Being fifth out of six is ​​a bad calling card, admits futsal coach Amoru Štrublík

Pretty boring. Being fifth out of six is ​​a bad business card. We didn’t manage to reach our pre-season goals at all. I’m sorry for our spectators and our sponsors, but sporting life goes on, so I hope next year will be more successful.

The goal was to fight for first place. Can you briefly state the main reasons why it failed?

Yes, we had set ourselves the objective of first place before the season and I think there was no reason to have less ambition. Nobody left the team except the long-injured Sebastian Pally, and on the contrary, they managed to strengthen themselves significantly. But assumptions on paper are one thing and the reality on the ground is another. I would see the main reasons in player satisfaction, much less in responsibility. The boys just weren’t as passionate as they should have been. Then problems arose unnecessarily and the cabin stopped working properly.

Do you dare to estimate your own share?

I have one, and a big one. When the boys didn’t do what I wanted, I was pissed off and not exactly the nicest. And it didn’t look good. So the error is on both sides. Unfortunately, or quite simply, I would like a completely different approach and work with ambitious players, for whom the 1st league will be the main sporting motivation and not just an add-on. From the way they worked together throughout our first season together, I thought they would work even harder and the financial motivation would increase it. But this, unfortunately, did not happen.

How far was it to reach the goal? Based on the overall results, the opponents do not appear to be significantly better.

Yes, taken like that, it really wasn’t that far. The games were equal and it was enough to win twice instead of losing a goal, for example, and it could be completely different. But they are so. We ruined everything and there’s no point in finding excuses. But the opponents were certainly not better in terms of games. It was the mindset that decided, and there we fell significantly behind this year.

Cupid did not spare the weakened winner of the second league. He scored thirteen goals in Olomouc

Is there at least something you would commend your charges for? Were there players who met your expectations? On the contrary, what bothered you the most?

True, in September and October it started promisingly. It worked very well there, except for the first half performance on Baník. The September practices in particular were of good quality and the boys looked good. I don’t know what is behind such a big change. Probably not very good results, because otherwise I can’t explain it. The fall was crazy. After all, you can’t stop working after a few failures and do what you want. I could still congratulate them, until February, for a fairly decent participation in training, because I know how difficult it is for them to reconcile personal life, football and futsal. I have already mentioned what bothered me the most, but there are many more things and it is unnecessary to mention them all. Unfortunately, no team axis has been created. Those who had to succeed were out of form most of the season. So, if I have to mention someone who made me happy, it’s our three goalkeepers Josef Buriánek, Marek Vrba and Tadeáš Tesáček. And with few exceptions, Lukáš Obruča and Milan Ševčík met their domain on the pitch.

What does this season mean for the next? This question is probably premature, but will Amor stay in the effort to advance to the I. league?

The basis is to take it all in stride and be passionate about it. Then we can move somewhere. Without it, it will only be stagnation and a waste of time and money for the club. After a meeting with management in the near future, we will clarify what to do next. If we decide to continue, I have to form a new team that will want to work again and that will respect me and the interests of the club. I’ve been saying for a long time that it doesn’t make sense to play in the second division without the motivation to go to the first. This competition is the worst in this respect. It’s just an expensive affair to just play it, especially not to go down and have fun with it. You can have a lot less fun in the division. It’s something else in the Premier League. It’s even more expensive there, but there are factors that already make sense to play there. The best players from all over the country, televised matches, the opportunity to appear and be part of a professional team, a better chance of getting more sponsors for the club and more and more.

Already during the competition you had indicated that there could be a change or an addition to the coaching position…

Unless the club president fires me (to laugh) so I stay and try to put it together and start it one more time. I had a plan with a Brazilian coach who had done three training sessions with us to do the job with me. But it does not look good on administrative issues with his transfer to us. So I don’t see it too rosy. We’ll see how it goes but I wish I had someone, because it’s not easy to pull off on its own, and most importantly, it’s not even optimal. But let me ask you about the positives of the season to conclude by thanking our fans and sponsors and all the people who deal with or move around our club. It’s the positive. I would very much like them to continue to support us and I would like to promise them that they will see Cupid’s futsal better from October than this year!

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