10 celebrities you may not know have children in need of special care

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March 8, 2022 7:04 p.m.

Catherine Scorsone

The Canadian Surgeons actress has daughter Paloma, whom she’s been showing off to the world since she was on social media. Paloma was born in 2016 and since then Caterina has been the voice of parents of children with Down syndrome and talks about it openly and not only on the networks. “Pippa is different. Just like you and I are different. “Pippa has needs that are specific to how her body was created, and I have those that require mine,” the actress, who was scared at first because she knew nothing about the disorder, but very quickly she felt that her differences were in tune with her life and the whole family.

Amanda Booth

The model and actress has been known in recent years for her work to raise awareness of Down syndrome and inclusion of people with special needs. She even won the Quincy Jones Exceptional Advocacy Award. She was drawn to this job by raising her six-year-old son, Micah, who was born with Down syndrome and autism. She reportedly felt the need to speak out loud for the first time when she came home from work where she saw other mothers with children, and as she told People magazine, she thought to herself: “Why is no one asking me to come with a child?” She says of her son that he is a barometer who, in every room he enters, awakens benevolence in people by being cordial.

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Toni Braxton

The singer has two sons. Her young Diesel was diagnosed with autism when she was three years old. Toni was educated on the best way to raise her son and give him the right upbringing, and today Diesel is a successful model who has signed up with one of the biggest modeling agencies and has a large audience on Instagram.

Sylvester Stallone (75)

The famous actor has a badass role, but his life hasn’t been a walk in the rose garden either. Her eldest son, Sage, died of a heart attack aged 36, and her second son had to learn how to care for a child with special needs. His son Seargeoh was diagnosed with autism at a very young age, to which the actor once told People magazine: “We have to accept Seargeoh for who he is and understand that his approach to life is calmer and more sober. Life isn’t just about sunglasses and blockbuster movies. Reality matters.” Seargeoh appeared as a baby in Rocky 2 as a baby.

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Katie Price (43)

No matter how many people think of a model addicted to plastic surgery, she is above all a devoted mother of her five children. And with one, it was more complicated from the start than with the others. Her son Harvey was born in 2002 and diagnosed with autism, blindness and Prader-Willi syndrome. This disorder is characterized by the fact that the person who suffers from it does not know when he has had enough and continues to eat, which leads to obesity and type 2 diabetes. Katie is proud of her son and shows it constantly both on Instagram and taking it to official events. “I saw you grow into a beautiful man. My Harvey, I love you and I would change the world for you,” the model wrote of one of the photos.

John McGinley

With his first wife, a well-known actor from the series Scrubs: Doctors has a son, Max, who has Down syndrome. Since birth, John has raised awareness of the disease and, like model Amanda Booth, won the Quincy Jones Exceptional Advocacy Award a few years earlier for his efforts. The beginnings with a descendant with special needs were not easy for him. “For the first few months, it felt like someone had hit us with a space hammer. But sooner or later, you have to do something and calmly say an aggressive verb about what you’re going to do with your life.” For Max, who seems to be saying, ‘You gotta do something for me, take your worries away, dad, I’m here,'” the actor said in a CBC television interview.

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Colin Farrel

Did you know that even a tough handsome man from Ireland has a son with special needs at home? Her eldest son James, who turned 18 last year, has a genetic condition called Angelman Syndrome. It is a rare genetic disease caused by a lesion of chromosome 15 that a child inherits from its mother. The main manifestations include delayed psychomotor development, mental retardation, seizures and stiff walking. Children with this disorder also often laugh, which is why it is sometimes called happy child syndrome. Colin is also involved with charitable foundations to promote awareness of Angelman Syndrome. “When you’re a parent of a child with special needs, it’s important to know and feel that you’re not alone,” the actor told Radar Online of his work with the foundation.

Christopher Gorham

Asperger’s syndrome was diagnosed at the age of 9 with the eldest son of a popular serial actor (Ugly Betty, Insatiable, In Secret, 2 Socks). “It’s disturbing to hear that something is wrong with your child,” the Disability Scoop actor said a while ago. Christopher noticed his son drifting further and further away from him, and as soon as he and his wife heard the diagnosis, they all went through intensive care together. He reportedly saw a big bright spot in that he suddenly saw his wife as a superhero as he watched him do it all. They have two other children together.

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Gary Cole

The serial actor and also a popular dabber of animated characters has a daughter with ex-wife Teddi Siddall, who was diagnosed with autism when she was two years old. “She didn’t process information like you or me, and she couldn’t pick up on social stimuli,” Gary told People magazine years ago. Mary’s daughter went to therapy and had a personal assistant at school who helped her attend regular primary and secondary school. “Look for answers the sooner the better,” Gary advises parents who may have children with special needs.

Jenny McCarthy

The former Playmate, whose modeling career began in 1993, is a huge supporter of people with autism. Her son Evan was diagnosed at the age of two when Jenny saw him stop talking and start ignoring the world around him. As she says, children with autism look within, not around. She was educated to care for an autistic child, established recommended household food rules, and learned how to bring a child back to play, and now, as she says in interviews, is a fully functioning person.

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