Am I weird when I have weird interests?

I have “strange” interests

Hi Mourrison, I would like to confirm if I am weird or not. From the way people look at me, I think I’m weird. My hobbies, what interests me, the way I express myself and behave in society, can and can seem strange to people. People who are in closer contact with me would prefer to join me if I could tell them more about myself than necessary. I know this because my own mother, who I live with and scare her, avoids me (which she has told me a few times in retrospect). To be a little more specific, she’s terrified of my interests and my behavior as if I were a psychopath. I love guns, WWII, I’m very into gore, surgery, autopsy and much more acts of violence and death like slaughterhouses. However, I also really like dark humor, which is a problem because sometimes I make terrible jokes, even if it’s not really appropriate. My mother is mostly bothered by the fact that we sleep in the same room and not seeing her most of the day (work, school, etc.) I want to talk to her at least that evening, but I don’t have much to say because she no longer has the strength to answer the classic questions, so they start talking about what interests me and what I saw. I can describe and analyze events in great detail, so I was able to describe VERY very well, for example, a video of a cow in a slaughterhouse, or when I asked him, “Do you know how dogs are killed in China? ‘ and she said ‘no, I don’t know’, I described her in every way, then I found her and tried to show her the video. It’s an example that scares her What scares her the most is that I smile more than enough and my voice turns into supposedly, as she says, quite evil and scary. I’m also interested in the Holocaust, I like to draw pictures containing blood, death, organs and mental pain I am an introverted person, around more people than I can bear to be without a word, just giving short answers to questions. I am afraid that if they knew all my interests, they would send me directly to Chocholoušek. Even here I did not say the interests which are considered, according to the family, as the worst. J I have two girlfriends, but I don’t see them much, because we each go to a different high school. From my school, I don’t have much fun with anyone, and I prefer to stay at side than with them. I have pretty off-kilter boundaries on what I consider normal and what I no longer take as normal. Part of it probably has to do with the environment I ‘grew up’ in, as a kid I had the kind of questions like, ‘Isn’t it normal for them to argue and yell at home? ” “Why do people care if a family member takes *gy?”,, You weren’t at the bar with your parents from morning till night on the weekend? “We’d find more, but as an elder i understood that it wasn’t and no it’s wrong. but i always normalized it in my subconscious. do you think it’s all connected? i never been to a psychologist, even though I have nightmares and can’t really tell reality from a dream. People often ask me who I talked to? When I was alone there. And sometimes he seems like someone is at peace with me but when i look at this place there is no one there and i am terribly paranoid i am quite anxious and i can’t breathe or i can’t be happy so i I feel like I live behind glass. Am I weird or worse? The worst part is that I think I’m ordinary and relatively normal and my friend tells me that I’m nice, I can listen and give advice, she is just sorry that she can’t hug me because I hate contact and scare her sometimes. In elementary school, the other two bullied us, and I defended her and turned into a bit of a fighter, who likes revenge and likes the fear of others. However, my friend does not bother me, I would never reach the people I love. And in fact, the animals are also afraid of me! And it doesn’t matter if it’s a pet or a stranger, they’re always scared, barking or trying to get away from me. I apologize for such a long text, but I don’t think you can examine much from a few twigs. About the look – I only wear black clothes, high lace up boots, leather jacket whenever the weather permits. And of course a choker and a pair of earrings and ear piercings. Such a rock-punk-goth mix and I have short hair. Maybe that’s how I can find someone unsympathetic on first impression. They often mistake me for a boy, but that’s probably just because of my figure and my hair, and at the same time I don’t use a ton of makeup and things like that. I hope the whole description, almost to the word, is not very incomprehensible constantly adding new and unseen points. Oh let’s not forget I’m not a complete idiot either, according to the teachers I’ve always been more advanced for my age and my IQ is around 120 so hopefully not below the average. We took the test at school a few years ago and everyone took it.

To respond

Dear Anonymous, or Anonymous, I must assure you from the outset that you are completely normal and not strange. We are all original and each of us has been influenced and influenced by the environment in which we grew up. As you write, your interests are unconventional, but as I understand you are not hurting anyone, restricting anyone or harassing them, so you have full rights over them. Maybe they direct you to your future profession, such as veterinarians, detectives and others. I can sense from your letter that you are confused and a bit confused. You say you never went to see a psychologist. Try it. I recommend visiting him. You could say everything you wrote to me in front of him and get together to answer your questions. There is nothing wrong with that. On the contrary. To be able and able to understand others, we must first of all know and understand ourselves. And it is much more difficult. But if it works, it’s a gift. I would like you to write to me how you decided. Mourison

They say I’m weird

I’m probably weird

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