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Malvína Pachlová aka Šárka Pospíšilova

In the series, she plays cafe Šárka, who has not yet met the real one, but in private she is the new mother of her daughter Enola. “Okay”, I have to say, I’m starting to understand why pregnant women go crazy about the way their bodies are changing. I’m fine with it and I admire him a lot, how he handles it all”, Malvína shared her feelings of pregnancy. And what are her feelings as a new mother? “There are days when it’s harder. I’ve had depression before… I feel like I’m probably the worst mother in the world. But the next day is completely different. It’s fascinating how that changes. It’s really unbelievable ! I’m MOM… I still don’t understand, but it’s beautiful! “, confessed the actress on Instagram.

What happens during pregnancy with the skin? See the video:

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