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He told the White House chief that interstate relations could not turn into confrontation. According to him, conflicts and confrontations have no interest. The Chinese president also noted that “the crisis in Ukraine is something we don’t want to see.”

“As permanent members of the UN Security Council and as the world’s two largest economies, we have a duty not only to steer China-US relations in the right direction, but also to shoulder our responsibilities. international organizations and to fight for peace and tranquility in the world,” said Si.

He identified “the continuation of dialogue and negotiations, avoiding civilian casualties, preventing a humanitarian crisis, ending the fighting and ending the war as soon as possible” as his main priorities with regard to Ukraine. According to the Japanese agency Kyodo, he also told Biden that China did not agree with sanctions against Russia and that he hoped there would be no second Cold War.

The conversation between the two leaders lasted nearly two hours. According to the White House, Biden described to the Chinese president what the consequences of Chinese material support for Russia would be. The White House said it still feared Beijing might decide to support Moscow militarily and said it would follow that example.

The US official, who briefed reporters on the content of the call, said the interview was “direct, factual and detailed”, Reuters reports. According to the same source, Biden told President Si that China would suffer consequences not only from the United States but also from the rest of the world if Russia materially supported the war in Ukraine. “We will see what decisions China makes in the days and weeks to come,” the official said.

US Deputy Foreign Secretary Wendy Sherman said Beijing should be on the right side of history and should not relieve the Kremlin financially or otherwise.

They also talked about Taiwan

The phone call from the presidents was also about Taiwan. China regards Taiwan as its rebel province and has stepped up military activities near the island. This has raised fears in Washington and Taipei that Beijing may choose to follow Russia’s lead and use military force against Taiwan, Reuters reports. According to the US official, Biden reiterated to his Chinese counterpart that US support for Taiwan remains strong. According to Kyodo, he warned that “not addressing the Taiwan issue would have a disruptive impact on bilateral relations.”

China presented itself as a neutral actor in the Ukrainian crisis and refused to condemn Russia for invading the country, but at the same time did not actively support this aggression in Ukraine. According to information from the American intelligence services, to which the American media refer, Moscow has requested financial and military assistance from Beijing in recent days. Chinese officials called it disinformation.

Even before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Putin and Si announced the conclusion of a comprehensive strategic partnership aimed at combating the influence of the United States. They said their countries would have “no ‘prohibited’ areas of cooperation”.

Fürst: China has no reason to enter the conflict

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken has previously said the United States would not hesitate to intervene if China supported Russian aggression.

According to sinologist Rudolf Fürst of the Institute of International Relations, from China’s perspective, the war in Ukraine is a geopolitical conflict between the United States and Russia in Eastern Europe, and China has no no rational reason to take an active part in it.

“The ideological reasons for Russia’s intersection with Asia and the creation of a counterweight to American hegemony in the world play a role here. But Russia cannot expect China to involved in a conflict in which it has no interest, “said the sinologist. “It is to be expected that Putin will ask China for support that China can hardly afford. I think the Chinese position will be uncertain and Beijing will maneuver. »

Chinese investments in Ukraine under threat

In addition, China has significant economic and political ties with Ukraine and the protracted conflict is unpleasant for it in this regard. “China has invested and lent around eight billion dollars there and has a number of big projects there,” says Fürst.

Ambassador to Lviv Fan Xien-jung even said that China would never attack Ukraine, but rather indicated possible economic aid to the invaded state. These statements were interpreted as a cautious distancing from Putin’s regime and a sign of support for Ukraine.

According to Fürst, however, this is not an ideological position. “It just came to our knowledge at that time. Because Ukraine is really China’s strategic partner,” he says. “If I compare it with other Central and Eastern European countries who also have a strategic partnership with China, we can say about Ukraine that it is really not an empty word, it is really a very relevant partnership. China has its own people there, there are several thousand Chinese. They don’t want to sever ties with Ukraine. Ukraine is multilaterally involved in the Eurasian Belt and Trail project, and China is building ports and rail links there. For Ukraine to be shattered by war simply does not suit China. »

According to the sinologist, we can therefore expect active or “maintenance” diplomacy against kyiv. But China does not want to get involved in the conflict because it would pay more for it than Russia, now devastated by sanctions.

Chinese scholars warn

Despite the indications, however, Beijing’s approach is basically the same and very general. Jinping phoned Putin, but did not speak to the Ukrainian president. China itself is undermining its efforts to act as a neutral by supporting Russian conspiracies.

Some Chinese scholars point out that Moscow’s support is a tactical mistake. In an unusually heartfelt essay, which was immediately censored, Chu Wei, vice president of the Public Policy Research Center of the State Council Advisory Office, wrote that it could worsen China’s position: and get rid of of the Russian burden as soon as possible. »

In a year when Si is expected to break tradition, accept a third term and extend the government indefinitely, a turnaround in the Ukraine crisis is unlikely.

China indicates its interest in becoming a mediator in the peace negotiations. However, he has little experience in resolving international crises. Foreign policy is essentially an extension of national priorities, the most important of which is ensuring the regime’s safe survival.

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