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When an impassioned “yes” rings out and he is deeply sorry, the only thing that comes to mind is the thought of annulment, the annulment of the marriage. Many people believe they can regain their word within 24 hours of the ceremony and be free again. However, the legal order of the Czech Republic does not know and does not allow such a definition.

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The paradox that arises

The more it may seem paradoxical that someone wants to annul a marriage right after contracting it, but reality actually knows such cases. These are mainly situations resulting from betting, expulsion or the fiancé was under the long-term psychological influence of the family and was getting married or simply expected from him.

Is it possible to annul a marriage in the Czech Republic?


Mrs. Irena (25) knows something about it, who would give what I don’t know so that the lady can call herself again.

  • “I’m married in a recession. At a party, I bet my friend would make the biggest guy. We drank something, the word gave it to me, and I pulled it off. Not only did I I ended up in his arms, but the very next day we promised each other our allegiance beyond the grave and decided that there was nothing to wait for and that we would live love like a ray of a couple. bought rings at the pawnshop and we ended up with two witnesses in the office. After three days of living together, a serious sobering set in. Not only do we not absolutely understand each other as human beings, but I discover also that my husband is in debt, foreclosures and not friends with work. I would like to go back in time.”

How to get out of trouble?

The effort to “take the horn” concerns both sexes. Neither women nor men avoid the doubts of worms.

Even if you’re clear that you missed it, even just a minute after the wedding officer declared you married, there’s no turning back. Annulment of a marriage concluded in accordance with the prerequisites for a valid marriage is not possible. The marriage can only be broken by divorce, death, declaration of death or change of sex.

Everything has its “but”…

But the notions of “apparent” and “invalid” marriage are strong points of legal jargon. If your hopes of regaining your freedom are in this direction, remember that an apparent marriage would not exist if at least one of the spouses did not fulfill the conditions which must be insisted on at the time of marriage. In an ecclesiastical ceremony, an act concluded before an authority without the right to marry is also considered an apparent marriage.

When can disability be proven?

Is it possible to annul a marriage in the Czech Republic?


An invalid marriage is then one that has been contracted, even if it has been prevented by a legal obstacle. It is not possible to enter into marriage with a person under the age of 18 who, as a minor according to Czech law, is considered partially independent, unless the court decides otherwise. A marriage will also be invalid if one of the spouses has had a limitation of their legal capacity in the past.

Under what circumstances can a marriage be annulled?

The marriage will be declared invalid even if the marriage took place between parents, between parents and descendants or between brothers and sisters and mothers-in-law. The marriage would be annulled even if it was proven that one of the spouses is still a spouse in another marriage or a partner in a registered partnership.

The error does not apply

Is it possible to annul a marriage in the Czech Republic?


The highest degree of imagination and variability is then admitted by the paragraph which mentions the nullity of the marriage in the event that one of the spouses has been subjected to pressure consisting in the use of violence or threats. Precedence can be accepted even if the person married due to an error in the identity of the fiancé. However, proving this fact is not entirely easy and even the most experienced lawyers can get their teeth into it.

The court has the last word

The absence of marriage can only be pronounced by a court after consideration of all petitions, declarations and evidence. The marriage is considered valid until the judgment and its entry into force. If children are born of the marriage and property has been acquired, the same obligations and rights apply to the parents as to the divorced parents of a common child. Assets are treated with the same degree of hindsight.

Marriage as a change of status

Is it possible to annul a marriage in the Czech Republic?


Saying “yes” to your interlocutor means above all thinking carefully about this crucial stage of life. Marriage is not a nesting box, and the consequences of careless action change the fate of individuals and entire families. Weddings are not just white dresses, rich banquets and fun times. It is above all a responsibility. There will never be anything like before. Think about it!

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