She is remembered as a talented actress with unforgettable roles

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Prague – The late Libuše Šafránková will be remembered by fellow actor and screenwriter Zdeněk Svěrák as an extraordinarily gifted actress who was able to impress and laugh. He associates it with roles he himself wrote or played with his favorite actress. Febiofest director and founder Fero Fenič told ČTK that he hadn’t seen Šafránková in any role he couldn’t remember.

“We formed a couple in Kolj, also lying in Jára Cimrman’s film.

Director Fenič regrets not having succeeded in convincing Šafránková to participate in his documentary series GEN – Gallery of the Nation’s Elite. “I tried to persuade her to film GEN with me a while ago, but she was healthy at the time and also said she wanted to film something related to her game. then had no role for her,” Fenič said. “There are actors who go through a lot of films and you will never remember them, but we remember her from Barunka to the last great films with Honza Svěrák. She may have acted less than other actresses, but most of the things she has played are gems of national cinema,” he added.

Her acting colleague Ondřej Vetchý, who starred with her in the transcription of Michal Viewegh’s film The Wonderful Years Under the Dog, considers Šafránková’s death a great loss. “The pain of losing Libuška is greater than the ability to comment on anything,” Vetchý said without further details.

The writer Viewegh will always remember Šafránková as a very kind and charming woman. “She has played countless other roles, but I think I am one of hundreds of thousands of Czech men who remember her as Cinderella. She was a symbol of beauty back then. speak when I just brought a picture frame from the study, where I stand with Ondra Vetchý and Libuší Šafránková in front of the theater on Dlouhá street, where the famous scene of the birth of Quid in the theater was filmed, and I remember the meeting from that time,” he said.

Director and actor Jiří Strach, who starred with Šafránková in the fairy tale Elixír and Halíbel, said that the popular actress loved God and God loved her. “Our whole generation grew up on Cinderella, on this tenderness, this beauty and this etherity, so it’s a great loss, of course. I’m counting on God to bring together talented and good people, so Libuška will be in heaven today “, did he declare. noted.

Safran was also a popular audiobook narrator. “I would like to mention a small gem of Libuška Šafránková’s work: The way she read The Children of Bullerbyn…,” director Jan Hřebejk wrote on Twitter.

From the beginning of the 1980s, Šafránková collaborated with the publishing house Supraphon when she recorded a successful adaptation of Manon Lescaut by Vítězslav Nezval with Viktor Preiss. In recent years she has recorded several fairy tale albums and was also among the performers of Zdeněk Svěrák’s short story The Short Stories, which was published in 2009. In 2011 she read Grandmother by Božena Němcová . In 2013, Supraphon for Šafránková’s Sixties released a 4-CD set Libuše Šafránková Tells Cinderella and Other Fairy Tales and appreciated his contribution to the publishing house’s golden fund with a platinum record. “His interpretation was appreciated by both experts and accompanied by great interest from the public. This fall, Šafránková was to record an audio book It’s never too late for a happy childhood, written by Beatrice Landovská”, said Vladan Drvota told the publishing house today.

The director of the Drama Club considers Šafránková a great theater actress

Libuše Šafránková will remain a great, sparkling, irreplaceable theater actress, even if for most people who have little in common with the theater, she was and will remain Barunka and Cinderella. Drama Club director Vladimír Procházka told ČTK. The popular actress, who died today at the age of 68, performed on this Prague stage from the early 1970s until the mid-1990s.

“What does it mean to be a great theater actor? Above all, to be a great and true human personality. Being able to capture and express the nuances of our lives in a single drop of body and mind. It will add something extremely special, original, gracefully irreplaceable.

“During my long theatrical life in the Czech Republic, and may all my dear colleagues forgive me, I have not met greater theatrical talent than he is and Libuše Šafránková will forever remain in my mind”, he added.

One of its founders, playwright Jaroslav Vostrý, hired Libuše Šafránková at the Drama Club after Otomar Krejča’s Door Theater was suppressed. She performed in 17 Drama Club productions, including Soňa in Chekhov’s Uncle Váň or Nina in Rack, Kateřina in Ostrovský Bouř, Jenny in Havel’s Beggar’s Opera or matchmaker Tekla in Gogol’s Marriage.

“A drama club is an immutable and unmistakable value that cannot be inferred from memory or the body. The value one has under the skin and wherever it comes from, if one lives, prevails with oneself and on its basis is able to develop and exist.”To sum up in one sentence, this inner freedom is the cornerstone from which everything else flows”, said Šafránková in the publication Drama Club 1965-2005.

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