Fraudulent phone calls: Jiří (89) from Králova Dvůr arrived for the second time

According to Mr. Dynter, the phone call was initiated by an operator who told him that he had an overpayment of 26,900 CZK in their company. “I thought maybe it had something to do with the winnings I should have won before,” describes his irreparable credibility Jiří Dynter. So he decided to “empty” part of the promised money and ordered a shipment of vitamins.

But the delivery guy wanted money for the package that arrived! “I was a little confused, I paid because they sent it to my wife.” he says. There were 30 tablets in the package without instructions. “They promised a lot more over the phone and gifts to buy,” says senior. For a package marked Artroser, he gave CZK 1,690-1,500 for medicine and 190 crowns for cash on delivery. “I was really convinced that everything would pay off thanks to some sort of overpayment”, he says.

He tried to return the shipment, but the recipient did not accept it. With another fraud he fell victim to, he turned to the Lightning Ombudsman just to warn others. For the first time, he now promised reporter Blesk that he would be careful. And maybe he will end up believing his wife, who says: “See Grandpa, I told you no one would give you anything for free today.”

Tomas F. was sentenced to 25 years in prison for the murder of elderly people in a villa in Bubeneč.  He changed his resignation several times during the trial.

Medicines in the mail? Do not do it

Mr. Dynter’s story is not just a scoundrel game, it can be dangerous to your health. The eldest ordered some medicine which he had no idea what it was and what it was for. Moreover, according to information from Blesk, the State Institute for Drug Control (SÚKL) already has Artroser pills in its sights.

“We have already investigated Artroser for the Pharmaceuticals Act. Due to the fact that it was not possible to obtain the basis for the evaluation of this product, we placed this product on November 9, 2020 on the list of websites with illegal offers of unapproved products, which lists products that we do not recommend to buy, “ informed Blesk, SÚKL spokeswoman Klára Brunclíková.

Who sent the shipment?

The eldest has no recollection of who called Mr. Dynter. The company Cabroz, FHB Group with the address Drčkova 3, Brno is mentioned as the sender of the consignment. However, the FHB Group website indicates that it only provides storage, packaging and delivery of shipments – among others, probably the Cabroz company, which has a very poor rating from like-minded consumers.

Instead of 800 crowns for the sale of dog stairs, a woman from the Vyškov region sent more than 600,000 crowns to fraudsters.

Lightning Ombudsman: “Blacksmiths” Time Records

According to Ombudsman Blesk, the current situation, always associated with the coronavirus pandemic, is played by Msgr. Lukáš Zelený in the so-called blacksmiths. “They abuse people’s trust and the range of tools they use to do so is really wide.” rates Green.

As the Ombudsman has repeatedly warned Blesk, a phone call is enough, consent to the sending of a gift, for example in the form of a coin, medal, razor or amulet, and the person in question waits a regular supply.

“At other times, the trader tries to make the merchandise promise that it is a test item, or other miscellaneous dubious claims, such as the possibility of payment from a overpayment, as was the case with Mr. Dynter. It is important to realize that the purpose of retailers is not to give customers, but to make them customers.” continue Green.

Residents of Vrbičany in the Litoměřice region are desperate for limestone extraction from a nearby quarry.

Food supplements

Currently, traders also offer “miracle” dietary supplements, for which they claim various therapeutic effects. “Dietary supplements are legally foods and therefore cannot be attributed therapeutic or preventive effects. Sellers are breaking the law by deceiving because they engage in prohibited unfair trade practices.” emphasizes Lukáš Zelený again.

1 year and 14 days for return

If the contract was concluded by telephone, it is possible to withdraw within 14 days of receipt of the goods, i.e. to return the goods and demand a refund. “This period is further extended by a period during which the consumer has not been duly informed of his rights by the trader, up to a maximum of one year. » advises the Lightning Ombudsman that while there is some defense, it is best to learn to reject such offers right away.

“Rescinding the contract is difficult if the seller makes a dead beetle and does not respond to the returned letter or shipment. This will also be the case for Mr. Dynter, who will then have no choice but to go to court. “ advises Green.

Mrs. Vetkovská decided to send back the amount of 780 crowns, which she gave to other cats in need of help.

WARNING! CHANGE OF LAW! The end of telephone fraud?

In January this year, the amendment to the Electronic Communications Act strengthened consumer protection, which, among other things, solves the problem of annoying marketing calls.

“As of July 1, the seller can only call you with a marketing call or an offer if you have given your prior consent or if there is another legal reason to do so.” advises Lukáš Zelený, stating that it would be naïve to hope for an end to mischief practices. “It is very important that each of us is properly careful, now and in the future.” adds Green.

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A pair of fraudsters collected a payment card for an elderly person (74 years old) in Brno and withdrew 45,000 crowns from it.

A pair of fraudsters collected a payment card for an elderly person (74 years old) in Brno and withdrew 45,000 crowns from it. PER

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