Home Design 3D Review: Professional Interior Design for Everyone

Are you furnishing your own house or apartment and thinking about how to furnish it? How about doing the design entirely on your iPad or iPhone? With Home Design 3D, it’s a matter of moments. Of course, there is also a 3D view in which you can virtually visualize your apartment or house.

Although tablets are designed primarily for fun and procrastination, there are also apps that can be very useful. Home Design 3D, reviewed today, can save you hours of time and gallons of sweat moving furniture around and finding its perfect location.

Who is Home Design 3D for?

If you are a professional architect, you definitely have a much better application on your computer. The app is aimed more at regular users who need to furnish a house or apartment, or just want to try out how it would look differently. It is also ideal for “confiscating” your wife if she wants to move half of the living room to say that everything must be returned. With the application, you can “earn” for many hours, just design your dream house, and there is some resemblance to the Sims game, but there are no virtual people present.

The application offers 2 view modes – two-dimensional, where you create a floor plan and place objects, and three-dimensional, where you complete ceilings, walls and floors, and most importantly enjoy your creation .

2D view

The two-dimensional view represents the floor plan of the rooms you want to furnish. You can create a room very easily, just choose a diamond-shaped icon with an arrow in the top bar, then just drag your finger anywhere on the “desktop”. Basically, the room is square or rectangular, dragging the corners can be any rhombic. The only limitation of the app is that the room cannot have round walls, however, not many people have a real house or a real apartment, so the vast majority of you won’t care.

As soon as you have a room or several rooms ready, it is time for the location of windows and doors, the second icon is used. After clicking on it, you will see a list of available windows and doors. To use a window or door, simply drag it to the wall where it should be.

The third icon with the chair symbol represents the main element that the application focuses on, namely furnishing the rooms with furniture. There are hundreds of types of furniture and more, divided into categories according to the rooms they are mainly intended for (living room, kitchen, etc.). Again, just slide the cabinet where you want it and turn it as you want.

3D view

The fourth icon in the top menu toggles between 3D and 2D views. In this view, you can modify the texture of the floor, the ceiling and the walls. Again, there are dozens of different pre-made patterns and colors to choose from. If none of this suits you, you can import your own texture. In addition to walls and floors, the texture can also be used on furniture, such as a TV picture.

The 3D view can be freely rotated, zoomed in and zoomed out. It also has a mode similar to FPS (first-person action) games, where you can walk around rooms and look around.

Freemium or paid version? Depends on you

You can find Home Design 3D app on App Store in three versions. The first is the Freemium version, which is available for free. You can use it as with the full version, but you cannot save your project. But it’s great for testing whether the app will be useful. If you opt for the full version, you can buy it directly as an application or use the in-app purchase in the Freemium version, the price is the same.

The full version contains a limited number of items that you can use to furnish an apartment or a house. If you want more items, you can buy them in sets of fifty. Further in the full version you will find several in-app purchases to change the look of the exteriors outside the house. However, if you mainly use the app just for interior decoration, you don’t need to buy exteriors, you will be happy with the basics. However, a much more important in-app feature is the ability to import your own texture, which you can then apply to a wall or floor, for example. The texture can be easily photographed with your phone at home or when picking up a material somewhere in the store.

The newest and most expensive version is GOLD, which has no in-app purchases, it includes everything the previous two versions offer for money. We tested this version on the iPhone 4 and iPad 3. It is on the iPad that working with the application is most comfortable thanks to the large screen.

The Android version is in preparation according to information from the manufacturer’s website.


The app is the best interior design app for iPhone and iPad. It is easy and intuitive to use, it can save you a lot of time when furnishing or renovating the equipment of an apartment or a house. Instead of moving the furniture, just slide your finger across the screen. Last year it received an award from Apple as one of the best creative apps for iOS. And how do you like it?

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