The 10 Biggest Mistakes Women Make In Their Relationships

1. You don’t know your own worth.

If men aren’t nice to you, you feel like they’re just using you or, on the contrary, the good guys are inaccessible to you, then it’s obvious that you lack self-confidence and don’t don’t know your own worth.

It’s the same when you take things from men that you don’t like or that you think are rubbish, or that you hope all the things that bother you about him will change over time.

“The truth is that there are only two fears in people: they won’t be enough and they won’t be loved. The irony is that no man can truly respect a woman who allows him to be rude with her,” coach Dave Elliott explains on his blog.

2. You rely too much on male energy

Many successful women also find it difficult to maintain a relationship with a man. Paradoxically, this is also due to the fact that deep down these women also have enormous doubts about their own worth.

Unfortunately, with their masculine energy, which helps them in their professional success, they often suppress their feminine side.

Men don’t feel good next to these women, because they don’t see any role for themselves next to them. And how could they, when these women do everything by themselves…

3. When understanding fails

Women who understand how men work, appreciate them for their gifts, but also for their deeds, can very easily turn an unpleasant frog into a prince.

Women who are tired, frustrated or disappointed with life can also do this. But it is important to realize that women are much more complex than men, who are more or less quite simple creatures who are ready to serve them if they know how to inspire or motivate them to do so.

“Every wife should try to understand her husband and appreciate him. This is the only way for a man to do his best and do whatever it takes for a woman to become his queen,” adds Elliott .

4. If he tries to change it

There’s nothing worse for a man than when he meets a woman he wants to impress, he feels like it’s just another project that’s about to change and fix itself.

It can be criticism of clothing, ridicule of appearance, but also of specific behavior or skills.

Sure, women can think of it well, often due to their natural desire to take care of someone, but even so, it’s likely to lead to a big problem soon.

At best, unsolicited suggestions are generally not welcome. But at worst, they become insults. So if you feel the need to change someone, even for good, know that each of us wants above all to be rewarded for who he is, and not to be insulted or humiliated for our “flaws”.

So before giving your “well-meaning” advice, first ask yourself how much you would like someone to give you the same advice.

5. When they don’t appreciate what men do for them

The other extreme is self-centered women who lack gratitude and act as if a man owes them something. So they take expensive dinners, fancy drinks, stays in beautiful places for granted, but at the same time they keep their partners insecure.

Basically, they only show that they are with them because of their gifts and their way of life.

Using others for your own gain is not only unattractive but also indefensible.

6. Every man for himself

Men are usually put in place to protect and provide for their loved ones. They are also proud of it and often risk their health or life because of it.

It is also for this reason that older men fall into depression after retirement or die prematurely because they no longer feel needed. Both of these things are part of the male energy and are often a matter of life and death for them.

The essence of femininity, in turn, is the innate desire to care for her husband and take care of him. It is also a question of reciprocity and favouritism. When one of them doesn’t and starts taking more than giving, it always shows in the relationship.

Healthy relationships are not about taking. So each must be aware of what they bring to the table, understand their words of love, to see if the other really values ​​everything they have to offer.

7. Instead of memories, it creates drama

As we wrote above, men are relatively simple creatures who move the world through logic and reason. They like to prove their worth by solving problems and making things easier. When not working, they tend to be carefree. And if they don’t see the potential benefit, they don’t waste their efforts unnecessarily.

Therefore, even men are very tired of any drama that occurs at the time of a woman’s emotional outbursts and when they are constantly upset.

8. When trust is lacking

If a man is to think about the future with a woman, he must believe that she respects him and stands behind him.

Inside every little boy there is a desire to grow up, to become a hero and a good partner who will do everything in his power to become a true hero for his beloved. In essence, he would give his life just to protect his wife and family.

But for all of this to work in a relationship, he needs to trust his wife, and therefore believe that she, too, has the best intentions with him.

9. Binding Too Soon

A common mistake is for women to start thinking about a relationship very soon after the first date, kiss, or romance.

But the primal instinct that prefers the concept of freedom is encoded in male DNA. Therefore, when a woman hits a man with a relationship too soon, she instinctively withdraws.

Men just need more time for a relationship as such. They want to convince themselves that women really do offer them something better, so they totally voluntarily give up their freedoms.

“So the key to success is timing. Don’t try to push a man into commitments and take his freedom from the start. Leave that decision to him, ”adds the expert.

10. Take the other as competition

Each of us in a relationship needs to feel valued by the other and to feel recognized and grateful for mutual love. It is therefore not a question of proving who is the most and who has the most needs.

Basically, it’s about finding someone who will “understand” you and resonate with you.

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