The sad life of Stalin’s daughter: a cruel father and a party forbade her to love, marriages alternated with divorce, wealth and poverty

Somehow it might seem that Svetlana Allilyuyev could have lived like a baby. Everyone was afraid of his father, so no one would dare to attack him either. But her life since childhood has certainly not been a famous walk in the rose garden. While her father only thought about politics and how to silence his opponents, her mother did not want to give up her career. And so the nanny took care of Svetlana and her brother. It was a sure win for the children, as it seemed that she was a woman who really cared about them, and Svetlana kept in touch with her even as an adult.

The suicide of her mother marked the daughter

If a little girl could choose between her parents, she would certainly choose her mother’s company. Unfortunately, she lost this opportunity very quickly. Svetlana was only six years old when her mother Nadezhda Alliluyev committed suicide. However, this did not suit the prestige of the Soviet dictator, so according to official sources, she died of peritonitis. Whatever happened, one thing was certain – Svetlana only had her father left, and it was not won. His adult daughter described him as an insensitive, cold, rude and cruel man in her memorial book. Perhaps that is why she quickly sought the love of other men.

His father drove his first love to Siberia

Already in high school, Světlana fell in love with filmmaker Alexei Kapler with all her teenage heart. The relationship was very unequal. Kapler was of Jewish origin and, more (or rather mainly), twenty-two years older than Svetlana, then sixteen years old. To top it off, he already had a wife at home. Moreover, Světlana’s omnipotent father quickly found out about the relationship and resolved the delicate situation as best he could. Kapler was sentenced to five years of exile in 1943, and at the end of his sentence he was joined by another five years of hard labor in labor camps in northern Russia. The love soon ended.

The first marriage – and the father was no longer satisfied

Even though her father Kapler got rid of her, Svetlana did not intend to give up male companionship. A year after her conviction, she married her other acquaintance, a student Grigory Morozov. Like his previous friend, Morozov was of Jewish descent. The fact that Stalin never met her husband also testifies to the relationship between Světlana and her father. But that didn’t mean he couldn’t hate him. Svetlana’s first son, Joseph, was born from her marriage to Grigory, but the daughter of a Soviet leader divorced her father three years later, in 1947.

Stalin’s daughter lived her life in the United States

Another husband suited his father, but not Svetlana

Dad could probably approve of the other man she had found. It was Jurie Ždanov, the son of a close associate of Stalin. And so the still young Svetlana remarried two years after the first divorce, but soon another disappointment came. The couple’s daughter, Ekaterina, was born to the couple in a year, but Svetlana lived like in a stepmother’s prison, her husband was already listening to the word, that is, if politics allowed her to stay at home home for a few minutes.

Marriage for a few months

Even from the union with Yuri Ždanov, or rather with his mother, Světlana soon left so that later, in 1962, after Stalin’s death, she married the nephew of her father’s first wife. His name was Kato Svanidze, and this time the marriage did not last a year.

Her Indian husband was banished by the party

But Svetlana didn’t give up, so when she met Brajesh Singh in 1963, she fell in love again. But this time she was his chosen Indian and she was still the daughter not only of her father but also of his party. And she certainly did not want such a marriage. Thus, the couple lived without a marriage certificate, but even so, fate allowed them only three years together before Brajesh died. Svetlana was again left alone, but at least she was allowed to fly (for the first time in her life) from the Soviet Union to bury her friend where he was born – in India. But she never came home from there. She applied for asylum at the United States Embassy in Delhi, but left the children behind in the Soviet Union and lost contact with them for many years.

American exile caused embarrassment and brought more men

In America, his arrival provoked various reactions, ranging from welcome to fear that it was an action of the KGB. Thus, Svetlana lived for several years under the surveillance of the secret services, but it soon became clear that her opposition to the communist regime was real. She moved several times and after posting her memories of her former life, she became very secure. In 1970, she even married the architect William Peters and later, at the age of forty-five, gave birth to her third child, a daughter Olga. But the period of calm passed rather quickly, after three years another divorce and financial problems arose – perhaps because of his generous donation to charity, perhaps because of experiences with different religions and perhaps also because agriculture was not his forte.

Life tumbles to the end

So, years later, she decided to move again to another country, and this time she chose England, which did not turn out to be a happy choice. The months she spent in a homeless shelter convinced her that it was better to return to America. Just like when she tried to return to the Soviet Union two years later. She never resettled here and in 1986 she and her daughter moved permanently to the United States, where she also died in 2011.

Being the daughter of a dictator who has no idea what love and family are, even though he rules vast areas of the world, is definitely not honey. Svetlana’s life was definitely not happy. How will the lives of the daughters of current Russian dictator, military aggressor and architect of WWIII fears Vladimir Putin continue?

Source: en.wikipedia, Radio plus

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