The Plíšek sisters are celebrating their 30th birthday: have they changed them at maternity?

It’s bad luck! They spend half their lives side by side, and when their big day comes, they’re divided by eight
thousand kilometres… One is preparing for a prestigious tournament in Miami, the other is impatiently awaiting the birth of the first child in Prague. Tennis twins Karolína and Kristýna Plíšková. They are 30 years old today!

Thirty – what does this age mean to you? A step or just a number you don’t deal with?
“Probably nothing, I still feel the same. People say that at thirty a lot of things change, the body burns even more. (to laugh) But now the situation is a bit different, I will have a baby in a few months. This is the biggest step.”
Carolina: “Well, it’s been quite a few years… I’d rather have two there, it looks better, thirties sounds a bit old. (to laugh) Hopefully the next ten years will be as great as they were twenty to thirty. »

You spend your birthday separately. Do you mind?
Carolina: “Me.”
Christine: “If Kája were in the Czech Republic, we would have a little party, just the two of us and the boys. But we never put up with partying, not even when we were eighteen. I gave Kája a present ago long to have it in America for good luck, she gave it to me too, so we have a happy anniversary.”
Carolina: “We’ve been apart for a long time. We were mostly in Miami together, it’s a shame my sister isn’t here with me. Even if she still couldn’t let off steam while she was expecting a baby, it would be just more sedentary.”

Are you planning a party after Carolina gets back?
Christine: “We’ll probably meet his partners or at my house for dinner, games and a chat. Definitely not a party, I couldn’t drink.” (to laugh)
Carolina: “Exactly, I should go alone. I’m just going to celebrate in Miami without her…”

What were your childhood parties like? Did you receive the same gifts?
Carolina: “We each have our own gifts, that’s for sure.” (to laugh)
Christine: “Ours probably struggled, but it was all really one-on-one. When one has a sweatshirt, the other does too, just a different color. It was always the same presents – Christmas , birthdays and even a year, so it never happened that one felt aggrieved that the other had something more expensive, bigger or better.”
Carolina: “We’ve had different wishes over time, so it was probably hard work for my parents to come up with.”

Which cake do you prefer?
Christine: “Fruity flavor, strawberry or wild fruit. I don’t like chocolate and dense things.”
Carolina: “Me neither. I actually can’t stand cakes, we’re both sweeter, but when it’s so fruity, nothing too sweet. And lots of candles!” Christine: “Uh, I’ve never had candles, maybe one…”

Do you remember the best birthday present?
Carolina: “There were many of them! From my sister, from Miša, from her parents. I chose a handbag this year.”
Christine: “I don’t want to offend all the gifts I’ve ever received. Some are completely great, some are practical, some are experiential. David gives me beautiful gifts, Kája is completely unreal, he always hits. And the great charm is in the gifts my parents give me, for example.”

You both managed to get married, Kristýna is also pregnant. As a teenager, did you imagine it would look like this for you in your thirties?
Christine: “Well, two or three years ago, it took a good turn for me to be independent. (to laugh) I’m happy with that, I would say it’s my happiest time, even though I miss tennis and I intend to come back. But I’m glad so much happened in thirty.”
Carolina: “Well, my sister managed to marry closely, I have been with me for many years. But she is still expecting a baby, I have this in front of me. I don’t know. When we were juniors, my thirties are arrived at my old age… At twenty, I said to myself: Well, I’m going to play tennis until I’m thirty. But it seemed crazy to me, another ten years of hard work. And it flew like water, I’m thirty years old and I don’t want to finish.”

And how do you see yourself in your forties?
Christine: “I will have two or three children, we will see how it goes with David’s career, where he will play, but after that we want to live in the Czech Republic. I would really like to be a little active, not to sit at the house and wash myself. So either in tennis or in fashion, which I enjoy a lot. I believe that Kája will already have children, at least one.”
Carolina: “I want a lot, we’ll see what my husband will do. (to laugh) But ten years is terribly long, anything can happen, even now with the world it’s somehow dangerous… Otherwise I’m used to traveling and I don’t like to be in one place , so we’ll probably spend more time in Spain, maybe we’ll keep Monaco, we haven’t dealt with that yet.”

How did you paint your life when you were fifteen and betting on tennis?
Carolina: “We had no plans other than tennis at the time.”
Christine: “Exactly, no plan B. We didn’t finish high school either, it was a tennis bet. Thank god she got out.”
Carolina: “My parents didn’t even think it would work. But it was difficult, we had a difficult situation there, when we were only fourteen and fifteen years old… (Father Radek was in prison – editor’s note ) We were good cadets, but that doesn’t mean anything. Sometimes we thought, what if it doesn’t work, but that thought flew around us.”

Only a chosen handful make a living from tennis, you did. Are you proud of yourself?
Christine: “Certainly! Now that I go to our academy and see how many children play tennis, how much practice it takes, how much the parents sacrifice, and in the end only a few people can do it… It’s a small miracle.”
Carolina: “It just came to our knowledge at that time. We don’t have to start working right after the end of our career, it’s amazing, I’m very grateful for that. On the other hand, it doesn’t was not free, I think we got through it. But that we did it, two girls from the same family, twins, it’s incredible. I think we made it!”

Would you be able to do it without the other?
“I do not think so.”
Christine: “Me neither. It’s just childhood. We lived in Germany for two years, went to school there, to travel. I’m very happy for Kája. For me, he’s a partner of life for every situation.”
Carolina: “There were two of us in all the crisis situations, everything was better for us. Although we often got angry because we were really non-stop. But we couldn’t do it without each other.”

Wasn’t there a time when a teenage girl wanted one of you to play tennis and the other to tease her?
Christine: “Probably not. Although, of course, with the defeats comes the idea that it’s up to him and so on.” (to laugh)
Carolina: “We just had a few stirs. We also had a pretty mild puberty. There were a few times that we went to a party and got drunk and maybe they got drunk in practice. (Laughs ) But we never missed practice.”

Which longer legs do you have?
Christine: “Jesus, I don’t know, we never measured them.”
Carolina: “I’m an inch taller, but there’s probably no difference in my legs.”

And what bigger smile are you?
Carolina: “Maybe more me. I’m more positive than my sister.”
Christine: “Not me! (to laugh) I don’t know, maybe when I’m at home… We’re usually both upset on the pitch. »
Carolina: “Of course we’re different, which a lot of people don’t understand, they think we have to be the same. But we’re just two people, two different people.”

What would you like to have from each other?
Karolina: “It must be his left hand! Not that my right hand is bad, but my left hand is just smarter.”
Kristýna: “Kája sometimes speaks faster than she thinks, she doesn’t take care of things, she blushes more. He stays with me longer. Someone says to her: go to the bedroom!, and she doesn’t know it in an hour. I take everything more personally.”

How often do you call?
Christine: “We are always recording news and we are on WhatsApp. Kája is a life partner for me, when there is a problem I solve it with my husband as well as with her. There is nothing we cannot to say.”
Carolina: “Yeah, we’re best friends. Whatever happens, I have to tell my sister, even though we both have husbands. We talk about all the nonsense, guys don’t want to take care of our We really write to each other 24 hours a day.”

Have you ever felt that there was something like telepathy between you, a special connection?
Christine: “Would she stab her and me somewhere?” Not that, but there is telepathy. We say the same thing at the same time, we have the same ideas, but it’s probably because we’re always connected.”
Carolina: “There’s definitely something between us, and our parents say we can ask them the exact same things. But not that I could feel now that my sister was tired and had a stomach ache. (to laugh) I don’t even know what the truth is about the reports of twins, one of which has a fever and in a moment the other. Maybe it will come. »

You still have a little sister. You didn’t want to have a brother, maybe at your age?
Christine: “You don’t. Maybe that would be great, but maybe he wouldn’t like us.” (to laugh)
Carolina: “Actually, this big sister would be enough for me, we never needed anyone else. Of course we are happy for our little sister, it’s a pleasure. And brother? Why not? The more there are ‘children, the more friends there are.’

Did they change them at the maternity ward?

Their mother Martina suspected at the maternity ward that she was still carrying the same baby. “I didn’t learn to tell them apart until a few days later,” she laughed.

It is said that their parents have not confused them since then, perhaps only from their voices, which they have exactly the same. “It just came to our knowledge at that time. They know it’s me, but instead of Tyndo, they’ll call me Kaja,” revealed Kristýna, while her sister is said to have a habit of answering both names when called. “As you know, we’ve been really wrong in this motherhood. It happens to other people, so why not ours? I wouldn’t be surprised if Kristýna was actually me,” Karolina laughs.

Kisses, we are above all best friends!

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