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Take a look at a situation where you want to buy a new smartphone and you don’t care about the brand. You only have certain requirements for the settings and possibly a price. So you go to the company’s online store, where you start looking for the ideal model for you. At Apple you have everything on a gold platter, at Samsung you will come across and you will be very concerned about which model is more equipped than the other.

When you look at Apple’s line of phones, it’s pretty straightforward. It currently starts with the iPhone 11, continues through the iPhone 12 and the new 3rd generation iPhone SE to the top in the form of the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro. The SE model is then stuck between the 12 and 13 series as the company ranks gear based on performance, and the 3rd gen SE does have the same A15 Bionic chip, which also beats the “thirteen” introduced last fall. . When you click on the individual models, i.e. iPhone 12, 13 or 13 Pro, you will find some specifications here and you will also be asked to buy, where you will choose a larger or smaller model (mini , Max). And that’s about it. It’s crisp and clear.

Apple has the advantage here of not having an extensive portfolio. After all, each year it usually presents only one range of its iPhones, while it offers them in several variants – in addition to the basic version, also in the mini, Pro and Pro Max versions. Of course, this year it will be a bit different, as we have a 3rd generation iPhone SE and there is still speculation as to whether the iPhone 14 will still have a mini version, or if Apple will abandon it. In all respects, however, such a small wallet is an advantage for the customer. He has nowhere to get lost here and is clearly following what he needs.

Samsung and its Galaxy phones

But now let’s look at the offer from Samsung, Apple’s biggest rival. It also offers its online store, where of course you can buy not only phones, but also tablets and other products such as appliances, TVs and AVs, etc. And it makes sense. However, if we focus exclusively on the mobile phone offer, we will come across quite a few here. First of all, you have to click on the list of series, which is not so troublesome. It is quite possible to deduce which series is the most equipped.

So the Galaxy M phones start from the left (the XCover didn’t make it to the main list), followed by the Galaxy A, Galaxy S, and Galaxy Z. The latter are the company’s folding solutions, the Galaxy S being its flagship in the field of classic smartphones. When you click on the Galaxy M series, you are clearly missing the mark and the price. The issue occurs with a number of Galaxy A models.

Galaxy A with and without 5G

Last week, the company introduced two new brackets called Galaxy A53 5G and Galaxy A33 5G. These are also referred to as news here. But the first costs 11,490 CZK, the second 8,990 CZK and the third is the Galaxy A52s 5G, which costs 11,490 CZK. It is therefore as expensive as one of the novelties, but it has a lower designation. So is he better or worse than the series’ leading newcomer?

And then there are the Galaxy A32 5G, A32, A22 5G and A22. The former is only CZK 1,000 cheaper than the new Galaxy A33 5G and at the same time a thousand CZK more expensive than the A32 model. Because it bears the 5G designation, one could judge that its added value is the support of 5th generation networks, but this is not a change. The A32 has a 64MPx camera, the A32 5G 48MP. So which is the best? The same goes for the A22 5G and A22. The price difference is 600 CZK, but the model with the 5G moniker has only three cameras, the model without 5G four. So how to choose which model to buy without a long comparison?

Galaxy S21 FE

For the Galaxy S series, the Galaxy S21 FE does a bit more of a mess. It is classified between Galaxy S22 and S21+, while it is cheaper than the two models mentioned, its equipment is also very different, it is just a model introduced after S21+ and before S22. But if S21 series mark 2021 and S22 mark 2022, Galaxy S21 FE was introduced in early 2022. So if the customer does not follow Samsung’s development and trend, he has a relatively difficult decision on which model to reach.

Samsung is the world’s largest smartphone retailer precisely because its models are more affordable – so we’re talking about the basic Galaxy M and A series. and you have to go into a more comprehensive comparison. Apple doesn’t have a wide range of iPhones at all, and that’s actually a good thing.

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