To four oaks, three willows, under a green roof – chapter 16.

“Brekekeke, brekekeke, it’s me, Vrbička, open Tydlifoun, or I’ll freeze here, well!
“Come on, Vrbička”, the fairy Květinka invited him and quickly started heating in the stove so that she could make division tea.
Tydlík sat Vrbička on a bench near the stove, but gave him a bucket of water to dip in.
“Brekekeke, brekeke, so I have good news for you, or did you hear, brekeke?”

“Well, neophytes, what’s got into you today, I don’t understand you at all? What news should we have heard about? »
“Tydlifonka, so let Vrbička drink hot tea and he will tell us,” Květinka said.
Vrbička inspired and said: “So imagine, brekekek, that all the animals want to leave the park of Šenov. Brekekeke.”
“Yeah, oops and why?” Tydlík asked.

To four oaks, three willows, under a green roof – chapter 15.

“And who told you that?” the fairy Květinka also asked hastily. ? ‘ Then lightning struck him once and it was over.”

“Brekekeke, and all the animals – Piluna beetle, ladybug and thermophile, spotted woodpecker, dove, cuckoo, titmouse, blackbird, nuthatch, flycatcher and squirrel, well, in short, everyone is afraid of him, so they decided to move of the park.”
“It was the beginning of the end of the beautiful park of Šenov,” sighed the elf Tydlifon, “but I don’t know what to do with it,” he added.
“Don’t worry, Vrbička,” Květinka stroked her green hair, “Tydlík will definitely find something. Now go home, take the dried tea division to Rákosnička and get up tomorrow night.”

“Brekeke, well, then,” Vrbička said, heading to his Kačok pond.
Tydlík and Květinka each went after their work, and before Tydlík went to the evening shift, the fairy Květinka told him: what happened where. And so maybe you’ll learn something too.”
Tydlík was not cold on the way to work, as his hands were playing with mittens that Květinka had knitted for him. Juzek, on the other hand, hurried as usual, so he punched until his teeth chattered.

Will Rákosnička marry a boatman?

To four oaks, three willows, under a green roof – chapter 14.

“My grandma told me to get dressed, because you’re going to get lost there, and yeah, I didn’t listen to her,” he later complained to Ferd. I think you knight of our castle who cursed the ghost. “”Old capi and the shit out of him”, the other miners started laughing.

And so the elf Tydlifonek learned nothing new. At home he told the fairy Květince and as soon as he got some sleep he ran to Kačok behind the boatman Vrbička.
He was already looking at Tydlík and called to him from afar: “Brekekeke, Tydlifoun, Tydlifoun, come quickly. Something happened to My Reed. The red-leaved beech has been in the Šenov park for almost three hundred years, and although it is no longer a sturdy tree, but a “shabby, hunched old man”, it will tell you certainly who is haunting the park and why. “
“Brekeke,” said boatman Vrbička, smiling at Rákosnička.

“Thank you,” Tydlík said, and on the way he told Vrbiček what he had learned from the miners in the shaft.
Before reaching Šenov Park, the sky lit up with a thousand bright stars and began to snow a little. Snowflakes fell softly to the ground and the snow crunched underfoot. When they arrived at the park, the squirrel Černilka greeted them from afar and also led them to the old beech tree. Tydlík and Vrbička held hands, hugged the beech tree and quietly listened to what the tree was beginning to tell them.

Vrbička and Tydlík were tormented by hornets.

To four oaks, three willows, under a green roof – chapter 13.

“Before, when I was still a small tree, it looked completely different here and a castle lord, who was a brave knight, liked to travel the world and brought a plant, flower or tree all over the place , and now he is angry because people want to cut down his beautiful trees – ashes, maples, hornbeams and warmed elms, and therefore always strikes the depths of our world’s oblivion at the midnight strike on the steeple of the church, look at their trees and scare away all the game,” says Beech and then nothing, not a word says more.

Tydlík and Vrbička looked at each other and went to sit on a bench in front of the church. At the stroke of midnight, a burly rider on a spirited horse suddenly appeared.
The elf Tydlifon bravely stood in his way, and when the horse stopped, the knight said, “I will punish you, cheeky little darebo, why do you interrupt my hour, drawing your sword, defending yourself.”

But Tydlík didn’t have a sword, so he just scratched his hair helplessly.
However, waterman Vrbička has already rushed to help.
“Brekeke, mighty sir, look”, and Vrbička banged his magic pipe three times, saying something, and suddenly all but all the trees and flowers bloomed with the most beautiful flowers with the most beautiful colors.

It was such a beauty that the reconciled knight smiled, gestured, and continued no further in the midnight park. Also, when people went to mass in the morning and saw “blossoming” trees covered in snow, they said it was a miracle and they would not destroy the park. And it was such a beauty that we talked about it for a long, long time. The animals thanked Tydlík and Vrbiček for saving their home, and the two returned home to their fairies in the morning blush.

In the next part you will learn how Tydlifon and Květinka celebrated Christmas. So don’t forget, tomorrow you can read another story about Tydlík with the children again on our website!

Mrs. Žofie Zejdová from Šenov sent us a fairy tale for her books “To four oaks, three willows, under a green roof” to our special Write Fairy Tales. “The main thing is that the children like it! I send a photo with Tydlifon, who had no choice but to greet you in person. Tydlík is also very worried and said to me: “Well, so that the ghost and everyone who reads this thing can understand what Ferd z Juzkym has done, because we will no longer understand the same as our shunov gizdi.” So I reassured him that everyone would surely understand the two or three sentences of our Šenov dialect,” said Žofie Zejdová.

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