Štěpánek: Fiala’s “Ukrainian” government has brought our direction back to totalitarianism

18.03.2022 17:04 | Conversation

“The Czech Prime Minister is not there to chase his personal t-shirt, but to defend Czech interests, which is obviously not the case. The Violet’s Way did not bring anything positive to the Czech Republic” , said Petr Štěpánek, first vice-president of the Habs, in an interview with ParlamentníListy.cz “Forget the romantic ideas. The deputies of the parliaments of many countries of the world look like complete idiots when they are blamed online by the president Ukrainian for the few weapons they have sent to Ukraine, and they always applaud it enthusiastically. They are greeted by the president, who was elected in 2019 with a program that will settle the situation in Donbass and relations with Russia”, brings a slightly different view of Ukrainian President Stepanek.

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Prime Minister Petr Fiala traveled to occupied Kyiv to express his support for Ukraine. How do you rate his approach?

Politics is not a competition, moreover, but a very simple defense of interests. Did Fial’s career contribute to the de-escalation of the military conflict in Ukraine? No. Did Purple’s trip shorten the war? No. Is it in our interests that hundreds of thousands more refugees come to us? No. Do we have an interest in being dragged into war? No. Is it in our interest to have a close partnership with a broken country that has been robbed by its own oligarchs? No. Do we have any interest in completely overturning our relations with Russia? No. Has the Purple Route strengthened our position in the EU? No. So what was Purple’s trip for? Agreed. He made a beautiful personal “pen” and they wrote about him all over the world. But the Czech Prime Minister is not there to chase his personal T-shirt, but to defend Czech interests, which is obviously not the case. Fiala’s trip did not bring anything positive to the Czech Republic.

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The government of the Czech Republic is very active in helping Ukraine. We are sending unspecified military equipment to Ukrainian soldiers. Do you think this is the right way to go or does it increase the risk of further military escalation?

No, that’s not the right way. Yes, it increases the risk of a new military escalation. And we come back to those interests. Who will benefit the most from the war in Ukraine and who will lose the most? The commercial interest of the United States is to sever economic ties between Russia and Western Europe. This has been played on the Ukrainian chessboard for many years. Who will be the only one to win in the end? Yes, that’s right, United States. Who will lose? All the others. It makes sense for the Polish Prime Minister to visit kyiv, because Poland is the United States’ closest European ally, and Poland will eventually benefit. The Czech Republic is not in this position. And never will be.


Is Petr Fiala doing well as Prime Minister?

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Forget romantic ideas. Members of parliaments from many countries around the world look like complete idiots when they are blamed online by the Ukrainian president for the few weapons they have sent to Ukraine, and they always applaud him enthusiastically. They are welcomed by the president, elected in 2019 with a program that will settle the situation in the Donbass and relations with Russia. And what is the reality? No, I have no illusions that negotiating with Putin would be easy, but the war could have been avoided. And the one who could and should have done it is the Ukrainian president. This was enough to fulfill the already agreed Minsk agreements.

Some also wonder whether NATO should not be more active and, for example, listen to Ukraine’s request for a no-fly zone or the supply of military fighters. How do you see it?

If these fools want to involve other countries in the Ukrainian conflict and start World War III, let them say so now.

A great wave of solidarity with war refugees has risen in the Czech Republic. How do you think we manage to help thousands of refugees?

This wave of solidarity is admirable. It is right to help people in need. Politicians play their games and wage their wars, but those who suffer the most are always ordinary people. It is our moral duty to help war refugees. But we should be able to distinguish who is really a war refugee and who is more of an economic migrant.

Today, no one can estimate how long the war in Ukraine will last and how many refugees will ultimately decide to stay in the Czech Republic. Do you think this is more of an opportunity for our country or do you see risks in it?

Both. Our labor market needs to be strengthened, but on the other hand, our social system is not bottomless. The wave of euphoric help will fade over time and threaten to leave the cash register empty or half empty. And then explain it to people who have paid for social and health insurance all their lives. So everything in moderation and reason.

However, the war in Ukraine forced the government to take action against disinformation and to initiate the closure of several allegedly “pro-Russian” sites. What do you think about it?


Will Petr Fiala manage the energy and fuel price crisis?

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I think this is an absolutely egregious and absolutely inexcusable violation of our Constitution. It’s a cliché, but its validity is unshakable: freedom of expression exists or it doesn’t. He is not currently in the Czech Republic in 2022. The “Ukrainian” government of Fiala has returned the direction of our country to totalitarianism.

People’s Deputy Ondřej Benešík, who advocated the suspension of these websites, argued that a lie is not an opinion and therefore there can be no restrictions on freedom of expression. What do you think?

I say that People’s Deputy Ondřej Benešík is an endless fool, a dusty demagogue and a political criminal. And the fact that there are many similar fools, demagogues and criminals is not a mitigating circumstance. It’s a never-ending mess when, for example, Saša Vondra forgets her lifelong principles and defends the indefensible.

The fight against misinformation has even been included in the government’s program statement. But aren’t these efforts directed against freedom of expression?

The social damage caused by the unconstitutional conduct of the government itself is far greater than any real or perceived lie of a possible problematic website. Also, who owns the patent right? Mr. Benesik? Mr Fiala? Mr Vondra? Or is it professional manipulators like František Vrábel, who have made “countering disinformation” a lucrative business? This dangerous prankster recently managed to produce a disinformator from Associate Professor Beran, our most renowned vaccinologist.

The biggest disinformation media in this country is called Czech Television. We don’t need to go far to find examples. Let’s just recap the last two years. Anecdote – Question: What is the difference between misinformation and truth? Answer: Six months. – It illustrates absolutely perfectly. Are we also going to turn off Czech television?

In this context, I must also ask how, in your opinion, not only is the Czech media handling the war in Ukraine? Does it fulfill its role as guardian of democracy? And can they maintain their balance and objectivity in these trying times?

What we observe has nothing to do with real intelligence. It’s a completely one-sided propaganda emotional charge. What we see on screen may have happened, maybe not, maybe it happened completely differently. I say this not because I want to apologize for the atrocities of the war, including the Russian atrocities, but as a matter to ponder. We are watching war conceived in this melodramatic fashion on our television screens for the first time in history. Why? These past wars, whether or not they took place elsewhere, were they not and are they not just as reprehensible? Society as a whole can only make the right decisions if it has the right, that is, objective, complete and complete information. If he doesn’t have them, it usually doesn’t end well.

And by the way, as I was looking at the snippet of the Ukrainian hardships that Zelenský put members of the US Congress through, it occurred to me that it wouldn’t hurt at all for someone to snippet for American lawmakers of the wars waged by the United States in recent years. For example, the “humanitarian” bombing of Belgrade. War is always disgusting and criminal. Not just the latter.

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author: Karel Vyborny

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