Miroslav Hanuš: I’m such a toy actor

Nurse Hana (K. Melíšková) likes to decide for others what is best for them. Tie the patient to the bed so that he does not injure himself. Choosing a school for her daughter Tereza (D. Barešová) that will ensure her a better future. Work to destruction to earn money to fix the house where the girl will one day want to live. He probably has good intentions, but in his unshakeable beliefs, he behaves in a ruthless and overly intransigent manner. No one cares what kind of care they provide. Through her own efforts, Hana finds herself in a situation where poor relationships with her co-workers and an unhappy relationship with her daughter mean that the support that would be needed in the current situation is not forthcoming. The lawyer Novák must enter the scene, presented by Miroslav Hanuš.

How did you get into the Suspicion project?
As with other projects, I auditioned here. Subsequently, I met the director and since then we have been friends, because we have now completed the new cases of the 1st department, so we spent about a year working together. The covid helped me on that, because at the time it was supposed to shoot, unfortunately I didn’t have the time, I had other responsibilities. But the pandemic changed with everything, finally creating time for me and I could film it. I want to thank covid for making this possible. To be honest, we shoot everything I can, but I don’t want to watch everyone. And that’s one of the things I’d like to look at. Although it has a forensic and police line, it is above all a drama, which is an interesting task for the actors. The miniseries asks questions rather than answering questions, which everyone must come up with.

So were you more drawn to the substance itself, the theme, or was it the specific character that you portray on the show?
It went hand in hand. I was more drawn to it, because the character of the unofficial former lawyer is very much alive. I imagine this man that he is already flayed by life, has a frayed jacket and torn shoelaces. At first glance, that’s how it works, so we can say to ourselves: so they gave it to a jude, she won’t get away with it. But it turns out that even after years – and I appreciate that, it can be acting – he’s still interested in doing the thing for his senses. You can be an actor to earn money and give you rubber tires in the service when you come with this face. Or because you want to express yourself about certain things and experience them. We went there with such a desire at first. And I think it should be the same for lawyers or doctors, people whose work borders on the mission, because it is a question of defending the truth or contributing to the existence of truth in this world. . And it can leave you after thirty years of practice, when a person is beaten by reality and all the trivialities. And you just watch how much you retire. This guy, as I imagine him, always wants to find the truth and contribute to those in need. This role is as interesting as the subject.

Your role is not so crucial, it is not the main one, but it is essential in the very course of things that move the story forward. Did you collaborate with the director and the screenwriter on your character in the shooting, or did you go there with a specific idea?
I’m such a toy actor. I like to find a reality about this role. For example, when choosing a costume, I try to comment on it or sometimes I even bring something that belongs to me. I use my glasses, I offer my watch and other little things. Here, too, I proposed this, and I must say that basically everything was accepted. Of course, Michal and I met and talked about the role. And we also did rehearsals, which I like, because today it’s quite common to go and shoot something and not know anything. And it shouldn’t be a side issue. You’re just discussing what it’s supposed to be. Or maybe you don’t even argue, you tug on your shirt, like it’s not related to teamwork. I prefer that we talk about it together. The director should have his idea. And when it’s not far from being pretentious, under my influence, they conceive stories. So that I can do something on set that I have a clear idea of. And he didn’t speculate on the spot, because time is the most expensive to shoot and everyone is in a hurry. It’s Czech TV’s luck that, of course, we have to work forward, but not as madly as on some commercial things, when it’s needed and everything is taken care of where you don’t argue.

How did you yourself work with the character of a lawyer? What did you find out about the role? How do you enter such a world?
I will have it. It may be written in the script: he will have his shoelace undone. He’s already a man. He’s not completely into it, he’s divorced, he has a young wife and a small child. I’ll be sixty years old, he’s about fifty-five… We already know what kind of person he is. I made an onion, nicely from the middle, added the peel behind the slug until brown and had the whole fruit, whole silhouette. I was also a bit inspired by Martin Růžek as Kostrhun’s lawyer from Advokát na vejminku. In this series he also devotes more cases than he would need, he has to do separate research to get things going. I took on this role as a tribute to Martin Růžek, my favorite actor by the way. He always complained, poor thing, that he still played bad with that face, and that he played cool here. And I also play a positive role, even though I recorded a lot of bad guys, assholes, communists and drunk assholes.

Is that why you accepted the role?
And for this reason. This is where the most human role was offered.

The second part of the series news Suspicion you can watch it tonight from 8:10 p.m. on the ČT1 program.

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