that I always threw it behind my head. Even if you didn’t want it, it bothered him. But now I can sleep in peace and just focus on hockey to be the leader that San Jose wants, “And what I want to be myself,” Hertl said.

He discussed all options with the agents representing him. He also faced a difficult situation with his family and his older brother Jaroslav, a former defender.

“I didn’t know what might happen, how badly the Sharks would want me and what they were going to offer. I was wondering if they might want to go the other way. You had to have that in mind, but after having spoken to “It hasn’t been resolved this season, more recently. We had a lot of fun and they wanted me to stay. I’m very happy that it turned out like this in the end,” Hertl said.

It was the talks he had with the club that seemed to play an important role in his decision-making. “We’ve talked about everything around us. We’ve talked a lot about bringing San Jose back to the top teams. The owner doesn’t want to do any major redevelopment of the team, even though it’s clear to him that something needs to happen. change a bit. He wants it sooner rather than later, but the vision is definitely there to get the Sharks going again.”

He stayed despite the fact that he might be tempted by the prospect of leaving for a stronger paper team with the possibility of winning the Stanley Cup. Will she see him in Sharks? “It’s very hard to say. It takes luck to win the Stanley Cup. You can go to a team that will be eliminated right away. And you don’t know if they would want it just for the playoffs or would sign another contract with him. . the decision was difficult,” Hertl said.

“Of course, the last few years in San Jose haven’t been completely rosy, but I think this season is better than before. We’ve beaten a lot of top teams. And I think if you add a few important items, it’s “is missing, everything can happen again. I think we are not far from returning to the playoffs, but it also takes a bit of luck and we have had to face a number of obstacles in recent years”, did he declare.

In agreement with the current employer, he also pleased his wife Aneta. “Although we were ready for a possible change, I am also happy because of the family that we are staying in the same place. We have a little son (Tobias), in the future we may have a second child. We have a lot of friends outside of hockey and it’s a great environment for family life,” Hertl said.

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