Children with Down syndrome teach us about love

“Society still doesn’t know much about these people, who are born in their 50s, and places them in the group of mentally handicapped people, when they are clearly skilful and talented individuals,” continues the mother of two daughters, recalling that in the trio Besides Prague and Brno, the help centers also include České Budějovice.

It is pleased to present the talented 16-year-old Anežka Marušincová from Budějovice, whose double-sided book Anežčino bystro / Anežčino bistro contains fairy tales on one side and the author’s observations, ideas and thoughts on the other’s life. The fairy tale part was illustrated by Eliška Ivanová, the thoughts of the company girl Ovečka Zuzana Jarošová.

“When I was expecting my first baby girl, the doctors told me she would have Down syndrome,” recalls Jana Jarošová. “I was scared and scared. So I said it so loud that I would keep it, and since then I have had peace. Then Johanka was born, and she was healthy.

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painter and actress

The second daughter had to be born. “Zuzka was born on February 12, 1998. An hour and a half after giving birth, they told me that she had genetic changes. The next day, the husband was told that she had Down syndrome. They told her said that she would be disinterested, uneducated and that she would not even be able to walk. They say that the best thing will be to put her in an institution, “recalled the mother of the family to the so-called well-targeted medical opinion, which yet was out of the question.

“Today, Zuzka is a talented painter and has already exhibited paintings at the South Bohemian Gallery in Aleš as part of the Alšovka Workshop exhibition. Together with Eliška Ivanová they organized an exhibition of paintings in Borovany. There is also a drama ensemble in Budějovice, with which actresses with Down syndrome Anežka, Eliška, Terezka and Zuzka have performed on several occasions. And I would like to mention Jirka Šedý, writer and painter from Kadaň, who is the author of several books and exhibitions and has been cooperating with us for many years”, and calculates the titles he has written. “For example. a select sample from the book Sensitivity of the Colored Sun proves that these people definitely have something to tell us. “

House sparrow.

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Courage to families

Jana Jarošová knows this from her own parenting experience and therefore points out that people with DS have much greater potential than expected. “It really depends on their family and the environment in which they grow up. And the possibilities of the child, because each of them is original, and therefore cannot be framed by a meter,” says Jana Jarošová, adding that the children attend regular and special schools, depending on the choice of the family. “Children with Down syndrome are nice, so it is not difficult to accept. These children teach us about love,” she found more than 20 years ago and urges others with similar destinies not to despair and have children before birth. “When parents have enough information, it is easier for them to decide to keep and raise the disabled child. It is important to have a plan from birth. The light you follow. This is why enlightenment is so important. Not only for the parents of these children, but it is also necessary to influence the majority society”, emphasizes Jana Jarošová.

Contented children living in a loving environment really give it to him.

Did you know that…

… Down syndrome (DS) is caused by an accidental misalignment of genetic material? The extra chromosome can come from both the father and the mother, it is a genetic accident for which neither parent is responsible.

About 50 children with DS are born each year? However, the birth of most others will prevent the abortion mothers choose upon prenatal diagnosis of the defect.

… Is there no equivalent compensation for the natural development of the child in the family? As a child with DS develops in his home environment, it determines his future life and acceptance by society.

… Ovečka’s effort is to help parents with children to develop DS as much as possible, so that they can then integrate as much as possible into mainstream society?


Ovečka, ops, Plachého 272/25, 370 01 České Budějovice, director Jana Jarošová, e-mail:, tel. 739 600 197.

A fairy tale about the sad King Bohuslav

Anežka Marušincová

He was once king when he started to rule, he was 25 years old. And the king had a daughter, Princess Zuzanka. She is only 17 years old. And the king was very sad because he wanted to celebrate his daughter’s 18th birthday and there were still no guests. And Zuzanka still comforted the king that she would call the scouts to get on the horses and they would get there. And as she said, she did. And the guests arrived. The boys themselves. great princes. The youngest Prince Jaroslav, who was 21, fell in love with her when he saw her in a beautiful white dress and shiny golden shoes and a crown on her head. The king clinked an empty glass with a spoon, and everyone looked at the king. He stood up and said, “My daughter, Princess Zuzanka, is 18 years old and I want you to tell her how much you love her. Come on, there you are.” Jaroslav approached and said, “ I love you, Zuzanka,” and he grabbed her and started kissing her.

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