However, we must not forget our Czech children, stresses Hyťhová

21.03.2022 9:52 | Conversation

The former tricolor deputy and vice-president does not take the war in Ukraine lightly. As a teacher, she monitors the effects of the refugee crisis, especially on Czech education. According to her, the government must not forget the Czech children, who have paid dearly for the recent Covid-19 pandemic, when solving all the problems. “The big question is what’s next. It is well known that a single wave of migration of over 200,000 people from anywhere causes social, health and safety issues. Furthermore, I I have the feeling that the current Czech government, due to constant gestures, hanging flags and the resolution of the Russian attack, has completely resigned itself to solving internal problems and solving the burning problems of Czech citizens, “said said Tereza Hyťhová in an interview with ParlamentníListy. cz.

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The war in Ukraine affected everyone. What has been the worst experience of your development so far?

Probably the worst experience is the concrete stories of civilians, women, children, old people and animals suffering innocently from a senseless war. The situation in Ukraine has historically always been complicated, with the interests of Russia, Poland and, at the time, Germany constantly changing. Another problem is the internal division of Ukraine into a Western part with a strongly Catholic faith with historical roots, rather a Western part and an Eastern Orthodox part, historically oriented towards Russia. These two directions have also alternated with the government in kyiv since 1990. As always, all three sides have a hand in the war – the West, not fully oriented in the historical context of this part of the world, Ukraine itself , which has recently become very insensitive to the large Russian minority, and of course the aggressive Putin regime, whose style of “solving” the problem from February 24, 2022 is completely inexcusable.

Why do you think there was such a drastic escalation? Is it only Putin and his expansive policies, or also the current policies of the West, who are to blame?

Initially a little unified Western action, the Russian attack really unified it to some extent. Yet, but there are still differences between the approaches of, say, “tough” Britain and the relatively more conciliatory Germany. Economic sanctions are really important this time, the question is what Putin’s regime will do in retaliation against Western businessmen in Russia.

However, the occupation of Ukraine seems to have united the West at an unprecedented pace, which apparently surprised Russia itself. From your point of view, how do you assess the Western approach to Russia? Is it enough for you?


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Ukraine’s additional humanitarian and diplomatic support is certainly right. On the other hand, some radical forces are calling for measures such as the closure of air traffic over Ukraine, massive deliveries of weapons such as planes or missile systems, or the deployment of units ” volunteers” from Western countries to Ukraine. In fact, each of these steps will dangerously worsen the situation, instead of calming it down.

It seems that the Czech government also plays an important role in this direction, not only repeatedly supplying Ukraine with military equipment, but Petr Fiala also personally participated in the negotiations in kyiv. How do you assess the steps taken by the Czech government?

The current Czech government tends to behave like the biggest “hawk” within NATO, along with Poland, Slovakia and the Baltic states. Until the future shows if this attitude was correct. Personally, I prefer the approach of a state like Germany, Italy or Hungary, which basically holds the same position, but without unnecessary gestures and without almost hysteria-inducing pathos. Prime Minister Fiala’s trip to Kyiv also belongs to this rank, which may have been a nice PR event, but it certainly did not contribute to the change of situation. Moreover, I have the feeling that the current Czech government, due to constant gestures, hanging flags and resolution of the Russian attack (which still has no chance of resolution on the part of one of the members of the EU and NATO), has completely resigned itself to solving national problems and solving burning problems of Czech citizens.

However, the war also caused an unprecedented wave of migration. Up to 400,000 refugees may arrive in the Czech Republic. In your opinion, will the Czech Republic be able to deal with it with dignity?

The question is how long the war in Ukraine will last and how long the refugees will stay in the Czech Republic. In the first phase, of course, there is a humanitarian need to take care of these people, who are mostly young children and women, almost like neighbors. The big question is what’s next. It is well known that a single wave of migration of more than 200,000 people from anywhere causes social, health and security problems. There is no point in lying that even these migrants will bring phenomena such as criminality or organized crime. In the 1990s, we managed to cope with the wave of migration caused by the war in the former Yugoslavia, which was around 100,000 people, most of whom returned home over time. If the scenario is similar, this wave can be managed, if not, problems await us in the future that our government should not hide or marginalize.

What do you think will be most difficult for the refugees and where do you think the government should focus its efforts even more?

As they say “another region – another moral”. Certainly another language is difficult, another environment and probably difficult to leave home. If the government wants to accept such a large number of people, it must have a place to put them (i.e. sufficient capacity). It is not possible for the government to want to move refugees into people’s homes and apartments. Solidarity and help yes, but everything has its limits. The government should also devote efforts to the problems of the Czech Republic, and now I am mainly talking about economic problems. The rise in energy, food, rent and fuel prices is indeed at its peak, and I still haven’t seen enough and maximum help from our government. On the contrary – I see no effort.

Thousands of children are also fleeing the war in their country, who are now gradually being integrated into our education. What is your personal experience with this and where do you think it is necessary to “push on the saw”.


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The government has promised sufficient funding for the schools. It is necessary to provide translators, funds to provide teachers for Czech lessons, because it is not possible to teach children fluent Czech during normal lessons. The maximum possible support for schools is necessary. However, we must not forget our Czech children, who have been at home for a long time for covid closures and who need, for example, school support, because distance learning was really not as good as the classical education.

However, the wave of refugees also divides public opinion to some extent. There are people who are angry with all Russian speakers, on the contrary, there is a large group of people who are afraid that Ukrainians will take their jobs, etc. How do you see this?

It is a sad task for some politicians and media to provoke anti-Russian hysteria, which often ventures, almost to apply the principle of collective guilt against Russians, who have nothing to do with Putin , or to label anyone, especially those, as “Russian cockroaches”. “. Interestingly, these Russophobes often include criticisms of the collective guilt of Germans after World War II. Perhaps evoke Petr Čech, whom the administrative moralists accuse of not spitting enough on his Russian employer, or Jarek Nohavica, to whom, as in the 1980s, the ideological administrators cancel and ban concerts again.

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