Separation from Brzobohatý and suffering in Křížky

beauty pageant winners they tend to be watched not only because of their looks, but fans are also interested in how corona is changing their personal lives. Will they stick with the boy who crossed their fingers for them, or will they find a new partner? You may not know who is the current czech missbut you remember the names of older beauties. What’s going on with famous women?

Tatiana Gregor Brzobohata (34 years old)

Recently, however, they appeared separately, which raised questions. And the answer was given to the public in December: the rupture. Although they renewed their wedding vows and planned a family in June, the musician has fallen in love in the meantime.


A beautiful couple in love… They were still giving smiles at the June event, but that’s in the past today

Alena Seredova (43)

In 1998, she was one of the favorites of Czech Misses, but she finally won Kateřina Stocesova (42). Alena Šeredová became the 1st Vice Miss and won a beautiful 4th place at Miss World. She became most famous in Italy, where she lives permanently: she became a TV star there, and also acted in several films.

She had a great love with the moderator Borek Slezaček (54), and when she started dating a football goalie Gianluigi Buffon (44), Italy rejoices. They married in 2011, when they already had two sons, Louise (14) and David (12). But Gigi looked away and they broke up. The beautiful Miss did not remain alone and found happiness in the arms of billionaire Alessandro Nasi (47), with whom she daughter Vivienne (1).


Alena Šeredová learned from her friends that the second marriage would be better than the first. Then she wouldn’t resist marrying Alessandro Nasi

Eliska Buckova (32)

In 2008, she seduced the jury and won the Miss, later becoming a successful model. She can be a beauty in fashionable clothes, but also a laid-back girl who goes on a fishing trip or organizes children’s camps. In the past, she was engaged to musician Václav Noid Bárta (41) and for a long time it seemed that she would say yes to fishermen. Jakub Vagner (40). Now he has former anorexic she loved her new love for a long time: her lover Radek Vácha is married and has children.


Eliška Bučková shares her work and private pleasures with her followers. And when it turned out that her new sweetheart was married, she asked the bad guy

Jitka Novakova (29)

She won the beauty contest in 2011, as a model she became famous in our country and abroad, she was also successful as a moderator and became an influential influencer. In 2017, she shared with fans that she had fallen in love and found the right one. This is the Finnish professional footballer Tim Sparv (34 years old). They used to have a long distance relationship, and eventually Miss moved on after him. In January 2021, their baby girl was born Lea Elissa and the family now spends time in the Czech Republicbecause a happy dad ended his playing career.


Fans of Jitka Nováčková like to enjoy fragments of life with a stranger and a little girl. She recently shared that they didn’t spend the first night without a baby in bed, but drove in a car

Helene Houdova (42)

She became the beauty queen in 1999 and has always been interested in environmental protection. In 2008, she married American businessman Omar Amanat (49) and had three descendants: Darien (13), Daveed Jakub (11) and Deia (9). However, the husband was not one of the most faithful, and they divorced. She started traveling with children and she educates them herself and it’s not easy: the ex-husband even went to prison, was recently published.

Today, Miss as a coach teaches women to discover sacred power and men to become better lovers. Her views are often controversial: for example, wearing the veil was equated with jewish stars and the special alkaline water, she says, helps cure cancer.

Photo: CNC: David Kundrat / CNC / Profimedia

Helena Houdová is active on social media, but shares her attitudes rather than her private life

Lucia Krizkova (37 years old)

One of the Friendliest Beauty Queens (2003) is going through a tough time. The former gymnast and popular entertainer found herself alone with the children, while her husband, yachtsman David Krizek (49), was convicted of digging up a savings cooperative.

She stands firmly behind her husband and is sure that he did not act intentionally. And she is not alone – many friends and acquaintances write a petition in support of Křížek. The most important thing is that little David (9 years old) and Lola (5 years old) endure the difficult situation as best they can.


Their relationship is solid and Lucie Křížková has no doubts about her husband. Now they have to deal with the separation with their children

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