Conflict is irrelevant, Chinese President Si tells Biden

Updates: 03/18/2022 22:07

BEIJING/Washington — Chinese President Xi Jinping told US President Joe Biden in a video call today that conflicts and clashes such as the events in Ukraine are irrelevant. In reference to Chinese state media, Reuters reported. According to the Chinese president, China and the United States should lead their bilateral relations in the right direction, and the two countries should also shoulder their international responsibility and work for world peace. According to the White House, Biden described to the Chinese president what “the consequences would be for Chinese material support for Russia, which is brutally attacking Ukrainian cities and civilians.”

He told the White House chief that interstate relations could not turn into confrontation. According to him, conflicts and confrontations have no interest. The Chinese president also noted that “the crisis in Ukraine is something we don’t want to see.”

“As permanent members of the UN Security Council and as the world’s two largest economies, we have a duty not only to steer China-US relations in the right direction, but also to shoulder our responsibilities. international organizations and to strive for peace and tranquility in the world,” Si said. He identified “continuing dialogue and negotiations, avoiding civilian casualties, preventing a humanitarian crisis, ending the fighting and war as soon as possible” as his top priorities when it comes to Ukraine. According to Japan’s Kyodo news agency, he also told Biden that China does not agree with sanctions on Russia and that he hoped there would be no second cold war.

The conversation between the two leaders lasted nearly two hours. According to the White House, Biden described to the Chinese president what the consequences of Chinese material support for Russia would be. The White House said it still fears China might decide to support Russia militarily and said it would follow that example.

The US official, who briefed reporters on the content of the call, said the interview was “direct, factual and detailed”, Reuters reports. According to the same source, Biden told the Chinese president that China will suffer consequences not only from the United States but also from the rest of the world if Russia materially supports the war in Ukraine. “We will see what decisions China makes in the days and weeks to come,” the official said.

US Deputy Foreign Secretary Wendy Sherman said today that China should be on the right side of history and should not relieve Russia financially or otherwise.

The phone call from the presidents was also about Taiwan. Beijing considers Taiwan its rebel province and has stepped up military activity near the island. This has raised fears in Washington and Taipei that Beijing may choose to follow Russia’s lead and use military force against Taiwan, Reuters reports. According to US official Sio, Biden reiterated that US support for Taiwan remains rock solid. He warned, according to Kyodo, that “failure to resolve the Taiwan issue would have a disruptive impact on bilateral relations.”

China presents itself as a neutral actor in the Ukrainian crisis; she refused to condemn Russia for the invasion, but at the same time did not actively support Russian aggression in Ukraine. According to US intelligence, to which US media refer, Moscow has in recent days asked Beijing for financial and military assistance. Chinese officials called it disinformation.

the Web Politics today, referring to an unnamed senior EU official, he wrote that EU leaders had “very credible evidence” that China was considering providing military assistance to Russia. He did not specify what specific assistance Moscow was requesting. “We are concerned that China is flirting with the Russians,” the source said. If Beijing grants Russia’s request, the EU says the EU is ready to impose trade barriers on China because “it’s the only language Beijing understands.” According to the Politico website, it is unclear whether the EU official’s claim was based on information from US intelligence services or intelligence from EU member states.

Putin and his Chinese counterpart announced a major strategic partnership in Beijing to counter US influence ahead of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. They said their countries would have “no ‘prohibited’ areas of cooperation”.

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