After fifty years together, they said yes again

Celebrating fifty years together by renewing the wedding vow in the church of St. Jakub in Prachatice came as a surprise for the couple from Buzice. “It just came to our knowledge at that time. The day before, Růženka told me that neither the son nor the other daughter would come, that they had a lot of work to do. golden wedding than in a small family circle. But it was strange for me that none of the children called, my husband and I began to believe that something was going on, because they had already prepared a similar surprise,” laughs Ms. Růžena.

Although every wedding anniversary is something special for every married couple, fifty years remains a very important moment. “Fifty is always a turning point, it’s like age. Yet fifty years together is a big part of life and we were lucky to grow old together, but it was more fun when we were young,” he added.

Golden wedding anniversary of the Buzickýs:The joint 50-year journey through life began for Růžena and Vladimír Buzický with an acquaintance in Hracholusky. And on February 19, 1966, love was confirmed at first sight by the common yes at two ceremonies, in the civil office of Vlachov Březí’s office and in the church church there. Their daughter Lenka was born in the same year, five years later a son Vladimír, and in 1977 a daughter Růžena. They are also delighted with their three grandchildren, eldest granddaughter Magdalena and grandchildren Vladimír and youngest Josef. Although both are from southern Bohemia, each comes from a different corner. Mr Vladimír from Mišovice u Čimelic, Ms Růžena from Vlachov Březí. They spent most of their lives in Prachatice, although they spent the first years together in Staré Prachatice. Mr. Vladimír worked in agriculture, where he still helps Mrs. Růžena all her life as a clerk. They already spent their pension together alternately in Prachatice and in Mrs. Růžena’s birthplace in Vlachov Březí. The renewal of the marriage vow took place on February 20, 2016 in the Church of St. James in Prachatice. Mrs. Růžena Buzická brought to the ceremony a bouquet of seven white carnations which she held in her hand on her wedding day.

Růžena and Vladimír lived their wedding anniversary only one day after their first significant day. “It just came to our knowledge at that time. It was much colder then, although there was no snow at that time,” Ms Růžena recalls. There was a lot of icing at the time. It was feared that they would arrive at the wedding in time, but everyone arrived and in order,” Mr Vladimír added.

That after that first meaningful day, when they said their first Yes, they would celebrate their golden wedding anniversary and confirm their relationship with their second Yes, perhaps announced a moment just before the wedding. “Before my parents and family left, it was customary for them to drink. Cognac spilled into the glasses, and as usual in the village, the glasses were taken out of the secretary, little inspected, and poured in. But in one of them someone hid a gold tooth, which no one noticed until one of the guests took it out of his mouth after a toast. Who knows, maybe he brought us luck,” recalls Mr. Vladimir.

Among the most important moments, Ms. Růžena ranks a truly fresh experience. “Of course, the fact that my husband thanked me on Friday evening for the beautiful fifty years spent together really pleased me, it probably did not happen to me all the time,” says Ms Růžena. For Mr. Vladimír, the most beautiful moments were always connected with children.” “Children are everything. We have three, so in our case, we can say our marriage was just blossoming,” he said.

All the children, two daughters and a son, were still born to the Buzickýs after about five years. But the most pampered, according to both spouses, was the youngest daughter Růžena. “On the one hand, she was the last and on the other hand, she stayed with us the longest. The first daughter and the first son left home at the age of fourteen to go to boarding school and then to college. Růženka, because she went to high school in Prachatice high school, was at home until she was eighteen, so we were able to take advantage of that,” Ms. Růžena confesses.

The Buzičs paid attention and love to the three children, although, as Mr. Vladimír says, they paid the most attention to their eldest daughter Lenka. “Maybe it’s because we got married very young. I was just over nineteen and my husband was twenty-two. Maybe that’s why we paid a lot of attention in Lenka. “But it’s true that we had a little easier with education, so there weren’t as many attractions for children as there are today. But we never had a lot of problems with the children, we are all the happier that we were able to offer them all a university degree, which not everyone will pass,” Ms Růžena added.

Lasting together in a fifty-year marriage requires not only great love, but also a great deal of humility, trust and tolerance. “During those fifty years, there were times when you said, no, I can’t take it anymore. But it always passed. We were both raised in families where responsibility, tolerance and mutual respect have been built. I have to say that we have benefited from this gift from our parents many times in our lives,” Ms. Růžena stressed, adding that difficult times are a part of life and it is very important to know how each is brought up to deal with it.

If they had to say which of the two in their marriage is the one who was the most angry and forgave the most often, they both admit that it was half and half. “Love, tolerance and respect are important for a marriage to last. And it is very important to solve even more difficult times together and, as they say, with a cool head,” adds Vladimír.

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