Movie Premieres: The Girl With The Broom Has A Love Voice And Sends A Telegram In French

This week, cinemas will include seven new releases in their programs, the vast majority of which come from Europe and are aimed at a more demanding audience. But the most excited will be the fans of director Wes Anderson, who can go to his last act.

French Telegram Liberty, Kansas Evening Sun (The French Dispatch) (Falcon)

© Falcon

The romantic drama with an unnecessarily complicated Czech name is a bit fuzzy in the synopsis and it only follows that it’s supposed to be a tribute to the craft of journalism, but in this case it doesn’t matter at all . More importantly, the director and screenwriter is Wes Anderson, whose poetics are so peculiar that his fans are clear others are likely to avoid going to the movies. As usual with this creator, the cast is once again stellar and includes Tilda Swinton, Frances McDormand, Bill Murray, Adrien Brody, Benicio del Toro, Léa Seydoux and Timothée Chalamet. Reviews are generally satisfied, although not as enthusiastic as the author’s previous works, but fans of this feature will not care so much. First of the week.
Synopsis: A love letter to all journalists set in the detached editorial staff of an American newspaper in a fictional 20th century French city, which brings to life a series of reports that appeared in the magazine “French Trap”.
Interesting: The film was originally planned as a musical.

Czech trailer for the film French Trap Liberty, Kansas Evening Sun / The French Dispatch

Voice of love (Aline, the voice of love) (Bioscope)

Czech poster from the movie Voice of Love / Aline, la voix de l'amour
© Bioscop

The Franco-Canadian drama is certainly inspired by the fate of the famous singer Celine Dion, but at the same time it is not about her biography. It is a great solo director, screenwriter and lead actress Valérie Lemercier, who bears the greatest responsibility. There’s still an absolute minimum of replies and comments, so it’s still impossible to predict how it all turned out. Sylvain Marcel, Danielle Fichaud or even Roc LaFortune will appear in other roles. A first that does not attract the big stars, but an attractive story.
Synopsis: Sylvette (Danielle Fichaud) and Anglomard (Roc LaFortune) are delighted with their fourteenth child, Aline. Since everyone in the family makes a living from music, it’s only a matter of time before one of them breaks through. And it seems that it will fall on Aline (Valérie Lemercier), who will be discovered by producer Guy-Claude (Sylvain Marcel), whose voice will absolutely amaze her. Since then, she has only one goal in mind: to make Aline the best singer in the world.

Czech trailer for the film Hlas lásky / Aline, the voice of love

Paris 13th (The Olympiads, Paris 13th) (Aerofilms)

Czech poster from the movie Paris, 13th / Les Olympiades, Paris 13e
© Aerofilms

Although the name of the French drama evokes an honest crime spectacle, it seems misleading. This is a classic relationship drama of the present, in which the destinies of four characters intersect. The director and co-writer is the very experienced Jacques Audiard, who tries to grab the attention mainly with a black and white camera, which according to relatively satisfied responses makes the film a unique experience and gives the eroticism an artistic aspect. The key roles played in the country by the almost unknown Noémie Merlant, Jehny Beth, Makita Samba and Lucie Zhang. Premiere of the festival.
Synopsis: The eloquent and cheeky Émilie (Lucie Zhang) works at the call center and earns extra money by renting a free room. He forms an intimate relationship with new tenant Camilla (Makita Samba). But he’s drawn to the impregnable Nora (Noémie Merlant), who for once makes late-night video calls with cam girl Amber (Jehny Beth). Can at least one member of this quartet find love?

Czech trailer for the film Paris, 13th / Les Olympiades, Paris 13e

The flu is raging the flu (Petrovy in the grip) (European Cinema)

Czech poster from the movie U Petrovových řádí chřipka / Petrovy v grip
© Film Europe

According to the synopsis, the co-production, but especially the Russian drama, is already a more demanding piece full of metaphors and mind-bending scenes, and it should also be a kind of news about Russia. The director and the script are under the responsibility of Kirill Serebrennikov, who bet on actors little known in the country, who could bring a touch of authenticity. There aren’t many ratings or comments, but they are relatively satisfied, even though they point to a rather depressing show that matures in the audience for several days. We’ll see what the Czech festival audience can do.
Synopsis: In a town hit by the flu epidemic, the Petrov family faces another day in a land where the past is never the past, the present is soaked in alcohol, the feverish dreams of violence and tenderness, where things under the ordinary layer turn out to be quite extraordinary.

Czech trailer for the film U Petrovových řádí chřipka / Petrovy v grip

Dear friends ! (Dorogie tovarishchi) (European Cinema)

Czech poster from the movie Dear Comrades!  / Dorogie tovarishchi
© Cinema Lucerna

Symbolically, on Wednesday, November 17, last year’s Russian drama, obviously an indictment against the communist regime and based on real events, will enter theaters. Its director and co-screenwriter is also the famous foreigner Andrei Konchalovsky, who, according to available reviews, achieved an almost documentary impression by shooting the film in an archaic 4:3 aspect ratio and using a black and white camera. Even then, no one particularly familiar will appear in the cast, which doesn’t matter. Combined with generally satisfied and often overwhelmingly enthusiastic reviews, this seems like an ideal deal for a more thoughtful and discerning audience.
Synopsis: Lyudmila (Julia Vysockaja) is a dedicated Communist Party official, an idealistic World War II veteran, and a scourge for what she perceives to be anti-Soviet sentiment. In the early 1960s, like other civil servants, she was surprised by a strike at a local factory, in which her daughter also took part. As the situation quickly spiraled out of control, Lyudmila began looking for her. At the same time, she recognizes the true face of the summoned regime and her belief in its correctness is severely shaken.
Interesting: Yulia Vysockaya, who played the lead role, is actually the director’s wife.

Czech trailer for the film Dear Comrades! / Dorogie tovarishchi

Lost in Paradise (CinemArt)

Movie poster / Lost in paradise
© CinemaArt

The Swiss-Czech comic road movie seems to reflect the life of Czechoslovak emigrants and their descendants. A graduate of Fiona, Fiona Ziegler made her film debut, and Czech participation is known in several technical professions, music and partly in casting, such as Ivan Pokorný, Hana Vagnerová or Robert Nebřenský will appear. Unfortunately, the responses are rather dissatisfied and the ratings are barely average, and even if there are not that many, it seems that it will not be a completely successful premiere.
Synopsis: Although Eugene (Dominique Janne) was born and raised in Switzerland, but because he has always been a bit of a bohemian, he decided to leave the bourgeois world there, in which he did not fit in very much. He moved to Prague, where his father (Ivan Pokorný) emigrated in 1968 and never returned. Despite his adulthood, Eugene is unable to fully confront his controlling father. For this, the Czech Republic and Prague have a forgotten past and only care about their reputation and their well-paid dental practice. Evžen, on the other hand, is doing well in Prague and meets his new love there, but it looks like he will have to return to Switzerland for a while.
Interesting: This is the very first Swiss-Czech co-production.

The official trailer for the movie Lost in Paradise

Girl on a broom (NFA)

Movie poster / Girl on a broom

It is probably unnecessary to write about the legendary and popular Czechoslovak fairy tale, because everyone knows at least part of it. The National Film Archive has celebrated forty years since its inception by releasing a restored, newly digitized copy, and new generations of viewers can see this classic on the big screen for the first time. As a reminder, Václav Vorlíček is the director and co-screenwriter, who chose the singer Petra Černocká in the main role and thus made her immortal. Jan Hrušínský, Jan Kraus, Vlastimil Zavřel, Vladimír Menšík, Stella Zázvorková or František Filipovský will perform in supporting roles. An absolute bet on safety and a guarantee of satisfaction for practically the whole family.
Synopsis: Saxana (Petra Černocká) is the laziest student in a school of witches, but when she is punished three hundred years after school, she is also forced into action and immediately flees into the people’s world. . Having no desire to return, she seeks her grandmother’s ear, because the bow of her concoction is enough to forever close the way back among the creatures of fairy tales. The problem is, she’s always been inattentive, so she doesn’t know it’s not real grandma’s ear, but herbal sage broth. This will cause him considerable trouble and at the same time put the human world in a mess.
Interesting: Filming was approved for Barrandov just the day after the screening.

Music video from the movie Girl on a Broomstick

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