TOP 8 of the best books for children and teenagers. What did you read when you were younger?

A competition was recently held as part of the Reading Helps charity project, in which the public voted for the best book for children and young people. So let’s see which children’s titles are the most popular among readers.

About a remarkable project Reading helps we have already informed you about Let us briefly recall what its meaning is. The charity project, which started in April this year, aims to deepen interest in reading among children and young people and at the same time to familiarize them with the possibility of helping others through charity events.

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The project is intended for students in grades 3 to 9 of primary school and students in grades 1 to 3 of secondary school. Pupils will receive a virtual amount of fifty crowns for each book read from the given offer, and the money will then be donated to a specific charity. To date, since the start of the project, the children have managed to support 35 charitable projects and have distributed more than 3.2 million crowns to people in need.

The expert jury headed by President Zdeněk Svěrák nominated 40 book titles for children and adolescents in the categories 3rd to 5th grade and 6th to 9th grade of primary schools and 1st to 3rd grade of secondary schools. And it was among the titles nominated for the first two age categories of readers that the public chose the best children’s book in the poll for the best book for children and teenagers. Let’s see how the contest went and which titles will please the soul of the child the most.

The Bullerbyn children are the absolute winners

From 3rd to 5th class, they ranked first The Children of Bullerbyn by Swedish author Astrid Lindgren. The book was first published in 1946 and several generations grew up in it. Bullerbyn’s children received the most votes in the competition, regardless of category, so they become the overall winner of the poll for best children’s book. Through the captivating stories of six children from a small Swedish village, writer Astrid Lindgren shows children’s readers the importance of understanding, friendship, parental love and respect for old age in the human life.

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He finished in second place with about half of the popular vote Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by Joanne K. Rowling. A book full of spells known around the world tells the story of Harry Potter – a student of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, who experiences many unique adventures while studying.

Third place belongs to the book Patalia of Saint Nicholas French author René Goscinny. Patalia de Mikuláš is a hilarious story about an ordinary boy Mikuláš and his friends, who go to school, like to play and sometimes get angry, like all other children. In addition, the book will delight the reader with humorous illustrations.

Little prince with a fox

Grades 6-9 categories have two winners. Despite the complete diversity of genres, it ranked first Little Prince The French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and the book We kids at the zoo station. The book The Little Prince is a fantastic story about a prince who does not look at the world and the things around him, but listens to his heart. It is a deeply human story of the path to wisdom for children and adults.

The little prince and the brutal confession of drugs

The book My Children from the ZOO station is made up of reports based on the testimony of a fourteen-year-old German drug addict, Christian F. The book was first published in the 1980s and became a bestseller in the UK. ‘era. It is a very impressive and very frightening testimony to the life of drug addicts.

Another winning place in the category of high school students belongs to Jaroslav Foglar and his novel The mystery of the puzzle. Who does not know the story of the Fast Arrows moving through the mysterious neighborhood of Stínadla, in search of the circumstances of the mysterious death of Jan Tleskač and the strange puzzle called the hedgehog in the cage.

Also popular are Pippi’s Long Stocking and Hraničář’s Apprentice

Readers could also assign votes in the competition to books that were not nominated by the jury for forty titles, but which readers believe are also among the best. That’s why we also feature these books in our TOP eight best children’s books.

The class received the most votes outside of nominated titles in the 3rd through 5th categories Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren. The main heroine of the book is a distinctive girl Pippi with an unusual name, appearance, but also behavior. Pippi Long Stocking is a book in which we find mainly crazy ideas of the peculiar Fifi, a lot of imagination and a unique humor.

FIG: The Apprentice of the Frontier

Illustration on the cover of the book The Frontier’s Apprentice: The Ruins of Gorlan, Author: Paolo Barbieri

In addition to books nominated in the Grades 6-9 category, readers voted the most for the book series Ranger’s Apprentice by John Flanagan. It is the adventurous story of the boy Will, who learns an interesting borderline trade. A good border guard often means more to a kingdom than a strong warrior.

Did you find your favorite childhood title among the books listed above, or would you vote differently? I personally loved these two books by Astrid Lindgren. To this day, I remember reading the stories of the mischievous redhead girl Pippi late at night with a flashlight under the duvet. The winning books can also be the right holiday reading choice for your younger friends or siblings. So off to the library!

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