Help Ukraine: reciting the little ones will help suffering children

The idea came from director and actress Radka Tesárková (51), who is the founder of the theatrical ensemble Ty-já-tr and at the same time lecturer ZUŠ Prague 7 in Šimáčkov in the street. “Like any Czech I have acquaintances who come from Ukraine. Moreover, it is a Slavic country that is close to us in terms of thought and culture,” says Radka, which led her to the spontaneous idea of ​​public recitation of charity.

Spontaneous idea

The idea of ​​organizing a charity event came to him over the weekend, when the world was just recovering from shock, caused by Russian troops. Radka also reacted to the news that the Russians had crossed the borders of sovereign Ukraine. “I have never she wasn’t even worried about such a situation happening. “It never occurred to me in my life that I would go through this,” she said.

Help (not only) poetry

When she saw the wave of empathy in the Czech Republic caused by the suffering of the Ukrainian people, she thought that would also help. It occurred to him public charity performance by members of the Ty-já-tr theater ensemble, which conducts, recites poems by well-known Czech and foreign authors. Poems or texts by Jiří Žáček (76), Jiří Wolker († 23), Emily Dickinsová († 55) or Václav Havel († 75) will be heard on Thursday, March 3 at 7:30 p.m. at the Letka club in Holešovice. “It won’t be poetry in the eveningRadka says.

“Not only does the symbolic representation of the authors whose works we will recite also have a of the most classic Ukrainian poets Taras Shevchenko († 47), “mentioned Radek the poet, who is considered Ukrainian cultural revivalists and Language. Other authors will also be cited.

According to her estimates, she can enter the club 60 to 80 listeners. The whole idea is then based on voluntary admissionwhich will be donated to those in need. “If the event turns out to be a success, it cannot be ruled out that we would like to help specific schools or children, for example,” says Radka.

“People can easily donate 10 CZK”, Radka does not hide that even smaller amounts can help. “Even CZK 10 can be a tangible budget hit for someone, like the elderly. But of course, the more there are, the happier we are, the greater the help. And why in the form of recitation?

“We have been reciting with the children of the theater troupe practically since the beginning of the year. It is something that is close to them now, ”explains Radka. “At the same time it is about the help of which children are capable. We cannot expect them and adults to donate funds, medicine or other items, for examplerequired at borders. The most important thing is that the children themselves want to help that they are not indifferent to the current situation. »

The convicts want to correct and amuse.  Radka (50) and Monika (34) do theater in prison

Children and seniors

When Radka confided her idea in the form of a text message to older, already teenage charges of the set in the form of a text message, she was surprised and moved by the reactions. “Students wrote enthusiastically over the weekend, “She’s happy. “The younger ones had to wait for their parents to say so. But they also accepted. »

In total, they will gather in the church on Thursday 20 reciters, including Radka Tesárková. They are amazed by the diversity of ages. “The youngest reciter is 6 years old, the oldest is 88 years old“says Radka. Where do senior children come from? On the one hand, also out of solidarity, but also within the framework of the cooperation that is being set up between the School of Art in Prague 7 and the Academy of Culture and Arts for the Elderly. from Prague.

Director and actress Radka Tesárková has been working with children for many years.  As part of the teaching of drama, they teach them to act, to recite, to perform in front of an audience, etc.  In the form of a dramatic performance, she also decided to support Ukraine, which was in the grip of the Russian invasion. Director and actress Radka Tesárková has been working with children for many years. As part of the teaching of drama, they teach them to act, to recite, to perform in front of an audience, etc. In the form of a dramatic performance, she also decided to support Ukraine, which was in the grip of the Russian invasion. | Private archives of Radka and Petr Tesárek

The effects of the war on Prague youth

Since Radka has been working in ZUŠ and teaching children for a long time, she and her husband Petr Tesárek (47) have organized various shows for sick or abandoned children, as well as for those who live abroad, he also perceives in Prague the moods of children caused by the war. “It can’t be escaped” He perceives.

Radka and Petr perform theater for Czech children abroad: they present

“We find teenagers confused because, for example, they have friends among the Russians who don’t approve of the invasion at all,” Radka says. “In 3rd year, there was a fight between pupils of Ukrainian and Russian origin. As teachers, we try to explain to them that this is not the case. And in CE2, on the other hand, I I met a student who is interested in war in an unusual way, but that’s because he doesn’t know her at all. He’s never known her, he can’t imagine her, so he wants to talk about her often, and at the same time with a childlike naivety. There are more children of this kind, ”he concludes.

Or: Club Letka – Letohradska 44 – Prague 7.
When: March 3, 2022 at 7:30 p.m.
Admission: Voluntary – all proceeds will then be donated to People in Need to support Ukraine.

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