Refugees were also accommodated in Bečov Castle and an entertainment program was prepared for children.

Updates: 03/16/2022 19:26

Bečov nad Teplou (Karlovy Vary region) – Bečov Castle and State Castle in Karlovy Vary have joined forces to help refugees from war-torn Ukraine. He welcomed more than twenty of them directly on site and prepared a program for today’s refugee children. The management of the national monument is also trying to find ways to employ refugees from Ukraine, Tomáš Wizovský, castellan of Bečov Castle and State Castle, told ČTK Today.

“We managed to accommodate 22 people, mostly mothers with children, thanks to the regional coordination center and civic initiatives. Immediately after the outbreak of the war and the humanitarian crisis, the National Monuments Institute (NPÚ) s is committed to solidarity, joined the call to raise the Ukrainian flags and made an operational overview of possible capabilities. “In the list of proposed aid, Bečov Castle was also active on the initiative.

Shelters were found before the war in Herberk Castle, which normally serves as accommodation for educational programs. It was more complicated with the hostel for the guide. “Contrary to the original plan, we occupied this spontaneously on the night of Saturday to Sunday, when, despite the citizens’ initiative of Natálie Kadlecová Kovalová from Ukraine, three mothers with the youngest children arrived on the overnight train and one guide with his own accommodation,” said the squire.

Ukrainian women also offered their jobs. According to Wizovsky, women held a variety of jobs in Ukraine, ranging from piano teachers, florists, lab technicians, lawyers and choreographers. However, due to the initial language barrier at the castle, they can mainly help with pre-season work in the castle grounds or castle gardens. “For example, three young mothers, Anna, Natalie and Nastya, plan to start a self-help ‘kindergarten’ so that one or two of them can get involved in our work and caretakers in the new exhibition of the reliquary of St. Maurus,” Wizovsky said.

A coordination meeting of all Ukrainian refugees who are currently in the cadastre of Bečov nad Teplou is convened for the newly restored Pluhov Palace in Bečov Castle. According to the Interior Ministry, 33 refugees have so far been registered in Bečov nad Teplou. The meeting aims to prepare a medium-term and possibly longer-term strategy for mutual cooperation, residence, education and participation in the public life of the city. The educational center of the castle, in cooperation with the volunteer Jitka Pražáková, has prepared an artistic program for refugee children, the task of which is to entertain and distract the youngest, especially during meetings. “A great advantage for us and the refugees from Ukraine is the local citizen Natálie Kadlecová Kovalová, who selflessly helps with the interpretation and, together with other volunteers, with the administration and organization of everything is needed,” Wizovsky said.

According to him, Bečov offers unprecedented security to people who fled the attack of Russian troops. “Thanks to the treasures it keeps in its bowels, Bečov Castle is one of the safest places in the Czech Republic. Almost immediately after the outbreak of the crisis, Ukrainian flags and banners flew over the castle and the towers of the castle. I think that Bečov nad Teplou will have, thanks to its Sudeten history, multiple displacements and the post-war establishment of the military zone, more than understanding for the refugees from Ukraine”, has said Wizovsky.

But rapid help would not be possible without the cooperation of people, volunteers and professionals. “A big thank you to everyone involved in any phase of the assistance, to everyone who responded to information posted on our social media, and last but not least, we greatly appreciate the professional and volunteer firefighters and a fully functional regional support center for Ukraine,” added Castle Castle and Bečov Castle.

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