He peeked out of the season bed. I can’t believe it’s over, sorry Klikorka Hokej.cz

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For the first time in history, they dominated the base part of the Premier League. However, Litoměřice dropped out in the quarter-finals with Prostějov 1:3 for the matches. Both teams battled the virus, for example, defender Karel Klikorka watched everything from bed starting in the third game. In the interview he assesses the season and also talks about the descent of Ústí nad Labem.

Generali Czech takes on TELH

The 20-year-old defender, who played in two junior championships, had an interesting year and will never forget it. He started at Sokolov, but he didn’t have as many opportunities here and he didn’t do very well.

Meanwhile, last year he started in eleven matches for Mladá Boleslav in the extra-league.

“Fortunately, I received an offer from Litoměřice and she left,” he welcomed his November transfer from Sokolov in an interview.

Suddenly he was the backbone and scored 16 points in 25 games. What a few attackers would pay. Everything sat down, he and the club did well.


After a great base game, a quick finish against the Hawks. “Just because someone wins the base game doesn’t mean they’ll succeed in the playoffs,” he describes disappointedly.

“We had temperatures, coughs. ‘Unfortunately we had the flu. I’m sorry, there’s nothing you can do about it.’

“It just came to our knowledge at that time. The virus also played a part in it, I personally fought it until Thursday. But it’s a huge disappointment. I can’t believe that it’s over and I think I speak for all the boys,” he adds.

Karel Klikorka

defender, 20 years old

“href=” https://hokej.cz/hrac/3810190 “> Klikorka.

What state were you in?
We can say that it marked the whole team. I would say a line and a half couldn’t start the first game. Then we tried to do something about it. We had temperatures, coughs… Unfortunately, we had the flu. I’m sorry, there’s nothing you can do about it.

How were you personally? You didn’t start the series after Game 2.
I woke up in the morning, I had a fever 39 – I was lying and trying to bring it down. It did not work. I couldn’t play on Monday, that was out of the question. I was thinking about the next match, but I had a terrible headache and I couldn’t play. I’m all the more sorry that I couldn’t help the team.

“I was thinking about the next game, but I had a terrible headache and couldn’t play.”

I hear that even from your voice, you are not fully fit yet.
Yes, it’s much better now (The interview took place on Friday March 18 – editor’s note) I have a cold, but it’s not terrible.

When you weren’t playing, did you only watch the matches on television?
From the bed and on the cell phone. (smiling)

And how was it?
Well, I kept my fists hard to make it work and to extend the season. To make Game 5 worse… (breathes heavily) It’s a big disappointment, I was very uncomfortable. But we won’t do that anymore.

Photo: Jan Gebauer, hokejprerov.cz

So you experienced the elimination itself without a team. Was it even worse?
I would rather be with the boys…I think everyone was bad about it. I don’t know, I’m wrong on that. Holt loses and it ends.

To the series itself. There were a lot of goals in it, in three of the four matches there were at least ten…
It’s a lot. This is because both clubs had good forwards and good attacking backs. Because of that, a lot of goals were scored and it was an attractive hockey for the spectators.

But it probably wasn’t pleasant for the coaches.
Not for us either. We wanted to play for the fewest goals. How many times has there been such a concert, which is not so good for coaches and players.

“How many times has there been such a concert, which is not so good for coaches and players.”

Did Prostějov surprise you with anything? He played on the table in the middle of the season, but he still has some experienced players on the roster.
Yes, he definitely did. But the base game is one thing and the playoffs another. They have a quality team, but I think we were well prepared. Too bad the first game didn’t score any goals. I think the game was in our hands… We won the second match clearly 7:3. Then, unfortunately, it happened like that. But they didn’t have much to surprise us with.

Vsetín, Třebíč and Dukla also fell in the opening matches of the quarter-finals. Did you watch it?
I don’t know about you guys, but I was watching. But that would come as a surprise… I think it’s also because a lot of teams weren’t playing very well. Those who made the preliminary round had an advantage. I guess it’s decided.

Always virus. Prostějov also had it and the club owner said some players had to play drops as well.
I read it. But if one of them was sick, I’m sorry. Obviously they did better. We were less well off, at that time, the family environment also played a role. Everything can be invented better and you can also relax better. It’s my opinion. Maybe everyone is fine too. Health comes first.

The virus also affected Vítkovice or Kometa in the extra league. It’s a bit too much this year.
It happened in almost a day. We started falling. We don’t know exactly what it was. It wasn’t Covid, we were all tested. I guess there’s a flu.

“It just came to our knowledge at that time. Maybe everyone is fine too. Health comes first.”

It’s even more unfortunate for you that this year the competition is very balanced. You could have a fight on the dam…
I am okay. We had the highest goals. But we won’t affect it if our whole team is in bad shape. It annoys us, sorry, but that’s the way it is.

However, the basic part was incredibly successful for you.
It’s been an incredible journey since I came from Sokolov. Great group… We also had a wonderful winning streak (The stadium has won 15 games in a row – editor’s note). I really enjoyed it and will remember it all my life. It was really amazing – the fans and everyone were cheering us on. It was great, it’s a shame just the playoffs.

How do you explain that everything went so well?
You just sat down. (smiling) In the cabin we were good with each other, we had a good relationship, the coaches were great and knew exactly when to push or when to let go. Thanks to all that, it looked so good.

“It’s been an amazing race since I came from Sokolov. I’ll remember it all my life.”

You mentioned that you started the year at Sokolov. But you didn’t do very well there. Why?
I came there in the summer under the direction of Mr. Hamar, who then received an offer from Sparta. Mr. Štrba replaced him, everything was fine. Then we started playing the season and I stopped having so much space after the first game. Then I didn’t play much and kept the ice time for about ten minutes. I was the seventh back and started to take care of what and how to do it. Fortunately, I received an offer from Litoměřice and it worked.

In the end, you couldn’t have made a better choice.
Exactly. (smiling) I had a great course, there were great fans, everything was fine. It was definitely a good decision.

Photo: Karel Švec, hc-slavia.cz

You have also started to prosper. You’ve successfully jumped on the bandwagon, haven’t you?
Yes, I mostly started playing and the coaches believed me. My performance increased and I was able to start showing what I can do. I was authorized to do so.

Last year you finished the season at Ústí nad Labem. But who has just relegated to the second division. Did it hit you?
I watched every game… I will never forget Ústí. I went there two seasons in a row. They taught me adult hockey and let me have a look at it. I liked everyone there, I’m so sorry. I hope they come back next year, for example. It’s another big disappointment and it’s really sorry.

On the contrary, Sokolov is in the semi-finals. What are your chances?
There is a great team. I won’t leave the boys, the hut is very nice there too. I wish them good luck – fingers crossed for them! I will keep an eye on everything.

“Some things are still being worked on, I can’t say exactly where I will be yet. See you soon…

You are still a player of Mladá Boleslav, for which you have already played. The extra league is still a big goal for the future, isn’t it?
Yes, every player wants to progress and improve. I want it too. We’ll see what and how it will be.

And next year?
For now, some things are being addressed, I can’t say exactly where I will be yet. Goodbye…

When you are fully recovered, what do you plan to do in your free time?
I really want to go out for a few days. Better with a girlfriend, it takes rest. So I’m going to get ready. But I will also go fishing when the weather is nice. I love that. I go to carp. When I come to the water, I really want to rest. So I launch and I wait. (smiling)

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