Bohemia Interactive Fully Introduces Enfusion Engine

Studio Bohemia Interactive fully featured today a new game engine called Enfusion. We’ve heard about it many times in the past, most recently a few months ago when the first official screenshots were released, and the new engine’s rendering and animation techniques can be found in DayZ Survival for many years. But a proper introduction of technology is coming now.

Engine Enfusion was established in Bohemia Interactive branches in Prague, Brno and Mníšek pod Brdy for 4 years, while, according to a press release the ideas for its creation and some basic elements date back to 2014. A team of 30 developers are currently working on the development of the engine, and in terms of time, investment and human resources, the creators describe it as the most important Bohemia Interactive project of recent times.

As we know from the past, Enfusion is to power future games from Bohemia Interactive and is a cross-platform engine that, in addition to PC, also supports PlayStation and Xbox consoles.. On PC and Xbox, it offers full DirectX 12 support. The base is the C++ programming language with a high-level scripting extension, called Enforce. It’s about OOP scripting language that we could already encounter in DayZ.

If you’re familiar with the Enforce label, chances are you’ll find an older game engine under the same name that powers games like Naval Air Command: Mission Gaea Where Take on Mars. When, after all, the development of Enfusion was first hinted at, the developers of Bohemia Interactive did not hide the fact that the combination of Enforce and Real Virtuality engines was at its birthwhich powers the Arma series games.

Shaders written in HLSL are used for rendering, and the developers promise that the audiovisual design of games built on the new engine will keep pace with the times. Which is easy to believe by looking at the first screenshots and the trailer. Optimizing the use of modern processors and graphics cards will then allow future titles to run smoothly and render frequencies to be stable even during demanding simulations. This promise is most likely Bohemia Interactive’s response to frequent player complaints Army 3who often blame insufficient or incorrect CPU usage for unsatisfactory performance.

The creators also made a proper effort network code improvements to ensure a better multiplayer experience. However, in the past, games from Bohemia Interactive were not only about multiplayer, good graphics and questionable optimization. They’ve always been synonymous with generous modding support, and Enfusion is clearly not ashamed of it. One of its main advantages is to be clarity and friendliness for developers who can easily modify game or developed mode attributes using the Enfusion Workbench toolkit.

Community content creators will get their hands on it the same professional tools used by Bohemia Interactive developers. Specifically, the Enfusion Workbench modules include the following tools:

  • World Editor – virtual worlds of Bohemia Interactive are created there
  • Particle editor – visual effects editor
  • Animation editor – editor for configuring character and object animations
  • Script editor – A place to write and debug scripts in the Enforce language
  • audio editor – editor to connect audio effects and music
  • Behavior editor – editor to define the behavior of characters controlled by the game (AI)
  • Procedural Animation Editor – Editor for simpler, game-controlled animations
  • Channel editor – editor for language localizations
  • Layout editor – editor to create game user interface
  • and more

Enfusion Workbench is also closely tied to Bohemia Interactive’s back-end systems, which also include the workbench itself. It therefore serves as robust tool not only for development, but also for mod composition and distribution, for all games running on the Enfusion Engine. This means, among other things, that creators will no longer have to rely on external solutions such as Steam Workshop. However, the question of whether all this will allow mods to be available on consoles will still have to be answered..

In any case, the development of the Enfusion engine is not yet finished and its progressive evolution remains Bohemia Interactive’s main priority. The good news at least is that the engine itself, along with developer tools and user documentation, will soon be released to the general public and the whole gift will come with i the first official playable demo engine benefits.

This plan seems to be in line with the statement of Marek Španán, founder and CEO of Bohemia Interactive, who said earlier this year that The development of Bohemia Interactive’s future games, including another part of the Arma series, will not be possible without cooperation with the community.. So it looks like the creators want to bring Enfusion to fans as soon as possible and in the most complete form possible. facilitate and accelerate the emergence of new modes, allowing modders to familiarize themselves with new technologies before any full-fledged Enfusion title hits the market.

Marek Španěl also commented on the unveiling of the Enfusion engine: “Since the creation of Bohemia Interactive 22 years ago, we have always preferred to use our own in-house engine. No other engine available on the market allowed us to create the games we wanted, simulations with detailed physics operating on the scale of a massive open world that players and communities can easily adapt to their image. Nothing has changed. However, our aging Real Virtuality engine, used in our Arma 3 title, has increasingly reached its technological limits. Enfusion, on the other hand, is ready to meet the technological challenges of the future and will, without exaggeration, shape the shape of our games in the next decade. »

The question remains as to what exactly can be hidden under the first official playable show. Already since the beginning of the year there has been speculation about a project called Arma: Reforgeprovide a return to the original era Operations in Flashpointsdistributed today under the name Arma: Cold War Assaulta Environment of Everon Islandwhich we first visited in Flashpoint. In the end, can Reforger be a set of content inspired by Operation Flashpoint, which will mainly serve to increase awareness of the community in Enfusion? It certainly cannot be ruled out.

The existence of the project has still not been confirmed, but the first official screenshots and previews of the Enfusion engine come from an environment that can be safely identified as the Isle of Everon from Operation Flashpoint. It’s not just that the terrain is obvious inspired by the Czech Republic, as evidenced by a view of the woods, the interior of the pub or a mountain hut with the inscription Horník. Most important screenshot in which it is not difficult to recognize the pass on the coast, which offers the castle or the villages of Saint Pierre and Vernon. Hopefully, then, Everon will be part of the aforementioned playable demo, as experimenting with the engine in such a charming and familiar environment would certainly be able to provide an interesting experience.


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