Czechia ready for debate on Polish proposal for peacekeeping mission, says Černochová – ČT24 – Czech Television

“I will lead the debate on support for Poland’s proposal with the president and members of the government,” Fiala said. Polish Deputy Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski also spoke about the proposal this week during his visit to Kyiv. He visited the bombed Ukrainian capital with Fiala, Morawiecki and Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa. According to the German press, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz opposed sending a similar mission on Wednesday.

Chernoch stressed that it was unclear whether Poland’s proposed move would be in line with international law.

“The only one who can send blue helmets to Ukraine at the moment is the UN Security Council. Everyone would like to do that. Unfortunately, if the Security Council is designed in such a way that the aggressor can oppose itself on the basis of a veto and therefore not allow this humanitarian aid, then a solution that is not standard must also be sought”, Černochová said.

According to his Slovak minister, Naï will wait for a specific proposal. “At this point, I can’t imagine what it should look like,” he said. He added that NATO would do everything in its power not to give Russia any excuse to attack any member country of the Alliance.

At the end of the meeting, the ministers also welcomed the cooperation between the two countries. “The positions of our countries are clear and very strong regarding the support of Ukraine, not only with military equipment, but also with humanitarian equipment,” Chernochova said. The two ministers also agreed that they would like to cooperate in the purchase of military equipment or jointly participate in tenders announced by other countries.

Good relations

She also pointed out that it was a big task for her to push 2% of GDP on defence. “We must not delay the rearmament of our armies, it was too late yesterday. We want to get the best for our soldiers and our defence,” she said.

The Slovak minister thanked him for sending Czech soldiers. “It is a clear signal not only of good relations, but also of the alliance that the Czech Republic has shown,” he said. He also mentioned the help of Czech troops in building a tent city for refugees.

As part of the Russian aggression in Ukraine, up to 650 Czech soldiers are to arrive in Slovakia due to the reinforcement of NATO’s eastern wing. The measure has already been approved by the Senate, and the Chamber of Deputies is expected to approve the event next week.

According to Černochová, the precise number of soldiers and the deadlines will still be discussed. However, it should be units of the tank battalion of the seventh mechanized brigade, paratroopers and a platoon of drones or logistics. According to Nada, the first soldiers should arrive in the coming weeks.

Deputy Minister of Defense František Šulc said that the unit should operate from April, it will be added in a few months to achieve full action.

Moral and practical significance

According to former Slovak general Pavel Mack, the event has great moral and practical significance. “It is important that the troops come at this time and demonstrate the Alliance’s determination to defend together and face various challenges. It is also a message within the Slovak Republic that NATO will not let us in and that we are allies,” Macko said. He sees the practical significance in the fact that Alliance troops are clearly pointing towards Russia, where the NATO line already begins. He also mentioned that the soldiers will not only train, but participate in the accomplishment of ongoing tasks.

“Our National Council is currently negotiating legislation to prepare for the situation if something unpredictable happens and the situation worsens. In order to have clear command relationships,” explained the former general.

According to Czech television correspondent Petr Obrovsky, the Czechs should take over the command of this multinational combat group, while providing military police and providing logistics. Earlier there was talk that soldiers should include cybersecurity experts.

However, it is not yet clear where and how the individual units will be deployed. “However, these should be well-known areas – Záhoří in the west, some of them will be deployed in central Slovakia in the Zvolen district, some of them should also be in the east near the town of Humenné,” Obrovský said.

Czechia will also send Ukrainian firefighters, four platforms and protective suits, helmets and breathing apparatus as gifts to Ukrainian firefighters, Interior Minister Vít Rakušan (STAN) said. The Embassy of Ukraine buys a thousand bulletproof vests for firefighters from a collection in the Czech Republic. According to the Austrian, sending help to firefighters in Ukraine is only a matter of days. Kyiv Mayor Vitaly Klitschko on Thursday requested firefighting equipment. Server List News said kyiv needed fire ladders or breathing masks.

“I have information that an additional request has come, not directly from the mayor (Vitaliy Klitschko), but directly from the fire brigade in Ukraine. It is possible that other technologies will be added. Help could leave very soon, in the next few days,” the Austrian said on Friday afternoon.

According to the Slovak minister, the question of possible financial aid from the EU to the countries affected by the Ukrainian refugee crisis is also legitimate. “The pressure on individual countries is enormous,” Nai said. Černochová added that if there was a possibility of withdrawing funds from EU funds, Czechia would ask for financial assistance.

Dispute with Russia over the defense system

He also reiterated that he was ready to supply Ukraine with the S-300 defense system, on the condition of compensation. “First and foremost I am the Minister of the Slovak Republic and I am interested in the defense and security of our citizens. It is simply a fact,” he said, adding that the Allies were discussing the alternative he could get.

“The system is originally Russian. It’s practically unrealistic to get spare parts or upgrade it or take care of it. That’s also the reason to get rid of all Russian technology, because it only causes us problems”, added the Slovak minister.

Moscow has already defended itself against the delivery of the S-300 missile defense. According to local Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, Moscow will not allow Ukraine to take over the missile system. The Russian military would view it as an arms shipment and a legitimate target to try to destroy. The Slovak Minister of Defense strongly opposed these remarks.

“I don’t care what messages someone from Moscow sends, as they say. I think in Moscow they should realize that the period when they thought they could rule our countries and determine our future was long gone,” Nad said.He also drew attention to instances where Russia, which is currently a war aggressor, had the courage to assess other countries, their foreign policy and domestic decisions.

Already on Thursday, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin arrived in Slovakia, but he did not confirm that the United States would provide compensation to Slovakia.

“The effort to get rid of dependence on Russia in air defense concerns not only the S-300 air system, but also the MiG-29, which Slovakia has in its arsenal, they also depend supplies from Russian companies and the service of Russian technicians, and Slovakia wants them as soon as possible to get rid of them.The problem also occurs with F-16 aircraft from the United States, because deliveries will come later than planned – in two years. So Slovakia needs to bridge the gap in air defense and airspace coverage,” Obrovský explained.

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