Wild Life Kodyma: Relationship with Rybová, a beautiful girl and a hospital!

  • February 26, 2022 ● 2:00 p.m.

    Singer Robert Kodym (55) was a female idol and female heartbreaker in his youth. Her long hair that fluttered around her head thanks to the fan, her bewitching gaze and her sexy movements on stage accelerated her heart rate. Plus, a genius lyricist and musician.

  • The musicians of the group Lucie confided for the first time how they lived sexually during their youth and their greatest glory. And that was not enough!

    At first it was tens, then hundreds, thousands, but it was too muchRobert Kodym bragged about Bleskwho did not hide that at the time of their greatest glory, alcohol and drugs were not foreign to them.

    The long-haired rocker dated supermodel Jarka Rytychová for a few years or actress Linda Rybováwho has three children with David Prachar.

    It was such a great love – at least if I speak for myself – we had been together for five years and we had a very domestic life. We were so “lucky” how young I was – I was eighteen and nineteen. (laughs) Just alone together. So we wanted it and we were happy. I went to the concerts of Wanastovky and at that time mainly Lucie, but I was always terribly ashamed and stood somewhere in the corner, ” she confided to the magazine Marianne Linda.

    Anyway, I have a photo from when Robert and I met that I absolutely love. I have long blonde hair, Robert has long black hair, we both have reflex eyes and we are holding a cigar. At that time, we were still crying and not sleeping, in fact, the beginning was a little sharp“, added the actress.

  • In 1995, the famous Rolling Stones band visited Prague and 120,000 enthusiasts visited Strahov in Prague. Lucie was the leader at the time.

    “I couldn’t sleep alone because of the Stouns a few nights before the gig. When I found out there was a chance to meet them, I wondered if I should sign a pick or a Fender Telecaster guitar. I was imagining everything they could give me, but in the end it all felt a bit awkward and I decided to bring a gift instead,” he told the magazine. Robert.

    I dedicated it to Keith Richards his best guitar Gibson Les Paul Custom, vintage 1975, and he has it today in his famous collection. Then Stune and I took pictures, and when I saw the pictures I thought I felt like my eyes were about to pop out of their sockets. I have an expression there that I would call hysterically happy. “

  • The most famous Czech group Lucie formed in 1987.”I know exactly what David will say about our acquaintance: “I saw Robert at the Slavia Café. He wore such a strange hairstyle then. He had nails like that on his head, and it seemed to me that he had to spend an hour in front of the mirror before going somewhere. I thought he must be a complete jerk,He told the magazine. Kodym.

  • After breaking up with Linda Rybová, Robert calmed down. For several years, no one knew that Kody had even gotten married. He and his wife Zuzana Tokárová said “yes” to each other after a two-year acquaintance and now they are raising their almost sixteen-year-old daughter, Amelia Anna.

    Although Robert Kodym watches over his private life, his daughter Amélie Anna starred in the legendary Teddy Bear video when she was a child. Now the group Lucie has covered it in its last act, in the clip for the song We Wanted to Fly.

    I liked the role, it was fun. It was not at all difficult for me to imitate my father. I brought my mother-in-law’s Les Paul guitar and my father’s hat to shoot. Sometimes she teaches me classic rock riffs,“reveals Amelia, who does not deny the image with her father. Full lips, long black hair and sexy moves while playing…

  • Robert Kodym is a big fan of monarchism. He himself can imagine that the Czech Republic would become a modern constitutional monarchy, because according to him, the Czechs have an ingrained monarchist feeling. He also expressed his opinion in the song “Where is the Czech King?”

    At the beginning of the new millennium, he even bought the castle of Bečváry near Kolín, which he gradually tried to rebuild. The predecessor was General Laudon, who received the Bečváry from Maria Theresa. Kodym is still rebuilding the castle.

    One of its 26 rooms has a recording studio. “Studio, director, rehearsal room, various warehouses, maintenance workshop, guest rooms also for musicians, it all works there, and we live there with three rooms plus a kitchenette”, does not hide the musician.

  • The Wanastowi Vjecy band was formed in March 1988 as a studio punk band to record songs for Vladislav Kvasnička’s documentary “To Get People Noticed”.

    They made their debut in September 1991 with the album So to me nandey, Ivan Polák sat behind the drums in the studio. The album was in the punk spirit, we still talked about WV as a studio band. A year later, however, the Eggs were on every corner – they released Lies, Sex and Money, turned away from punk to “more colorful music” and quickly found success.The songs Naked and The Collection of Withered Roses became hits.

    They are currently working in composition – Robert Kodym, Tomáš VarteckýŠtěpán Smetáček and Radek Havlíček.

  • Robert Kodym traded Sunday’s 55th birthday family celebration for a stay at the Červený Dvůr psychiatric hospital, which focuses on treating various addictions.

    However, colleagues from band Lucie, who are planning a tour this summer, had no idea of ​​her decision. “We have to see each other at the rehearsal about fourteen days before the first concert, and it’s somewhere in June. So I’m curious what Robert will look like,” said her Lucie teammate Michal Dvořák.

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