Prostřední Lhota: Laïka was left alone with 4 children, the family asks for help

From an early age, Laïka wanted to help others, so she graduated from medical school, then became a nurse at the Faculty of Medicine. During her studies, she worked in various institutions and organizations with children with disabilities, nursing homes and LDN.

Love on the second try

“Unfortunately, her first marriage, of which she has Barča and Martínek, did not last and her sister ended up alone with her children. After a while, however, Míra appeared in her life, a very warm boy, devoted and caring, whom Laïka later married, and they had a daughter, Anička, “ describes Laika’s sister, Jaroslav. Míra already had a daughter Kája from a previous marriage. However, he accepted Laïka’s children as his own and built a strong bond with them.

Worried about home and abused animals

In order to have their own roof over their heads, they moved to Prostřední Lhota to an old, dilapidated house, which they intended to gradually repair. “With the help of a loan and considerable support from our parents, they partially succeeded, however, the house is still in a rather deplorable state, there is no drinking water running, because the water goes to a well behind the village. He is drowning with an old wood-fired boiler, which no longer meets the new standards,” describes the situation with the housing of Mrs. Jaroslav.

But none of that bothered the couple, apart from taking care of the house and raising their children, they also helped other animals, especially abused animals. “They took care of the cows that were threatened by the slaughterhouse, they helped herd the horses, they bought hens from the big farms”, describes Laïka’s sister.

Help the neglected Kristínka

Laïka also helped out at the children’s home, where she met a little girl, Kristínka, through a host. Although she was only 4 years old, she had a very difficult fate. She was found among the homeless, could barely speak, and was generally very neglected. “Laïka and Kita were strongly attached. Although Laïka and Míra knew that taking care of a little girl would not be easy at all, as she suffered from mental retardation, hyperactivity and neglected child syndrome, they took her into foster care, explains Kristínka’s arrival in Jaroslav’s family.

The serious illness could not be cured

The family lived a happy life until two years ago they learned that Father Míra was seriously ill – tests revealed colon cancer. Míra was still a very active person, working for several years in agriculture and later also in the forest. In his spare time, he worked as a volunteer fire commander.

“In a dream, no one would have thought that he had several metastases in his bones and lungs. By the time Míra began to feel that something was wrong, it was too late. The doctors told the family that it was an incurable disease and that they should be prepared for the worst.” approaches the nurse.

However, Míra and Laïka did not give up and fought this insidious disease by all means – they underwent chemotherapy and later biotherapy in Prague, but Mír’s condition gradually deteriorated. He was already in a lot of pain and struggling to breathe before Christmas. Shortly after the New Year, Laïka had to take him to the hospital. He finally died in his wife’s arms in January of this year.

Ivana contracted insidious ovarian cancer

The family founded the collection

“The family has thus found itself in a desperate situation from which we, their relatives, cannot completely help them. That is why I have decided to organize a public fundraiser on the charity platform Donio , “ describes Ms. Jaroslava.

Her sister would never ask for help, she always thinks others need her more. “But now I see that she cannot manage everything on her own, and unfortunately not with our help. Kristínka’s care is demanding and does not allow her to go to work, and since the new year, following the change in the OSPOD Act, she is deprived of her foster family – the current amount is not enough to cover basic needs.” explains the founder of the collection.

Brothers Tomáš (27, left) and Daniel (24) Kluz from Mosty u Jablunkova with his horse Azur (4) pull wood from steep mountain slopes, where the tractor cannot reach.

Her friends also supported her

Petr Dobrý, the founder of the Slepice v núzi initiative, also confirms the need to help a widow with four children. “Sometimes it’s no coincidence that only bad things happen to bad people. Sometimes it’s possible the other way around. Laïka has been the driving force behind our initiative for many years. She certainly saved more than 1000 hens in her breeding, to which she gave a second chance. We know there are many people who need help in a difficult situation, but please ask yourself if you want to help not only Ladka and the children, but also the whole economy,” intercedes Bon to help Laïka’s family.

The funds selected would be used to purchase food, clothing, medicine, school supplies, animal feed, as well as expenses related to settling the estate. The higher amount collected would then be used to build a new heater and necessary repairs to the house or car.

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